Computer Bot Wins $1.4 Million at PokerStars

A Russian computer bot won $1.4 million playing poker at PokerStars. The games targetted were the $ 0.50/$1 and $1/$2 Six Max cash tables and the bot came out with total profit of $1.4 million dollars. The software basically exploits the table tracking fellow players styles and making use of different stack sizes. For recreational players this a nuisance.
Do bots win more than players who play without a bot. There are several types of poker software that are around and they don’t cost alot. Most of them are in the same category. They download all the information regarding fellow players and give a heads up on playing styles leading to you being able to make an informed decision before betting. For some the luck and skill goes out the window with poker software. Of course , there are variations and some teckies have made their own software that will provde the optimal bet for them. This must add to profits since PokerStars may change their TOS to not allow third party software. And there’s the new poker bots that supposedly indicates when to bet as well. One program was created by a player , Skier_5. None of these I have seen for sale.

America’s Cardroom is Really Becoming The Next Big Thing

It’s been around for over decade. It started as Doyle’s Room, in reference to the great poker player Doyle Brunson. And for a long time was a more or less struggling poker site. But things have changed.
If you go to any poker forum, you’ll see much written over the years about America’s Cardroom and ddos attacks leaving players stranded in the middle of a tournament. That’s right all your chips whether up or down stopped. Yes you get a refund but your game was what really mattered. Even as recently as December when they had a million dollar tourney, that whole week of the Online Super Series was an incredibly unbearable period for players with disconnections and such totally ruining players motivations. But for one reason players kept coming back. For one it’s one of the few cardrooms that takes American players. I read of players who live in the states and play at Pokerstars or Carbon but not sure how they get around it maybe grandfathered in who knows . But for new players American cardroom is the answer and it’s one of the largest poker sites with a variety of games from freerolls to $100 , $15,000 tournaments everyday.
The variety of games is cool. It’s mostly no limit but has some Pot Luck Omaha as well. There are rebuy/addon tournaments and satellites to almost all of their tourneys. There’s in fact a satellite to the WSOP, how cool is that! And Sunday they’ve added these great tournaments $25,000 for a $15 entry fee and a $3000 for only a dollar it doesn’t get any better. But be warned these two tourneys attract many players and they go for a much longer period of time as a results. Make sure you have 12 hours for these tourneys! And you can enter any tourney for a penny.
Get To the WSOP or Any Poker Tourney for a Penny
Everytime you go to register, a popup appears that has a slots games where you can bet to win a free entry and use from 1cent and up to a dollar for a spin. So theoretically, you can enter even the monthly $100,000 for only a penny. It will probably take more than one cent but then it might be your lucky day.
And they’ve seemed to beef up their servers so there’s less disconnections if at all . The site is running much more smoothly than ever before. So maybe just maybe America’s Cardroom is really The Next Big Thing.

WSOP 2014 Final Table Results and Video Clip

The WSOP 2014 was historic for two reasons. First it was the first time in over 5 years the main event winner would win over $10,000,000 and the first time a Swede would win the tourney. The winners of the Main Event were:
1st: Martin Jacobson (Sweden) – $10,000,000
2nd: Felix Stephensen (Norway) – $5,145,968
3rd: Jorryt van Hoof (Netherlands) – $3,806,402
4th: William Tonking (USA) – $2,848,833
5th: Billy Pappaconstantinou (USA) – $2,143,174
6th: Andoni Larrabe (Spain) – $1,622,080
7th: Dan Sindelar (USA) – $1,235,862
8th: Bruno Politano (Brazil) – $947,077
9th: Mark Newhouse (USA) – $730,725
It was an exciting game with blinds at 800K/1.6M! What numbers. Martin Jacobson, 27, became the first Swede to win the event. He’s had previous cashes at the WSOP final tables career earnings over $4,000,000. He stated:
“It is surreal,” Jacobson said. “I have been so focused the past couple days. I felt comfortable and surprisingly calm. I don’t know, it just felt like it was meant to be.”
Formerly, Jacobson was a chef. He had taken time out from poker to develop and healthy fast food restaurant concept. He stated he was burnt out from poker. This was right before the Aussie Millions, but he went for the Aussie Millions anyway and was back in the excitement with love for the game.
Here is a recap of the final hand!!

The Cage Poker Tournament at America’s Cardroom – A Big Success in the Poker World

The first time based poker tournament at America’s Cardroom was a big success. 66 poker players qualified either through the $5000 buy-in or through satellite wins as low as $1.50. On the table was $330,000. The success of the tournament came as a big surprise. The original jackpot estimate was $250,000 but in the final hours leading up to the tournament more than 27 players joined bringing the pot to $330,000. The winner at the conclusion of the three hour tournament was bik6624235 who won with a full house. His take home for the event was nearly $30,000. Winners get a free bank wire.

America’s Cardroom saw a mixture of successful players and newbies. Some surprises were Kenyantrackstar and Common Joe Jug who were knocked out. They have won consistently in big money tournaments in the past.

The Cage will be back in November. Satellites are underway now at America’s Cardroom.

How To Play The Bubble in a Poker Game and Come Out Smiling, Cool, Calm, Collected

Ever have those periods in a tournament when the bubble is approaching. You’re almost in some money and you find yourself low in chip stacks and you either bust out before or slightly after the bubble. You have to forget about that first place prize or final table you envisioned. But maybe , there is a chance.
In a nutshell, you’ll have to take some chances. One of the things I’ve learned from playing loose freerolls is that anything goes. Everyone likes their bets hedged and will go in with Ace King but a pair of deuces will triumph. A three of a kind will win over two Aces When you take the initiantive and go all-in you see what people are holding.
Going all-in and/or raising the bet are really the only ways to move up at this point. You could wait for great hands but you’ll probably feel the pressure from your larger stacked opponents who are often reraising and might even raise your entire chip stack testing you!
Take initiative. There’s nothing like seeing a player who comes out betting 3 times the big blind. It brings implied value and if other players have so so hands they will often fold rather than be challenged and it’s tighter than going all-in because you will have some chips left if you’re wrong. If you’ve got a high pair go all-in. You can imagine the all those who will fold instead. These are the two strategies that will increase your chip count. But you have to be bold to do it and remember even if you lose that you took a position on the situation rather than let the blinds eat away at your chips. This strategy works at any stage of the game by the way. But if you’re low stacked , you have to act and be as cool , calm and collected about it. In fact remember CCC, Cool , Calm and Collected, during this period and forget about that sense of urgency that often comes up when you’re low stacked.
For big stacked players, you want to keep your edge a simple strategy is bet three times the big blind. It will give implied value to your hand and players might not want to challenge you unless they have a potentially, hot hand. Remember,you’ll still have to keep your edge or big stack could get smaller. For medium stacked players, sit tight and bet your regular game watchful of the short and big stacked players.

How To Psyche Yourself Up For Your Next Poker Tourney

Failure is not an option. I can do it!. I will win and nothing gets in my way!
These are all great psyche ups for your match and all you really have to do is have a no excuse attitude about your ability to win and the rest will follow and you’ll be to go for your next tournament be it online or at real table.
Psyching yourself up goes along way before and especially during a tournament. Tournaments take several hours and your chips can go high and low and back again in that time. Think it through that you can do it and low and behold, you’ll find yourself at the final table in no time if that was your goal.
I read about poker players who were once more in the action and took time out. Reading what they have to say almost sounds like they’re new at the game entirely and they need coaches! I can see the need to have a coach as a new person but to need a coach after being in the limelight sounds excusey.
But coaches do count. I remember starting in poker basically naked and winning very quickly a lot of dough. Then I gained weight and my game went down.
Now the weight is almost off and my game is back.
But there are some poker coaches that do very well and give lots of info. One I recommend particular is Gripsed. He’s got a ton of videos from strategies at MTTs to real poker matches with winners of serious cash. He’s got a great ranking from Pocketfives and is usually in the money when he gets finished with a tournament. His Youtube channel has gotten over a million views and he gives lots of great info for those looking for poker strategy and tips. Some of videos are real tournaments and they be several hours long but you get a break down of hand to hand play. The one he shows , a member of the Gripsed family is usually winning something big. One of his members has so far won over $250,000 , two hundred and fifty thousand , this year alone.
For Gripsed click here.

