WSOP Update – Ryan Riess Wins WSOP 2013 Takes $8,400,000 Million Prize

As I predicted, Ryan Riess won the WSOP 2013. He’ll take home over 8 million dollars as well as a diamond encrusted bracelet.

He started behind but used his skill and luck to win. In the final call, he had Ace and King of hearts and went all in. Farber stood with a Queen and Five of spades. The community cards were four , Jack and ten. Neither fourth or fifth community cards helped Farber and Riess was crowned winner.

Don’t cry for Farber, he walks away with over $5,000,000 million dollars. More than some winners won in previous tournaments.Interesting to note, Farber sold parts of his buy in. He said he didn’t have $10,000 to invest himself. How much of it he keeps is anyone’s guess. But his investors got a nice return!!

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