EPT100 Barcelona Wrap Up – Main Event – High Roller and Super High Roller Events Results

EPT100 Wrap Up – Main Event – High Roller and Super High Roller Events Results
Andre Latteu , the hot German poker player, has done it by winning the Barcelone EPT100. His prize is a little over a million dollars , the title and a Slyde watch. It was a monumentous win full of the agony and joy that goes into a poker tourney but the stakes were so much higher. Imagine a million dollars for one day’s work. The results are below:
1 – Andre Lettau, Germany,$1,000,000
2 – Sam Phillips, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $1,300,000 in a 3 way deal
3 – Hossein Ensan (Germany) $864,000
4 – Andrea Dato (Italy) $484,000
5 – Andrey Shatilov (Russia) $380,000
6 – Kiryl Radzivonau (Belarus) $295,000
7 – Ji Zhang (Germany) $227,000
8 – Slaven Popov (Bulgaria) $160,000

The EPT100 High Roller Event
The High Roller event, Ept100 High Roller was won by Russian Ihar Soika. His prize was also nearly a million dollars, trophy, and watch. He was heads up with Jason Mercier from Team Pokerstars.

The results are below:
1. Ihar Soika (Belarus) $993776 and a SLYDE watch
2. Jason Mercier (United States) Team PokerStars Pro, $630000
3. Ismail Erkanov (Russia) $455000
4. Ami Barer (Canada) $368,000
5. Benjamin Pollak (France) $290,000
6. Marc-Andre Ladouceur (Canada) PokerStars Team Online, $224,000
7. Stephen Chidwick (United Kingdom) $167,000
8. Carlos Chadha (Canada) $120,000

The EPT100 Super High Roller Event
The Super High Roller EPT100 was won by Olivier Busquet who won over Daniel Colman. Yes, the One Drop winner of $15,000,000 placed second for a nice prize of $1,100,000. But the grand prize of $1,200,000 was all for Olivier Busquat bringing his total earnings as a professional poker player to $4,500,000.

The results are below:
1 – Olivier Busquet, USA, $1,200,000
2 – Daniel Colman, USA,$1,100,000
3 – Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Russia, $630,000
4 – Scott Seiver, USA, $484,000
5 – Sam Trickett, UK,$383,000
6 – Sven Reichardt, Germany,$299,000
7 – Morten Klein, Norway, $236,000
8 – Dan Shak, USA,$184,000
9 – Mustapha Kanit, Italy, $140,000
10 – Jake Schindler, USA,$122,000
11 – Ryan Fee, USA, $122,000

EPT100 Update Dominik Panka Angles Another Win

In this update from the EPT100, Dominik Panka gets another with two Aces. He beat Norwegian Karin Bruteig. She’s a newcomer to live tournaments with less than $10,000 in career earnings.
He will face Bram Haenraets , who is the chip leader at the next tourney. Interesting to note , this is Bram Haenraets’ first live tourney. All his previous wins have been through Pokerstars. His original satellite seat cost $80.
Pokerstars doesn’t yet take American Players online but is applying to do so.

Estrellas Barcelona Main Event is the Largest Unique Field in PokerStars History

Exciting news from Spain is the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event and the first EPT100 said to be one of largest in Pokerstars history of live events. The total entries stands at 2342. Dutch player Daniel Reijmer was the leader from day one and goes to day two with 209,300 chips. There are also some veteran players including Vallo Maidla, Jacques Zaicik. Last year’s tourney saw German player Soenke Jahn won the event taking home over $220,000.
Three Day Super High Roller August 18th
Pokerstars will feature a three day super high roller event with some to poker’s biggest players including Daniel Colman, Daniel Negreanu and Vanessa Selbst among other players it’s a $65,000 event.

Poker Strategy – All-in and Raising – Getting To the Top

Ever go into a poker game and find people raising and when the final card is drawn you think ” that person went all in with a hand like that”. But you look at their chip stack and it’s higher than yours. They’ve been doing this a certain move in rounds over and over and have a payoff of a great chip stack as a result. Raising or going all-in gives implied value to hand that might be lackluster. Everyone who plays poker can tell you of the time a pair of aces lost to three of a kind 2’s or three of a kind 2’s lost to three of a kind 3’s. There really is no book on a good hand till the last card comes out. And there this is the loophole that can be exploited by raising or going all-in.
Going all-in might make an opponent think twice before playing but their ante is allready on the table. They fold, you win. I see this over and over again. It doesn’t always work but it’s a great way to build chips.
Once I was playing two tournaments at the same time and clicked the all-in button by accident. Guess what no one challenged my hand and I got the pot. Doing this over and over people will catch on and want to challenge you just for the sake of challenging you and some might just have good hands that might win. But raising and going all-in is another aspect of poker, the betting side of poker, that must be covered as well as having good hands. Yes you can take the pot by simply going all-in or raising. This is a more aggressive strategy for those who realize that there are many hands in poker and it’s just a game.
It’s best not wait till your chip stack is too low and you have room to breathe easy at the table. You’ll see some great results.