The LSOP Concludes with Mexican Greg Sanchez Winning $130,000

The innovative LSOP concluded with Mexican poker player taking home over $130,000. Sanchez gained momentum, eliminating Ezio Fenocchio and took over the lead in chips. In a great heads up, Sanchez won with a full house including pocket aces. The winners of this tourney are:
Greg Sanchez – $106,961
Jonathan Arturo – $106,826
Adrian Mendoza – $91,089
Ueltom Lima Gomes –79,355
Jose Severino –77,608
* $24,345 extra for first place

Poker’s Top Online Poker Player p0cket00 – Rakes in Over $8,000,000

Canadian poker player p0cket00 is one of the world’s top online poker players . He’s made over $8,000,000 since 2008. His favorite online poker sites are Pokerstars, Fulltilt and Partypoker but also plays at America’s Cardroom , Titan Poker and other online poker sites as well. His largest cash was $213,000 and he’s had over 5,568 cashes! Some highlights of his cashes are;
bwin Grand Tournament XXXII $213,000
Titan Poker 4th place $60,000
PokerStars 100k $27,200
Absolute Poker $42,000
Party Poker Monthly Million $88,600
Fulltilt 250K $43,000
PokerStars Sunday $100 Rebuy $16,000
He sounds like he’s on the bwin team from this video check him out.

This video below is from PokerStars 2013 Event 22 NL Holdem $2100

Poker Profiles – Dan Bilzerian – Poker’s Playboy

Everywhere there’s a playboy , a man of mystery, charisma and an ever blaring mouth. Poker has the man too in Dan Bilzerian. He’s a poker player and actor and will be in The Equalizer. He’s been on Howard Stern and made the news a couple of years ago after throwing a porn star off a roof. He’s the King of Poker bling, has a private jet and a luscious condo in Vegas.
A few years back, he claimed winning nearly 11 million dollars in one night. There are plenty of stories of him. How true they all are I don’t know but here are a few.
He claims to have made over $50,000,000 in one year. The largest amount he’s ever lost was $3,600,000. I could see this type of guy appealling to a lot of high rollers who’d to not only play poker with him but get to know this cool guy who doesn’t seem stuck in work or boardrooms. Here are some video clips and interviews of this hot guy.

Dan Bilzerian Condo Tour

Throwing Girl Off Roof

Dan Bilzerian WSOP 2010

EPT100 Barcelona Wrap Up – Main Event – High Roller and Super High Roller Events Results

EPT100 Wrap Up – Main Event – High Roller and Super High Roller Events Results
Andre Latteu , the hot German poker player, has done it by winning the Barcelone EPT100. His prize is a little over a million dollars , the title and a Slyde watch. It was a monumentous win full of the agony and joy that goes into a poker tourney but the stakes were so much higher. Imagine a million dollars for one day’s work. The results are below:
1 – Andre Lettau, Germany,$1,000,000
2 – Sam Phillips, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $1,300,000 in a 3 way deal
3 – Hossein Ensan (Germany) $864,000
4 – Andrea Dato (Italy) $484,000
5 – Andrey Shatilov (Russia) $380,000
6 – Kiryl Radzivonau (Belarus) $295,000
7 – Ji Zhang (Germany) $227,000
8 – Slaven Popov (Bulgaria) $160,000

The EPT100 High Roller Event
The High Roller event, Ept100 High Roller was won by Russian Ihar Soika. His prize was also nearly a million dollars, trophy, and watch. He was heads up with Jason Mercier from Team Pokerstars.

The results are below:
1. Ihar Soika (Belarus) $993776 and a SLYDE watch
2. Jason Mercier (United States) Team PokerStars Pro, $630000
3. Ismail Erkanov (Russia) $455000
4. Ami Barer (Canada) $368,000
5. Benjamin Pollak (France) $290,000
6. Marc-Andre Ladouceur (Canada) PokerStars Team Online, $224,000
7. Stephen Chidwick (United Kingdom) $167,000
8. Carlos Chadha (Canada) $120,000

The EPT100 Super High Roller Event
The Super High Roller EPT100 was won by Olivier Busquet who won over Daniel Colman. Yes, the One Drop winner of $15,000,000 placed second for a nice prize of $1,100,000. But the grand prize of $1,200,000 was all for Olivier Busquat bringing his total earnings as a professional poker player to $4,500,000.

The results are below:
1 – Olivier Busquet, USA, $1,200,000
2 – Daniel Colman, USA,$1,100,000
3 – Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Russia, $630,000
4 – Scott Seiver, USA, $484,000
5 – Sam Trickett, UK,$383,000
6 – Sven Reichardt, Germany,$299,000
7 – Morten Klein, Norway, $236,000
8 – Dan Shak, USA,$184,000
9 – Mustapha Kanit, Italy, $140,000
10 – Jake Schindler, USA,$122,000
11 – Ryan Fee, USA, $122,000

EPT100 Update Dominik Panka Angles Another Win

In this update from the EPT100, Dominik Panka gets another with two Aces. He beat Norwegian Karin Bruteig. She’s a newcomer to live tournaments with less than $10,000 in career earnings.
He will face Bram Haenraets , who is the chip leader at the next tourney. Interesting to note , this is Bram Haenraets’ first live tourney. All his previous wins have been through Pokerstars. His original satellite seat cost $80.
Pokerstars doesn’t yet take American Players online but is applying to do so.

Estrellas Barcelona Main Event is the Largest Unique Field in PokerStars History

Exciting news from Spain is the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event and the first EPT100 said to be one of largest in Pokerstars history of live events. The total entries stands at 2342. Dutch player Daniel Reijmer was the leader from day one and goes to day two with 209,300 chips. There are also some veteran players including Vallo Maidla, Jacques Zaicik. Last year’s tourney saw German player Soenke Jahn won the event taking home over $220,000.
Three Day Super High Roller August 18th
Pokerstars will feature a three day super high roller event with some to poker’s biggest players including Daniel Colman, Daniel Negreanu and Vanessa Selbst among other players it’s a $65,000 event.

Poker Strategy – All-in and Raising – Getting To the Top

Ever go into a poker game and find people raising and when the final card is drawn you think ” that person went all in with a hand like that”. But you look at their chip stack and it’s higher than yours. They’ve been doing this a certain move in rounds over and over and have a payoff of a great chip stack as a result. Raising or going all-in gives implied value to hand that might be lackluster. Everyone who plays poker can tell you of the time a pair of aces lost to three of a kind 2’s or three of a kind 2’s lost to three of a kind 3’s. There really is no book on a good hand till the last card comes out. And there this is the loophole that can be exploited by raising or going all-in.
Going all-in might make an opponent think twice before playing but their ante is allready on the table. They fold, you win. I see this over and over again. It doesn’t always work but it’s a great way to build chips.
Once I was playing two tournaments at the same time and clicked the all-in button by accident. Guess what no one challenged my hand and I got the pot. Doing this over and over people will catch on and want to challenge you just for the sake of challenging you and some might just have good hands that might win. But raising and going all-in is another aspect of poker, the betting side of poker, that must be covered as well as having good hands. Yes you can take the pot by simply going all-in or raising. This is a more aggressive strategy for those who realize that there are many hands in poker and it’s just a game.
It’s best not wait till your chip stack is too low and you have room to breathe easy at the table. You’ll see some great results.

Online Poker History To Be Made with $1,000,000 Tournament at America’s Cardroom December 14th 2014

This December 14th, 2014, history will made with the $1,000,000 No Limit Holdem poker tourney at America’s Cardroom. The buy-in for this event is $540 total but every day there are freerolls to this event.

