Freerolls On Demand – a New Way Play and Learn Online Tournament Poker

America’s Cardroom has created a new way to learn and play poker with Freerolls on Demand. A freeroll tournament is free to enter and you get points that can be used to enter real money tournaments. What America’s Cardroom has created is a innovative way to learn and play online No Limit Holdem Tournaments.
It’s very simple to play all thats needed is to sign up and look for the tab called TOURNEY at the top of the page. Click it and it will bring all the tourneys that are going on now and coming up over the next several days including the Freerolls. Click that and see all the Freerolls that are available to register for and you’re off and running.
The Freerolls at America’s Cardroom are running 24/7 and start when there are at least 270 players. Once this happens the tourney begins. Every player starts with 1500 chips and the rest is all up to you. Freerolls have always been a great way to test new strategies, assess player behaviour. For instance if someone goes ALL-IN you might want to fold or you might not if you know your hand is stronger.You can also assess your own playing strategy. For example I have a strategy where I wait for the first three cards to come up before I fold or call. This is too tempting to continue and lose more money sometimes. And so I came up with a tighter first two cards must be pairs strategy which means I fold more often but I keep my chips. This strategy is mostly looking for pairs to win. It works most of the time but I’ll never forget having a pair of Kings that lost . You’ll also see that poker is really a game of chance too.
Try as much as possible to hedge your bets, you’ll see nothing works 100% all the time. But you will find ways to keep a heads up in the game. Freerolls on demand at America’s Cardroom are really the best. If you sat on the sidelines of poker tournaments not wanting to get your feet wet, at America’s Cardroom, you’ll find a way to get and hold an edge.

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