America’s Cardroom – a Poker Site I’m Glad To Be a Part Of

Rarely do you hear of a poker room that people take the time out to write good things about. That’s why I bring some great feedback about America’s Cardroom. This is from America’s Cardroom member fishcup and he writes:

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been pretty impressed with ACR.  Though they’re a smaller network they’ve shown some pretty substantial growth over the past couple years since changing software platforms.  Having had a good playing experience along with them being a reputable platform led me to want to write about the site, as it’s a poker room I’m happy to support.

Having played on the network for some time, and having a friendly relationship with management, I proposed that I write a blog for the site to discuss all the latest happenings with the players and promotions on the site to keep everybody updated and in the loop.

Here’s a little background about me.  I’ve been an on and off poker pro over the last 10 years.  ‘On’ when I run good, ‘off’ when I went bust and needed to find a job.  I mostly play NL Holdem, mid to high stakes (1-2 to 5-10) and once and awhile I’ll stick my head in an Omaha game.  (NOTE: if you ever see me online on an Omaha game you should be sure to sit down because no false modesty here…..I suck at Omaha.)

Over the years I’ve continued playing while I worked and have strived to improve my game.  The learning has helped though I still have my ups and downs in terms of being a consistent winner.  ‘Tilt’ is no friend of mine and I still have some leaks to plug but still love the game and I doubt I’ll ever give up trying to get to the next level. So I decided to write a blog in my downtime from playing and working as I enjoy writing and have a background in journalism.   The goal is to try and make this blog relevant and informative to an average online poker player at ACR, because that’s what I consider myself to be.  Management has granted me permission to request interviews with popular network players, update the blog with all upcoming live events and promotions, and get you all as much information as possible.

I’d like the blog to be a sounding board as well for players which is why I’ve created an email address at which you can drop me a line and give me your feedback on the site or the blog.  You’ll also see me at the tables on the regular under my handle ‘fishcup’ so if you want to berate me for hitting that 1-outer you can do that as well.

Anyways, should be fun.

Cheers and good luck

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