Yes, if you’re an expert professional poker player or a novice with a low bankroll, you have as good as chance to win. Everyday there are freerolls to the event at 10 am and 1:30 pm you have a chance to win satellite seats to another satellite for this event. Players are placing now for event and every night at 8:30 pm a winner gets their chance at the event.

The winner is guaranteed at least $200,000 but if history repeats itself it will probably be much more depending on how many people sign up regardless of the satellite seats. In fact, America’s cardroom’s top tourneys often break the original estimated tourney prize pool because more people register .

The satellite schedule is as follows.

Satellite Schedule:

Time (ET) Tournament Buy-in Prize Details
10:00am and 1:30pm Freeroll $0+$0 3 Seats GTD to the Daily Super $6 $0.10 Rebuy and $0.25 Addon
4:15pm Daily Super $6 $6+$1 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
7:15am, 9:15am, 11:15am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:45pm and 3:30pm Daily Super Satellite $0.50 + $0.05 1 seat GTD to the $20 turbo Rebuy/Addon
10:00am, 12:30pm and 1:20pm $1 Million GTD Super Sat 1 Seat GTD $5+$0.50 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
3:15pm, 6:15pm and 7:00pm $1 Million GTD Super Sat 1 Seat GTD $1+$0.10 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
5:45pm $20 Turbo $20+$2 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Re-entry
Sit & Go 9 max Turbo 2 seats GTD $28 + $1.40 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
Sit & Go 6 max Turbo 1 seat GTD $24 + $1.20 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
8:30pm Nightly Satellite $100+$9 1 seat GTD to the Winning Millions on Dec. 14th Re-entry

November Nine WSOP Final Table for 2014

The final table for the November 2014 WSOP is set. It’s an eclectic mix of players. Most have had previous WSOP cashes . It’s amazing previous winners don’t often repeat past perfomances but Mark Newhouse is back with a back to back final table finish. The grand prize of $10,000,000 will go to the winner and last place finisher will get about $750,000. Can’t feel bad for any of them, they’re all winners more one than the other. The November Nine is as follows:
Jorryt van Hoof will go to the final table in November as chip leader with a chip count of 38,375,000. He is the favorite to win as a result. He’s cashed in three previous WSOP events with earnings of $27,956. He also runs the Dutch website Nederpoker.
Norwegian Felix Stephensen is a first timer for the WSOP. His chip count is 32,775,000. His total career earnings are $17,000 so far. Now he’s guaranteed at least $730,000 for the final table.
Mark Newhouse is a WSOP veteran and the only player with back to back WSOP final table finishes. His chip count is 26,000,000 .He’s had 8 cashes and won $906,093 .
Andoni Larrabe from Spain will start with a chip count of 22,550,000 . He’s had 3 cashes and previous WSOP earnings are $20,068.
Dan Sindelar from Vegas his chip count going into the WSOP is 21,200,000. He’s had 17 WSOP cashes of $149,991 and career earnings over $330,000.
William Pappaconstantinou from Massachusetts will go into the final table with 17,500,000 chips. It’s 2nd time for his WSOP cashes. His previous was for a minor $5000 in the 2013 WSOP.
William Tonking is a newbie with total career earnings just under $100,000. He will go to the final table with 15,050,000 chips.He’s had 3 previous cashes with WSOP earnings of $14,701.
Martin Jacobson is the Swedish boy wonder. He’ll go to the final table with 14,900,000 chips. He’s the 2nd Swedish all time money poker player with over $6,000,000 in career winnings. He’s had 13 cashes and $1,204,983 in WSOP earnings.
Bruno Politano from Brazil will enter the final table with 12,125,000 chips. He’s a shop owner and doesn’s consider himself a professional poker player. He’ had 3 WSOP cashes for a total of $25,404.

The Big One for One Drop Poker Tourney Results

The Big One for One Drop Tourney has crowned a new winner this July. Daniel Colman , a 23 year old , from Massachusetts has won the $15,000,000 top prize. Another Daniel , Negreanu won the second place prize of $8,000,000. Negreanu now moves to the top of the all time winner’s list of poker with this amazing win. Colman is now on the board as one of the top all time poker winners at the tender age of 23. His previous win was $2.2 million at the WPT Monte Carlo several months ago.
Another notable winner is Rick Salomon, yep the one with Paris Hilton won nearly $3,000,000 coming in fourth place. At one time, he owned an online casino. Pamela Anderson filed for divorce one day after this great win. Hello!!
The following is a complete list of winners.
1. Daniel Colman ($15,306,668)
2. Daniel Negreanu ($8,288,001)
3. Christoph Vogelsang ($4,480,001)
4. Rick Salomon ($2,800,000)
5. Tobias Reinkemeir ($2,053,334)
6. Scott Seiver ($1,680,000)
7. Paul Newey ($1,418,667)
8. Cary Katz ($1,306,667)

America’s Cardroom Online Super Series

The Online super Series,OSS, concluded with a batch of new winners. It’s America’s Cardroom’s leading online poker series with 63 events spread over a little more than a week.
Highlights of this year’s OSS included Event 59 High Roller Tourney. Though originally a $50,000 pool tourney, the prize pool jumped ot over $125,000. It was won by player livegrind who took home over $27,000.
Another highlight was the Main Event $200,000. Comon-Joe-Jug was the winner after a headsup with Cartasdevida. The winner took home over $28,000 with the second place finisher getting over $23,000.
There were a total of 63 poker tourneys and this tourney has added to America’s Cardroom rep as a premier online poker destination.

Carter Gil Wins LSOP with $175,000 Victory

The LSOP is coming into its own revolutionizing the poker tournament world. The first day is scattered across Latin America weeding out winners and giving players a break. They start in the money by the time of Day 2 , after getting vacations, buying plane tickets and hotel rooms.
The winner of this year’s LSOP is Carter Gil who won over $175,000 after recently winning over $200,000 at the LAPT in Uruguay in November. He cruised to his victory with an Ace King vs Ace 7 held by Raz Alon.
The LSOP is allready holding satellite tourney’s at America’s Cardroom. The buy-in is $50 for a shot at this great tourney. The next LSOP will be in September 2014.
The following is the winner’s list of the LSOP:
1 Carter Gill $175,070
2 Raz Alon $100,600
3 Maziar Keshavarzi $75,675
4 Leonardo Tarazona $57,250
5 Nacho Barbero $43,625
6 Francis Cruz $33,950
7 Adam Reynolds $26,190
8 Oscar Ortiz $20,370
9 Guillermo Echevarria $16,490
Also the LSOP had a High Roller Event with winners as follows:
1 Santiago Nadal Mexico $67,793.00
2 Jeiko Palma Panama $42,370.00
3 Richard Taraska USA $27,750.00
4 Carlos Garcia Colombia $20,125.00
5 Eduardo Bernal Colombia $14,830.00
6 Felipe Morbiducci Chile $11,650.00
7 Luis Melo Rein Venezuela $10,170.00
8 Valerio Varela Venezuela $9,110.00
9 Luis Arboleda Coella Ecuador $8,050.00

Freerolls On Demand – a New Way Play and Learn Online Tournament Poker

America’s Cardroom has created a new way to learn and play poker with Freerolls on Demand. A freeroll tournament is free to enter and you get points that can be used to enter real money tournaments. What America’s Cardroom has created is a innovative way to learn and play online No Limit Holdem Tournaments.
It’s very simple to play all thats needed is to sign up and look for the tab called TOURNEY at the top of the page. Click it and it will bring all the tourneys that are going on now and coming up over the next several days including the Freerolls. Click that and see all the Freerolls that are available to register for and you’re off and running.
The Freerolls at America’s Cardroom are running 24/7 and start when there are at least 270 players. Once this happens the tourney begins. Every player starts with 1500 chips and the rest is all up to you. Freerolls have always been a great way to test new strategies, assess player behaviour. For instance if someone goes ALL-IN you might want to fold or you might not if you know your hand is stronger.You can also assess your own playing strategy. For example I have a strategy where I wait for the first three cards to come up before I fold or call. This is too tempting to continue and lose more money sometimes. And so I came up with a tighter first two cards must be pairs strategy which means I fold more often but I keep my chips. This strategy is mostly looking for pairs to win. It works most of the time but I’ll never forget having a pair of Kings that lost . You’ll also see that poker is really a game of chance too.
Try as much as possible to hedge your bets, you’ll see nothing works 100% all the time. But you will find ways to keep a heads up in the game. Freerolls on demand at America’s Cardroom are really the best. If you sat on the sidelines of poker tournaments not wanting to get your feet wet, at America’s Cardroom, you’ll find a way to get and hold an edge.

