Macau Poker Cup – $1,000,000 Guarantee Tournament – January 10-21 2014

Pokerstars has put its plans for the 20 Macau Poker Cup that will run between January 10th to the 21st. This is a $1 million dollar guarantee tournament so their will some major prizes for winners.

The Macau Poker Cup is the biggest poker series in China and the prize money will add to its luster as a major poker tournament.

A Red Dragon tourney was held in April 2013 and had nearly 900 players. The Macau tourney is expected to draw over 1000 players.

For the Macau Tournament, there will be several Asia Player of the Year events as well at two new tourneys: HK $6000 Baby Dragon and the HK $50,000 High Roller Tournament.

“I always knew the MPC would get bigger and the Red Dragon is hugely popular throughout Asia,” said Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin. The two-time Main Event champion added: “It’s hard to believe we’re at number 20 already but I have no doubt MPC20 is going to be the biggest ever, and I love the opportunity of winning a historic event.”

Players can qualify for free to MPC20 on beginning November 4, 2013 via satellite seats.

MPC20 SCHEDULE (all figures in HKD)

Fri, Jan 10 @ 8pm — $2,000 Deepstack NLH (200k GTD) [2-day event]

Sat, Jan 11 @ 6pm — $6,000 BABY DRAGON (1m GTD) [2-day event]

Sun, Jan 12 @ 4pm — $2,000 Deepstack PLO [2-day event]

Mon, Jan 13 @ 7pm — $3,000 6-max [2-day event]

Tue, Jan 14 @ 7pm — $5,000 KO Bounty [2-day event]

Wed, Jan 15 @ 7pm — $3,000 NLH Turbo

Thu, Jan 16 @ 3:30pm — $2,400 Red Dragon MEGA Satellite (20 Seats GTD)

Thu, Jan 16 @ 7pm — $11,000 RED DRAGON ($8m GTD) – Day 1A

Fri, Jan 17 @ 2pm — $1,500 NLH Turbo

Fri, Jan 17 @ 7pm — $11,000 RED DRAGON ($8m GTD) – Day 1B

Sat, Jan 18 @ 3pm — $11,000 RED DRAGON ($8m GTD) – Day 1C

Sun, Jan 19 @ 6pm — $4,000 NLH [2-day event]

Sun, Jan 19 @ 8pm — $20,000 NLH ($1m GTD) [2-day event]

Mon, Jan 20 @ 6pm — $2,500 KO Bounty [2-day event]

Mon, Jan 20 @ 7pm — $50,000 High Roller [2-day event]

Tue, Jan 21 @ 3:30pm — $2,500 Deepstack NLH [2-day event]

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