Online Poker History To Be Made with $1,000,000 Tournament at America’s Cardroom December 14th 2014

This December 14th, 2014, history will made with the $1,000,000 No Limit Holdem poker tourney at America’s Cardroom. The buy-in for this event is $540 total but every day there are freerolls to this event.

Yes, if you’re an expert professional poker player or a novice with a low bankroll, you have as good as chance to win. Everyday there are freerolls to the event at 10 am and 1:30 pm you have a chance to win satellite seats to another satellite for this event. Players are placing now for event and every night at 8:30 pm a winner gets their chance at the event.

The winner is guaranteed at least $200,000 but if history repeats itself it will probably be much more depending on how many people sign up regardless of the satellite seats. In fact, America’s cardroom’s top tourneys often break the original estimated tourney prize pool because more people register .

The satellite schedule is as follows.

Satellite Schedule:

Time (ET) Tournament Buy-in Prize Details
10:00am and 1:30pm Freeroll $0+$0 3 Seats GTD to the Daily Super $6 $0.10 Rebuy and $0.25 Addon
4:15pm Daily Super $6 $6+$1 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
7:15am, 9:15am, 11:15am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:45pm and 3:30pm Daily Super Satellite $0.50 + $0.05 1 seat GTD to the $20 turbo Rebuy/Addon
10:00am, 12:30pm and 1:20pm $1 Million GTD Super Sat 1 Seat GTD $5+$0.50 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
3:15pm, 6:15pm and 7:00pm $1 Million GTD Super Sat 1 Seat GTD $1+$0.10 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
5:45pm $20 Turbo $20+$2 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Re-entry
Sit & Go 9 max Turbo 2 seats GTD $28 + $1.40 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
Sit & Go 6 max Turbo 1 seat GTD $24 + $1.20 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
8:30pm Nightly Satellite $100+$9 1 seat GTD to the Winning Millions on Dec. 14th Re-entry

November Nine WSOP Final Table for 2014

The final table for the November 2014 WSOP is set. It’s an eclectic mix of players. Most have had previous WSOP cashes . It’s amazing previous winners don’t often repeat past perfomances but Mark Newhouse is back with a back to back final table finish. The grand prize of $10,000,000 will go to the winner and last place finisher will get about $750,000. Can’t feel bad for any of them, they’re all winners more one than the other. The November Nine is as follows:
Jorryt van Hoof will go to the final table in November as chip leader with a chip count of 38,375,000. He is the favorite to win as a result. He’s cashed in three previous WSOP events with earnings of $27,956. He also runs the Dutch website Nederpoker.
Norwegian Felix Stephensen is a first timer for the WSOP. His chip count is 32,775,000. His total career earnings are $17,000 so far. Now he’s guaranteed at least $730,000 for the final table.
Mark Newhouse is a WSOP veteran and the only player with back to back WSOP final table finishes. His chip count is 26,000,000 .He’s had 8 cashes and won $906,093 .
Andoni Larrabe from Spain will start with a chip count of 22,550,000 . He’s had 3 cashes and previous WSOP earnings are $20,068.
Dan Sindelar from Vegas his chip count going into the WSOP is 21,200,000. He’s had 17 WSOP cashes of $149,991 and career earnings over $330,000.
William Pappaconstantinou from Massachusetts will go into the final table with 17,500,000 chips. It’s 2nd time for his WSOP cashes. His previous was for a minor $5000 in the 2013 WSOP.
William Tonking is a newbie with total career earnings just under $100,000. He will go to the final table with 15,050,000 chips.He’s had 3 previous cashes with WSOP earnings of $14,701.
Martin Jacobson is the Swedish boy wonder. He’ll go to the final table with 14,900,000 chips. He’s the 2nd Swedish all time money poker player with over $6,000,000 in career winnings. He’s had 13 cashes and $1,204,983 in WSOP earnings.
Bruno Politano from Brazil will enter the final table with 12,125,000 chips. He’s a shop owner and doesn’s consider himself a professional poker player. He’ had 3 WSOP cashes for a total of $25,404.

The Big One for One Drop Poker Tourney Results

The Big One for One Drop Tourney has crowned a new winner this July. Daniel Colman , a 23 year old , from Massachusetts has won the $15,000,000 top prize. Another Daniel , Negreanu won the second place prize of $8,000,000. Negreanu now moves to the top of the all time winner’s list of poker with this amazing win. Colman is now on the board as one of the top all time poker winners at the tender age of 23. His previous win was $2.2 million at the WPT Monte Carlo several months ago.
Another notable winner is Rick Salomon, yep the one with Paris Hilton won nearly $3,000,000 coming in fourth place. At one time, he owned an online casino. Pamela Anderson filed for divorce one day after this great win. Hello!!
The following is a complete list of winners.
1. Daniel Colman ($15,306,668)
2. Daniel Negreanu ($8,288,001)
3. Christoph Vogelsang ($4,480,001)
4. Rick Salomon ($2,800,000)
5. Tobias Reinkemeir ($2,053,334)
6. Scott Seiver ($1,680,000)
7. Paul Newey ($1,418,667)
8. Cary Katz ($1,306,667)