Latin American Series of Poker – A New Direction for Poker Tournaments

The Latin Series of Poker has brought a new way to play poker tournaments. It’s revolutionized poker tourneys at land based tournaments but could also bring a new way to play online poker tourneys as well. The basis of the LSOP is that Day 1 tourneys are spread out over several days in several locations across Latin America. This is a great benefit to most of the players.
Most people are working jobs and can’t afford to take time off to plan a vacation and enter a poker tournament on top of that with a buy-in that may or may not be recovered. The LSOP solves that by having a buy-in on Day 1 at scattered locations over several days. And if you’re in the money on Day 1 , you have more motivation to take that vacation as well as time to place a vacation request at a job. These factors help to make the LSOP more accessible for more players giving it broader access .
The LSOP structure will probably equate with more people buying in and larger pots. Last year the pot was GTD $500,000 tournament and this year it’s $1,000,000 GTD tournament. The lesson to learn is that lower buy-ins and more convenient access will ultimately equal larger pools and more coverage and ultimately a more successful poker tournament.
Many of today’s larger tournaments don’t need this kind of exposure because they allready have it. The WSOP is a prime example. But for those who want to create a new tournament, for example Africa doesn’t have a major poker tournament I can think of. And even some of the individual Latin American countries might want their own poker tournament. This method of Day 1 tournaments can also work well online.
Many online poker rooms allready have tournaments with very low buy-ins and huge paydays. All this goes on very quietly without much attention. It only comes to the attention of the public when players talk of their history and reveal they are allready and online poker millionaire. But conceivably, this method could be used to create a super online poker series with a huge multimillion dollar guarantee perhaps even larger than the WSOP.
This larger than ever before GTD tournament can happen. There are so many poker players across the globe. All the online poker rooms need to bring this together and bring all their players and promote the hell out of this tourney and you will GTD tourneys larger than anything you could ever imagine. This is the power of internet.

Neteller To Be Available To US Market

Neteller, a leading online payment processor, has announced a return to the US market expected sometime this year. The new Neteller has a new look and feel but allows gamblers to make payments to online gambling casinos. In 2007, its founders left the US market under the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act.Skrill is the present payment processor for New Jersey and Nevada but has a major rejection rate
“The NETELLER service and Net+ Card being launched in the U.S. are brand new services that have been developed to meet the unique needs of the U.S. marketplace,” said Joel Leonoff, President and CEO, Optimal Payments. “With our U.S. financial institution sponsor, we are leveraging NETELLER’s flexible deposit and payment options and with our expertise, resources and management are offering something truly unique in the U.S. Optimal Payments has been the trusted payments processing partner across the globe for over 18 years and we have set the standard for excellence in service to consumers and merchants alike.”
“The new NETELLER service and Net+ Card we are bringing to the U.S. have been re-branded with a new look and feel. We are providing updated features, capabilities and security as well as quick access to funds through our Net+ Card.” said Neil Erlick, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Optimal Payments. “Together with our U.S. financial institution sponsor, Optimal Payments will continue to be a leading provider of integrated payments solutions.”

Anticipation is High for the Latin Series of Poker, LSOP

All the hotels are booked, the anticipation so high that day one events have been spread out over several days. It’s the LSOP and it’s a very in demand tournament. The day one events have been spread over several days. Day 1A, Day 1B and Day 1C will take place March 8th, 9th and 10th respectively at the Majestic Casino in Panama at 2 pm est. This was necessary to accommodate the volume of players.
“When you host a $1,000,000 Guaranteed tournament with an $850 buy-in, you expect the attendance to be massive,” noted Diego Chan, LSOP president. “The official schedule for the LSOP Millions always had Monday with no major events, with Day 2 resuming on Tuesday March 11th. We left that slot open for a Day 1C from the very beginning. Today is the right time to use it.”
The LSOP millions brought a new method of poker tournaments with Day 1 tourneys spread out over several casinos in Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. Many players are allready in the money and you can see their chip counts before the actual tournament starts that runs from March 7th to March 15th.
The benefit of this approach is it’s a more economical tournament for the player who in most tournaments has to get a flight, hotel and expenses and buy-in for a tourney. This method of scattered Day 1 satellite tourneys means less cost for the players and more players for even larger pots. Check out for the latest news.

Fabian Quoss crowned winner of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller Tournament – Wins $1,629,940

Fabian Quoss wins $100,000 PCA Tourney. This is the first major title win for Fabian Quoss who placed at final tables at four major tourneys in 2013.
Dan Shak and Quoss went heads up in the final table. Shak has gone to the PCA Super High Roller final table three times previously and he’s someone to look at in the future obviously. His take home for the event was $1,178,980. Quoss wins cash , a trophy and SLYDE watch worth over $20,000. His career earnings stand at almost $5,000,000. He is now a top ranked German player at number four on the all time money list. Third place went to Vanessa Selbst who also won big in the regular High Roller tourney. She wins over $750,000 . Fourth place went to One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari who won over $570,000. The winners list as follows:

1 Fabian Quoss $1,629,940
2 Dan Shak $1,178,980
3 Vanessa Selbst $760,640
4 Antonio Esfandiari $575,920
5 Matt Glantz $445,520
6 Tony Gregg $347,720
7 Ole Schemion $277,080
8 Mike McDonald $217,320

Dominik Panka Wins PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event 2014

Dominik Panka became the first Polish Poker Tour winner after going heads up against Mike McDonald . He won $1,423,096 among other prizes including a trophy and SLYDE watch. His previous lifetime winnings were just over $8000 and he’s just 22. Because of this win , he’s the most successful of all Polish poker players.
Panka states: “I’m an internet player and I haven’t played many live tournaments. I only started playing live last year and I expected my first big cash to be a tenth of this! It’s weird because I didn’t feel too much pressure on the final table. I concentrated on being a rock, a statue, and now I can’t really dance with joy because I’m still in that mindset.”
Panka’s opponent, McDonald, came close to winning a second EPT. His career earnings are over $7,000,000 and has been in the money at numerous events including EPT Dortmund, EPT Madrid, EPT Prague High Roller and other events. He won $1,064,865 for his efforts at the PCA, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Tour.
Both Panka and McDonald were from a field of 427 players who got their PokerStars Caribbean Adventure seats online at online poker site, PokerStars. McDonald was the very first, winning his trip to the Bahamas in a $700 qualifier last year.
American Isaac Baron finished third and managed to secure himself a $1,207,599 payday after cutting a three-way deal with McDonald and Panka. Originally the third place was going to win $774,060 not bad either.
The following is a list of winners of the PCA 2014 event.
1. Dominik Panka 400.00 pts $1,423,096
2. Mike McDonald 280.00 pts $1,064,000
3. Isaac Baron 200.00 pts $1,207,599
4. Madis Muur 176.00 pts $581,040
5. Daniel Gamez 152.00 pts $447,040
6. Srinivasan Shyam 132.00 pts $328,020
7. Pascal LeFrancois 112.00 pts $242,020
8. Fabian Ortiz 96.00 pts $173,220
9. Max Silver 80.00 pts $135,400
10. Thomas Hall 60.00 pts $112,400
11. Grayson Ramage 60.00 pts $112,400
12. Fabio Freitas 60.00 pts $100,700
13. Jorgen Lindebo 60.00 pts $100,700
14. Pal Zsibrita 60.00 pts $90,700
15. Antoine Saout 60.00 pts $90,700
16. Allon brock Allison 60.00 pts $80,700
17. Adrian Bussman 60.00 pts $80,700
18. Kyle Heron Sorel 60.00 pts $70,700
19. Robert Auer 60.00 pts $70,700
20. Roger Teska 60.00 pts $70,700
21. Jude Ainsworth 60.00 pts $60,700
22. Jeremy Wray 60.00 pts $60,700
23. Antonio Pace 60.00 pts $60,700
24. Anton Iaroslavskii 60.00 pts $50,900
25. Erik Olofsson 60.00 pts $50,900

The Borgata Cancels Borgata Winter Poker Open Tourney, Big Stack, No Limit Holdem Event Due to Fake Chips

Fake chips were found at the $2,000,000 Borgata Winter Poker Open by NJ gaming regulators. This lead to a cancellation of the Big Stack, No Limit Holdem Event, a tourney with a $560 buy-in. There were around 30 players left in the event at the time of cancellation. It’s not clear how the players will be reimbursed for the cancellation. No charges have been filed. The other events will go on as planned for the 18 day event.

