Sylvain Loosli – Online Poker Millionaire – Finishes Fourth Place at WSOP

Sylvain Loosli is a 26 year old French poker player who focuses on online cash games up to $25/50 on online poker sites like Winamax and Pokerstars. He is an online poker millionaire. His few live tournaments wins are $3,198 at the European Poker Tour at Deauville and $ 80,966 at the Dublin Winamax Poker Open. His latest live tournament has brought him much more – $ 2,792,533 to be exact. He finished fourth in the latest WSOP.

Loosli’s been playing poker since 2006  but only been a pro for the last couple of years. He’s a native of Toulon but lived in London for the past 2 years. His roommates in London are poker pros, Guillaume de la Gorce  and PokerStars pro Bertrand  Grospellier.

He is the first French player to make the Main Event final table since Antoine Saout in 2009. Saout played well at the final table before eventually falling in third place. Loosli  hoped to improve on that finish and become the first French world champion. Loosli took 19,600,000 to the Main Event final table, which put him in sixth place.

WSOP Results for Sylvain Loosli. He was eliminated in fourth place after going all in with a queen of hearts and seven of clubs. But he still takes home nearly $3,000,000. Not bad!

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