Poker Tournament Entry Fees – Getting Backers to Cover You – Jay Farber Story

One cool thing about this years major poker event the World Series of Poker is Jay Farber. He came out of nowhere and only considers poker a hobby . But he placed 2nd and collected over $5,000,000 for his efforts. His secret is he got backers to cover the $10,000 entry fee.

He stated he didn’t have the money to come up for the entry fee and got backers to cover him. If you don’t have the money for any of the exciting tournaments and you’re a good player, you might be able to get backers to cover you for a piece of the action. In this case your talking $10,000 – maybe a thousand from a couple of people who believe in your poker skills.The payoff can be enormous. For every thousand Jay Farber’s backers invested, they got $840,000 back. That’s in a couple of months , that’s better than most stock investments! And penny stocks at that. Where would find backers? Look no further than your poker pals who have a vested interest in the game and if you win often , might even trust your ability to win a larger tournament.

That’s the Jay Farber story. He’s a Vegas night club promoter . Short and beefy with tattoes everywhere. He’s the Chris Moneymaker of today and won twice as much. He presents a new way of getting in big buck tournaments. Another way is of course freerolls. And winning freeroll tournaments repeatedly.

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