“Thus far, investigators have found that one or more tournament entrants improperly introduced a significant number of counterfeit chips into the tournament, gaining an unfair advantage and compromising the integrity of play for the event,” Tom Ballance, the Borgata’s president and chief operating officer said Saturday.

“It is extremely unfortunate that the criminal actions of these individuals can have a detrimental impact on more than 4,000 other entrants,” he said. “We fully understand and regret the disappointment this cancellation causes our valued customers, and we will work diligently with DGE investigators to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. The integrity of our games and the confidence of our players is of the utmost importance to us.”

Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure High Roller Event Crowns New Poker Champ

The PCA, Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, crowned a new winner of the High Roller Event. Jake Schindler won over $1,100,000 after a heads up with 2012 world champ Greg Merson. Merson’s take home was nearly a million at $948,996 in cold hard cash. Also in the booty , includes a trophy and watch worth over $15,000.
In third place was Vanessa Selbst , a team Pokerstars Pro, whose third place win pulls her up on the all time money list by two spots by winning over $600,000. Her lifetime winnings are over $9,000,000!
The full list of winners is below:
1. Jake Schindler, USA, $1,192,624
2. Greg Merson, USA, $948,996
3. Vanessa Selbst, USA, Team PokerStars Pro, $607,580
4. Mustapha Kanit, Italy, $492,600
5. Robert Mizrachi, USA, $389,720
6. Aleksandr Denisov, Russia, $295,920
7. Ole Schemion, Germany, $216,040
8. Joao Viera, Portugal, $157,940
This event had 247 entries including re-entries with a $6,051,500 prize pool.

America’s Cardroom to Accept Bitcoin for Deposit and Withdrawal

America’s Cardroom is set to become the first online poker room to accept the bitcoin for deposit and withdrawal options. Other methods will still be available for deposit and withdrawal. When depositing via bitcoin the currency with be changed over to USD. Deposits will start between $5-$1000
This is likely to increase the membership base several times over as many players would love to use the bitcoin for poker. It will certainly attract attention.
The bitcoin has been in the news alot lately over acceptability and exchange rate. More places are accepting the bitcoin for payment and bitcoins are increasing in value on the money exchange where it’s accepted. China though has limited its use and there’s concern of money laundering through use of the bitcoin.
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Preparing For A Poker Tournament – Poker Tournament Strategy

Remember being in school and being on a team and going for a game or match? Not only were you psyched up but so was everyone around you. Poker is a little different. You stand alone and you win alone with whatever cards you have.
Take Time Out To Yourself as a Winner
Preparing for a poker tournament takes a little work but is well worth it. Psyche yourself up. See yourself with arms up flashing a victory smile or maybe it’s a mound of cash you’re holding on to. Either way make a mental image of yourself as a winner for a start.
Find the Hunger Zone
You can play a poker tournament like it’s another day or play with fire in heart. It’s better to play with fire in your heart and soul. Feel the cards as they turn expecting to make the best out of the cards dealt. A strong desire to win will amazingly open doors for you and you will find your game is played much better.
Stay Abreast of Changes
It’s always good to be a part of several online poker rooms. Each one usually is the same but different. For example, America’s Cardroom has Turbo Tournaments that start every 30 minutes. If you want to learn or practice quickly you can do it here. Other poker rooms might have satellite seats to land tourneys another casino might not have. This one way to stay abreast of opportunities in the poker world. Another is to stay on top of strategy from the pros.
Many poker pros have crafted their own strategy from years of playing. Will their strategy work for you? It’s great to test and maybe make a poker pros strategy your own. It’s also good to apply yourself to your own game and come out with your own strategy that works for you.
Find a strategy that works takes time but will add to your poker expertise. You will take some worry away from your game and will give you a cooler demeanor, facial expression, while you’re playing and that could help you win a match in itself.

United Kingdom Ireland Poker Tour Dates Announced

The United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour 2014 have been announced with a final table in London. The tour starts in Edinburgh January 16th and heads to Dublin, Nottingham, Marbella and Isle of Man.
This poker tour will feature something for everyone with buy-ins as low as €700 for Dublin and Isle of Man poker players . The 2013 had a prize pool of £724,590 with the winner , a 21 year old Scotsman, collecting £113,405 . There are also lower buy-ins for various events at each stop. The schedule is below.

ASSEMBLY ROOMS £1000 + 100 £500,000
MANSION HOUSE €700 + 70 €350,000
DUSK TILL DAWN £1000 + 100 £1,000,000

CASINO MARBELLA €1000 + 100 €500,000

VILLA MARINA £700 + 70 £350,000

Cab Driver Gets $10,000 for Returning $300,000 in Vegas from Poker Player

An as yet to be identified poker player gave Las Vegas cab driver Gerardo Gamboa $10,000 for returning $300,000 left behind in his taxi. The player is said to be one of the better known players for at least having so much dough.
Justin Bonomo, Mark Newhouse, Phil Galfond and Ben Lamb are all being mentioned as the possible “Secret Santa” of Vegas.
“It’s good enough, I really appreciate it,” Gamboa said about the reward. “I wasn’t expecting anything from the people I help. I never expect anything from the people I do good for, but I really appreciate it and that he appreciated what I’d done for him.”
The cab driver had allready gave Gamboa a $5 tip on a $10 fare. He got even more generous with the return of the cash.
“You know, he doesn’t want me to mention his name, and I want to keep his privacy. He doesn’t want any publicity,” Gamboa said.
What would you do in this case?

2014 Latin American Series of Poker Tour Schedule Announced

The Latin American Poker Tour 2014 schedule has been announced by PokerStars. It’s the 7th season and will stop in several Latin American countries including Chile, Brazil, Peru, Panama , Uruguay and one more destination to be announced.

The seventh season hopes to build on the success of the sixth season that had a record prize pool of nearly $10,000,000 with more than 4,000 players and 1,000 online qualifiers. The sixth season was a big improvement over Season 5. Hopefully , this next season will be even better.

LAPT President, David Carrion, said: “Season 6 was LAPT’s best ever, with the number of unique players growing at a dramatic rate by any standards in the world. We are committed to maintaining our re-entry proposal, along with improvements in the overall schedule after taking into consideration player feedback. Our partners are committed to the festivals, and players are enjoying the repeated stops and similar dates. We have high expectations to continue to deliver an accessible tour with large fields and strong prize pools, always under the umbrella of superb service and authentic poker.”

Commenting on the schedule changes, LAPT Tournament Director, Michael Ward, said: “LAPT 7 is going to be more exciting than ever. We have added a $500 NLH Freeze-Out event with 30-minute levels, as well as a $500 NLH Deep Stack Turbo with a single re-entry to this season’s line-up. We have also standardised all Main Event buy-ins across the year at $1,700, except for the Grand Final at $3,000, and raised the buy-in of the NLH Unlimited Re-entry event from $500 to $1,100. I hope that our regular players enjoy the improvements in the schedule and that we attract even more new ones.”

