Anticipation is High for the Latin Series of Poker, LSOP

All the hotels are booked, the anticipation so high that day one events have been spread out over several days. It’s the LSOP and it’s a very in demand tournament. The day one events have been spread over several days. Day 1A, Day 1B and Day 1C will take place March 8th, 9th and 10th respectively at the Majestic Casino in Panama at 2 pm est. This was necessary to accommodate the volume of players.
“When you host a $1,000,000 Guaranteed tournament with an $850 buy-in, you expect the attendance to be massive,” noted Diego Chan, LSOP president. “The official schedule for the LSOP Millions always had Monday with no major events, with Day 2 resuming on Tuesday March 11th. We left that slot open for a Day 1C from the very beginning. Today is the right time to use it.”
The LSOP millions brought a new method of poker tournaments with Day 1 tourneys spread out over several casinos in Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. Many players are allready in the money and you can see their chip counts before the actual tournament starts that runs from March 7th to March 15th.
The benefit of this approach is it’s a more economical tournament for the player who in most tournaments has to get a flight, hotel and expenses and buy-in for a tourney. This method of scattered Day 1 satellite tourneys means less cost for the players and more players for even larger pots. Check out for the latest news.

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