Rake Race for August 2013 from America’s Cardroom

This is a weekly recap with more to come from America’s Cardroom.

Coming into last week player ‘Dult’ had all but clinched the progressive rake race, leading his nearest opponent by 16,000 points. The big question was who would place second as ‘TheRealTreenom’ and ‘N0ts0graci0us1ndefeat’ were neck and neck with only a few hundred points of separation.

‘TheRealTreenom’ turned up the heat this past week and put that question to rest. Over the week he put in an incredible volume of hands and not only put himself firmly in the second spot by crushing ‘N0ts0graci0us1ndefeat’ by 9,000 points, but also gained 4,000 points on the leader.

‘Dult’ still holds strong with a 12,000 point lead in the top spot but seeing the amount of a push that was put in last week it’s not completely impossible for ‘Treenom’ to catch him. It will be interesting to see how things play out over the next couple days.

It was a big week for one of ACR’s bigger 1-2 NL cash game grinders. Player ‘Audreylou’ bested a field of 209 runners to win the weekly $50k GTD and pocket $11,524. The total prize pool of last week’s big tournament was $53,600.

‘Audreylou’ came into heads up play a 2 to 1 dog to player ‘JustLadewit20’ but took only 5 hands to turn the tides and come out the victor. The final hand of the tourney came with up when both players were all in preflop, with ‘AudreyLou’s’ Ace of Clubs and 10 of Diamonds versus ‘Ladewitt’s’ King of Diamonds and 8 of Spades. The board offered no help to ‘Ladewitt’ as it ran out 9 of Hearts, 9 of Diamonds, 3 of Clubs, 10 of Clubs and 3 of Diamonds, securing AudreyLou’s victory with the two pair.

Stay tuned to next week’s weekly recap as we see if ‘TheRealTreenom’ can pull off an upset victory and announce all of the upcoming September promotions.

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