The Seventh Season Starts March 19 – March 23 in Chile

The Enjoy Casino and Resort will kick off the 7th season. It’s win for the poker tour and the hotel. Gino Breschi, manager at Enjoy Viña del Mar, said: “The Enjoy Group is proud to host the most important poker tournament in the Latin American region. Last year we gathered 1,024 players, making it the biggest event of the series, and we are working hard towards breaking this record. This tournament stop is recognized internationally and constitutes an effective way of promoting tourism in the area, making it a must for players from all over the world.”

The Latin American Poker Tour and Brazilian Series of Poker will combine for a poker tourney at the end of May in São Paulo .

Players can play both at land based casinos and online through qualifying satellites.

One of the simplest ways to play the new Latin American Poker Tour is by winning a seat online at For further information please visit:



Main Event




Chile, Viña del Mar
Enjoy Casino and Resort
March 19-23, 2014 $1,550 + $150
LAPT/BSOP Brazil, São Paulo
Holiday Inn Anhembi
May 30-June 3, 2014 R$3,910 + R$490
Panama City, Panama
Veneto Wyndham Grand Hotel and Casino`
July 23-27, 2014 $1,550 + $150
TBC September 10-14 $1,550 + $150
Lima, Peru

Atlantic City Casino

October 15 – 19, 2014 1,550 + $150
LAPT Grand Final
Punta del Este, Uruguay
Mantra Resort, Spa and Casino
November 26-30, 2014 $2,700 + $300

Restore The Shore Poker Tourney

Partypoker along with Borgata Hotel will be hosting a charity poker event “Restore The Shore” . The poker tournament will occur over a six month period and will help restore the Jersey shore hard hit by Hurricane Sandy. The storm was one of the most costliest of storms in American history. Hometown Heroes , a non profit , is also in partnership with Partypoker. The dates for the events are:

January 4, 2014 – Seaside Heights

February 1, 2014 – Tom’s River / Ortley Beach

March 1, 2014 – Brick

April 5, 2014 – Union Beach

May 3, 2014 – Ocean Gate

June 7, 2014 – Lavallette

15 Days of Freerolls at America’s Cardroom

America’s Cardroom has done away with the Bad Beat Jackpot and decided to use the remaining money for the 15 days of Christmas Freeroll. For 15 days there’s a freeroll tournament for all
players at America’s Cardroom . Start time is 6:15 pm. The tourney will begin as soon as the first 1000 players sign up.The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, December 11th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Thursday, December 12th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Friday, December 13th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Saturday, December 14th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Sunday, December 15th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Monday, December 16th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Tuesday, December 17th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Wednesday, December 18th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Thrusday, December 19th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Friday, December 20th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Saturday, December 21st 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Sunday, December 22nd 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Monday, December 23rd 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Tuesday, December 24th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.000,00
Wednesday, December 25th 6:15pm ET 15 Days of Christmas Freeroll $0+$0 $1.500,00

Join America’s Cardroom and Give Your Dreams a Chance to Fly

This is an excellent chance to build your bankroll.

Aussie Millions Poker Tournament Added to Asia Pacific Poker Tour

The biggest news for Season 8 of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour is the agreement with Crown Melbourne to have the 2014 Aussie Millions Poker Championship added to the APPT schedule. The AUD $10,600 Main Event takes place from February 2 till February 9.

“The Aussie Millions is thought of as one of the major poker events in the poker world and by affiliating with the biggest poker tour in the region, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour will further guarantee the event’s success in the coming years,” said Xavier Walsh, Crown Melbourne Chief Operating Officer. “This initiative will provide Crown with significant exposure in Asia, Europe and America, and forms an integral part of Crown’s global marketing strategy to attract further international visitors to Australia and Crown Melbourne”.

“The Aussie Millions becoming part of the APPT is a great fit for both Crown Melbourne and Global Poker Tours Ltd.” said McDonagh. “Linking one of the best tournaments in Asia Pacific with the region’s biggest poker tour benefits everyone. Personally, I can’t wait to again be actively involved in one of the very top big buy-in events in the world.”

APPT Season 8 online satellites are running now to Aussie Millions, MPC20, and APPT Seoul.

Asia Pacific Poker Tour Season 8 from PokerStars

Pokerstars has announced the Season 8 schedule for the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, APPT. It will commence January 10th with the 20th celebration of the Macau Poker Cup and conclude November 19 in Auckland , New Zealand.

For Season 8, every poker tournament in the Asia-Pacific that is affiliated with PokerStars is now a branch under the APPT tree. The schedule now includes ANZPT tournaments and PokerStars LIVE Macau special events such as the MPC, Macau Millions, and the Asia Championship of Poker.

“Having the entire Asia-Pacific poker calendar, news, and updates in one location is huge. The APPT website becomes much more user friendly and improving the player experience is something we look to enhance each season.” said APPT President Danny McDonagh.

The following are tour stops for the APTT Season 8:

MPC20 (Macau, China S.A.R): January 16-21, 2014
Aussie Millions Poker Championship (Melbourne, Australia): February 2-9, 2014
ACOP Platinum Series III (Macau, China S.A.R): February 22-23, 2014
ANZPT Perth (Perth, Australia): February 26 – March 2, 2014
Macau Millions (Macau, China S.A.R): March 7-16, 2014
ANZPT Sydney (Sydney, Australia): March 20-24, 2014
APPT Seoul (Seoul, South Korea): April 3-6, 2014
ACOP Platinum Series IV* (Macau, China S.A.R): April 24-27, 2014
APPT Macau (Macau, China S.A.R): May 21-25, 2014
Macau Poker Cup (Macau, China S.A.R): August 8-13, 2014
ANZPT Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia): Aug 29 – Sep 1
Asia Championship of Poker (Macau, China S.A.R): November 3-8, 2014
APPT Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand): November 19-23, 2014

Latin American Casinos Hosting the Latin Series of Poker Day 1 Events

Several casinos across Latin America have signed on to participate in the Latin Series of Poker. Countries that have confirmed hosting Day 1 of the events are Honduras, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Peru, Aruba, Panama and Chile.

The LSOP has confirmed starting dates for the Day 1 Event at the following land based casinos:





Costa Rica San Jose Full House Club January 17th & 18th
Panama Panama Majestic Casino January 24th & 25th
Honduras Tegucigalpa Rounders January 28th
Honduras San Pedro Sula Bluff Poker Club January 29th
Chile Puerto Varas Dreams Casino January 30th & February 1st
Aruba Oranjestad Aura Casino February 1st & 2nd
Colombia Bogota Hollywood Casino February 5th & 6th
Peru Lima Atlantic Casino February 6th & 7th
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Casino Hispaniola February 7th & 8th

Latin Series of Poker, LSOP, Changing the Way Poker Tournaments are Played

The Latin Series of Poker Millions, a $1 million guaranteed tournament happening in Panama this March 2014,will revolutionize  poker tournaments  by spreading the Day 1 tables through several casinos all over Latin America.

“It’s a $1 million guaranteed tournament and it costs just $850 to get into,” stated the LSOP administration. The goal is that by hosting in several cities across Latin America , a larger showing will happen. Maybe the $1,000,000 guarantee will exceed expectations. The major tournament is from March 7th to the 15th but day one is scattered across several cities with a buy-in of $850.

So instead of players needing to go to Panama and put up money for a hotel and expenses , they will instead get that out of the way and be in the money right away for the next day. Day 2 happens in Panama but Day 1 is a series of poker tournaments across Latin America several weeks before Day 2.

While Day 2 continues in Panama, Day 1 events are schedule to take place several weeks earlier at a number of casinos around the world. Locations for the Day 1 tournaments will be .

Poker players who sail through Day 1 in their city will earn a seat at the Day 2 table in Panama. Advancing players will be in the money right away and will move to Panama with the chip stack they ended with on Day 1. Day 1A will also be held in Panama for players who prefer to play the tournament in Panama.

Several online sites are giving away packages or have satellite seats including America’s Cardroom, BetCRIS, Ya Poker and Black Chip Poker.

10 Packages For LSOP, Latin Series of Poker, at America’s Cardroom

This Sunday 12/22/13 is one the most important days for online poker players. There will be 10 packages available for the LSOP from America’s Cardroom. The package includes a buy-in, hotel stay at Hard Rock Megapolis, Breakfast, Gift Bag , 24/7 VIP Support Line and $750 for travel expenses. It’s a great poker tournament and it’s innovative with several tournaments leading up to it and a very large jackpot to be split among winners.

America’s Cardroom going all out to promote the LSOP and get members to win and join the fun in Panama. Poker is taking off and Latin America and America’s Cardroom is right there to get more and more winners .The Latin Series of Poker is a 7 day poker tournament. It’s jackpots are seeing an increase due to more spotlight on the events.

“This time of the year, things tend to get quiet for online poker players, but we refuse to slow down,” stated Michael Harris, spokesperson for Americas Cardroom. “So on Sunday, we’re paying out another 10 packages for one of the most anticipated LSOP events in history. We love hanging out with our players at LSOP events. As anyone who has been with us to Punta Cana for the last four years can tell you, they go all out and do an excellent job. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Panama.”

The 10-package guarantee takes place this Sunday, December 22nd at 6:00pm ET. The No Limit Hold’em tournament costs $50+$5 to get into and guarantees to pay out at least 10 packages for the LSOP Millions. More on the LSOP, Latin Series of Poker, later.

Join America’s Cardroom and Give Your Dreams a Chance to Fly

Damon Shulenberger Wins Longest Poker Tourney in History

In a scene almost from They Shoot Horses Don’t They? , poker player Damon Shulenberger has won the APT-RWM Iron Poker Challenge. This tourney took over 48 hours, 48 hours, 55 minutes and 58 seconds to be exact. He didn’t have sleep for two days.

Damon Shulenbergers get $18,240 for his efforts.

This tourney was sponsored by the Asia Poker Tour, APT and Resorts World Manila, RWM . It was a successful attempt to break the Guinness World Record for poker tourneys. The longest was 36 hours in Delaware, US.

In this tourney there were no breaks except for table redraws.

This tournament was only part of a five day of poker events sponsored by the Asia Poker Tour. Additional events included , High Rollers Day.

Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa near Palm Springs in California to host the Heartland Poker Tour

Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa near Palm Springs, California will host the Heartland Poker Tour for a 10-day series starting on February 27, 2014, with the crowning of a new HPT champion at a nationally-televised Final Table on March 10. After three successful stops in California the poker tour going for more.

The Heartland Poker Tour arrived in California in 2013 for the first time and had two major winners, Kris Tong and Michael Rosenbach each won $165,000 and $180,000 respectively . And many other players won lesser amounts. Over $2,000,000 was won in California.

“We are thrilled at this opportunity for poker players to experience our world-class resort by hosting HPT,” said C.J. Graham, General Manager of Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa.

Agua Caliente Casino Resort Spa features a 20-table poker room, along with nearly 1,400 of the latest slots and many styles of table games. The four-diamond resort property also includes a 340-room hotel with a full-service spa. Players will enjoy many popular dining options at Agua Caliente, including an award-winning restaurant, The Steakhouse.

Sit and Crush Poker Tournaments at America’s Cardroom

You’ve all heard of Sit n’Go Poker Tourneys. Well there’s a new game in town Sit and Crush courtesy of America’s Cardroom. Sit and Crush is a new type of points challenge that gives players cash and tournament prizes just for playing Sit n’ Go and On Demand poker tourneys. It’s a points race like The Beast poker tourney.
“For months now, our cash game players have been raking in the cash through The Beast, our twice-monthly points race that rewards players for enjoying the tables,” stated Michael Harris, spokesperson for Americas Cardroom. “We’re excited to bring the same incentives to our players who live for crushing tournaments and hand over 6-figure prize pools every month to our most dedicated Sit & Go and On Demand tourney players.”
Sit and Crush is very simple and easy. All players have to do is play as many Sit n Go tourneys as possible. It’s funded by the Sit n Gos themselves so it’s like a cash back feature for Sit n Go players with a percentage of the fee of a regular Sit n Go going towards the Sit and Crush tournament. There’s a leaderboard to track who’s ranking and everyone who plays is automatically ranked. It’s a great give back by a leading online poker room . Visit America’s Cardroom

European Poker Tour News from Prague Chapter

This is the finals from the Europeon Poker Tour – Prague 2013:

Julian Track, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, €725,700
George Sotiropoulos, Greece, €700,000
Stephen Chidwick, UK, PokerStars qualifier, €378,000
Ka Kwan Lau, Spain, PokerStars player, €283,800
Ole Schemion, Germany, PokerStars qualifier, €218,300
Max Silver, UK, PokerStars player, €160,200
Zdravko Duvnjak, Croatia, PokerStars player, €118,200
Jorma Nuutinen, Finland, PokerStars player, €84,600

German PokerStars qualifier Julian Track came out on top of a record-breaking 1,007 tourney entrants to win  the €5,300 EPT Prague Main Event today for €725,700. As well as the title, trophy and cash prize, the 30-year-old also received a cool watch from luxury Swiss brand SLYDE, the Official Watch Sponsor for EPT 10 Main Events.

Track cut a deal with runner-up George Sotiropoulos when it reached the heads-up stage, splitting €1.4 million and playing for the additional €25,700. He stated being very tired after the 13 hour heads up tourney between Sotiropoulos. He had the flu too!

Sotiropoulos’s €700,000 for second place was the largest cash win a Greek player has ever had and immediately catapulted the 23-year-old college graduate to the top of the Greece all-time money list.

The final table had some well knowns in the European poker world including British pro Stephen “stevie444″ Chidwick, who finished third for €378,000 shortly after finishing third in the Eureka Poker Tour Main Event for €92,500.

GPI Player of the Year Ole Schemion finished fifth for €218,300, topping a remarkable year including fourth in the PCA High Roller, three side event victories at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino EPT Grand Final and winning money in all three major tournaments at EPT Barcelona.

Max Silver, UKIPT Main Event Champ, finished sixth for €160,200 after being eliminated by Chidwick. It was his first EPT final, but the 23-year-old Londoner has already made four UKIPT final tables, has a first and second place in UKIPT High Rollers and made two WSOPE finals. Ka Kwan Lau finished fourth for €283,800 while Finnish poker pro Jorma Nuutinen, who was tenth last season, finished eighth for €84,600.

With 1,007 players from 60 countries, this season’s field was up 143 on last season and generated a prize pool of €4,883,950, of which 151 players were paid.

Other poker players who cashed included EPT Berlin runner-up Andrew Chen (13th, €49,200), Team PokerStars Pros Jonathan Duhamel (63rd, €13,200), Eugene Katchalov (71st, €13,200), Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier (106th, €9,900) and Henrique Pinho (109th, €9,900) as well as PokerStars Team Online’s Marc-Andre Ladouceur (81st, €11,100).

EPT joined with the Eureka Poker Tour to have 47 events over the 11-day EPT Prague Poker Festival at the Hilton Prague from December 8-15. There were a record 171 tournament staff and dealers working at the event where they were also running the cash games for the first time in Prague.

330 players wonr seats to EPT Prague online at PokerStars, with dozens also winning a seat to the €1,100 Eureka Main Event. Every day of the EPT Main Event was broadcast live on EPTLive – now available on YouTube, Facebook and

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst had a terrific festival, finishing seventh in the EPT Prague High Roller for €64,500 and winning the €5k EPT 10 PLO Championship for €100,700. Dimitri Holdeew, winner of the Eureka Prague Main Event, also won the EPT Main Event Last Longer contest run by Skrill, the official payment provider sponsor of EPT Season 10. He finished 15th and gets his €5,300 buy-in paid.


Russian player Ivan Soshnikov won over EPT Campione runner-up Olivier Busquet to take the €10k High Roller title for €382,050 plus trophy and a SLYDE watch. There were a 176 entries for the event – 137 unique players plus 39 rebuys, creating a €1,724,800 prize pool.

Freeroll Poker Tournament News New Jersey Online Championships Tournament Series

For those living or visiting the state of New Jersey, an upcoming poker tournament is going to start in January. The event starts and ends with a $250,000 Freeroll Tournament. Yes a freeroll. Now is the time to get in and build your poker bankroll.
New Jersey is the largest online market for gambling because of its tri-state location. New Yorkers, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are all nearby. Six casino offer online gambling: the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa; the Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino; the Tropicana Casino and Resort; Bally’s Atlantic City; and Caesars Atlantic City. The Golden Nugget Atlantic City will join them soon.
Moody’s Investors Service said Internet gambling will help Atlantic City, particularly the Borgata and the four casinos owned by Caesars Entertainment. The report said online betting will not be an immediate game-changer, generating $250 million to $500 million in the first year.

Schedule of Poker Events Date
$250,000 Invitational Freeroll Jan. 19, 2014
$215 NLH R&A $50k Guaranteed Jan .20, 2014
$109 Pot Limit Omaha R&A $25k Guaranteed Jan. 21, 2014
$215 NLHE $30k Guaranteed Jan. 22, 2014
$109 NLH $25k Guaranteed Jan. 23, 2014
$215 NLH 6 Max $50k Guaranteed Jan. 24, 2014
$109 NLH $70k Guaranteed Jan. 25, 2014
$530 NLH $250k Guaranteed Jan. 26, 2014
$250,000 Player’s Freeroll Feb. 2, 2014
The first Freeroll is invitational and the last one is the Player’s Freeroll. If you’re located nearby or plan on being in the area at the time . Check out more at

High Five Poker Tournament at America’s Cardroom a Big Success

The High Five Poker Tourney at Ameica’s Cardroom was a big success. Originally , it was a $350,000 Guaranteed but saw prize pools go over $415,000. There were 25 poker events over 5 days with over 10,000 entries.
“It was only five short days, but with $416,768 in total prize pools, our High Five Guaranteed series was one of our most successful yet,” stated Michael Harris, spokesperson for Americas Cardroom. “While we had guaranteed prize pools totaling $350,000, online poker players in the US flocked to Americas Cardroom in droves, pumping up the prize pool to near half-million territory.”
The High Five Guarantee was from November 20th to the 24th and had various poker games including Texas Holdem Poker , Pot Limit Omaha and more. Many tournaments features re-entries, re-buys, and add-on options as well.
The High Five Poker Tourney featured five tourneys per day with a large poker event rounding out the days schedule. Most tourneys reached beyond their guarantees.
Harris notes that the Americas Cardroom community can expect to see some big online poker series in the new year.
“Right near we’re focusing on making our players happy however we can,” commented Harris. “That includes sending more players than ever to land-based events. We recently returned from the Punta Cana Poker Classic where we enjoyed partying with the Americas Cardroom community, and this coming March we’re heading to Panama for the LSOP. We’ll be focused on sending as many players as we can to that innovative event while making sure our online tournament prize pools are impressive.”

Guillermo Olvera of Mexico Wins Punta Cana Classic 2013

Giullermon Olvera of Mexico has won the 2013 Punta Cana Classic capturing not only the title but also $171,000 and bragging rights. Chilean Leonal Otazo was the leader for most of tournament going into the final day with 2,475 million chips.
A recap of the Final Table shows how Olvera won . He held a K and 7 of diamonds against Otazo’s Q and 2 of diamonds. The community cards were 10 diamonds,3 spades, 4 diamonds, 3 diamonds and the final card was an Ace of spade.Olvera won with a high hand. Third place finish went to American Jonathan Iacovelli who took $62,740 for his efforts.
It’s a celebration for poker in Latin America. All previous winners were either Canadian or American. This is the first time a Latino has won the Punta Cana Classic.

Poker Profiles – Erick Lindgren – The Highs and Lows of Poker Professionals

Poker Pro Erick Lindgren has on top and the bottom. He’s won nearly $9,000,000 in live tournament winnings including WSOP bracelet and 2 WPT titles. But he stated having a serious gambling problem and have debts over $10,000,000. He recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
He’s taken action by going to rehab for his addiction. Poker is littered with players who go in various directions. It’s rare to find repeat WSOP winners , they end up in the mix with scattered winnings here and there. He states that sports betting has been his addiction.
Now he’s hoping to stay focused only on poker and get back to where he was once.
As Erick Lindgren explains: “I just want to get back to where my word, when I say something, it means something and I just want to get back to a level of full accountability.”

Latin Series of Poker Tournament – Win Seats at America’s Cardroom

In March, the Latin Series of Poker will start. It runs for a week – March 7 till March 15 2013 in Panama. And America’s Cardroom has satellite seat entries for top finishers. It’s a million dollar guarantee and that means big bucks for winners. There are two satellite tourneys for this at America’s Cardroom , one was November 10th and the other coming up November 24th, 6pm with buy-in of $50 + 5. There are 10 LSOP packages available. Will you be the lucky one?
Winners will get:
LSOP Millions Main Event buy-in ($750+100)
6-night hotel accommodation at the Hard Rock Megapolis Panama 5 Star Hotel
$20 Daily credit to spend in the Hotel Bar
24/7 VIP Support Line during the Event
Gift Bag
$750 Cash for travel expenses.
The LSOP Millions features multiple Day 1 events happening all over Latin America—several weeks before the action in Panama begins. Players who make it through Day 1 in their city will earn a seat at the Day 2 table in Panama. Day 1 will also be held in Panama, and players who win a seat online will play Day 1 there.
For more details about the LSOP Millions tournament visit
*Players will be awarded with 6 nights of hotel checking in March 7th and Out on March 13th. If any Online Qualifier remains playing the Main Event after March 13th, Americas Cardroom will cover his/her hotel nights for FREE so he can stay and play the rest of the event.
It looks like a good time to play poker tournaments? I think so.

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Punta Cana Classic Main Event $700,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Though originally a $500,000 prize pool the Punta Cana Classic has increased to over $700,000. It’s quickly becoming a sought after poker tournament. 1st place prize is $171,100 and the top 50 spots are getting paid. This tournament has a Day 1A and Day 1B structure. All prepaid packages must play in Day 1A.

Chip leader Chance Korneck has 325,000 . Fellow leaders include William Valladares , 217,800, Patrick Serda, 173,500, Leonel Otazo, 165,900 and Steve Stolzmann 163,000. Previous champ Demo Kiriopolos has 12th place with 141,900.

Some big boys of poker were in Day 1B including Marc McLaughlin who won over $1,500,000 million at the WSOP. He didn’t make it to the finals here though. Other poker pros playing include Jonathan Little.

Those who don’t get to Day 2 can still get to play. There’s a No Limit Hold’em Second Chance Tournament. And also there’s the Punta Cana Classic High Roller Tournament.

America’s Cardroom is one of poker sites with satellite seats to this event.

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America’s Cardroom Hosts New Progressive Sit N Go Race

America’s Cardroom will be having a new monthly progressive points race for Sit N Go poker players starting December 1. Cash prizes and tournament entries will be awarded based on number of Sit N Go tournaments. A leaderboard will have the leaders list.  This the first progressive race for Sit N Go players at any online poker room. A portion of all fee will create the jackpot so there’s no extra cost to players.

With the incentives offered, players will probably be grinding like crazy. Some incentives include: 4X the amount of points for players who register in On- Demand Sit N Go tourneys.  An example is if 20 players are needed for a tourney, the first 20 will get 4X as many points.

America’s Cardroom is also running a Facebook Contest that will give 18 top contestants a $5,000 Sit N Go Tournament.

More details can be found at America’s Cardroom.


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