EPT100 Barcelona Wrap Up – Main Event – High Roller and Super High Roller Events Results

EPT100 Wrap Up – Main Event – High Roller and Super High Roller Events Results
Andre Latteu , the hot German poker player, has done it by winning the Barcelone EPT100. His prize is a little over a million dollars , the title and a Slyde watch. It was a monumentous win full of the agony and joy that goes into a poker tourney but the stakes were so much higher. Imagine a million dollars for one day’s work. The results are below:
1 – Andre Lettau, Germany,$1,000,000
2 – Sam Phillips, USA, PokerStars qualifier, $1,300,000 in a 3 way deal
3 – Hossein Ensan (Germany) $864,000
4 – Andrea Dato (Italy) $484,000
5 – Andrey Shatilov (Russia) $380,000
6 – Kiryl Radzivonau (Belarus) $295,000
7 – Ji Zhang (Germany) $227,000
8 – Slaven Popov (Bulgaria) $160,000

The EPT100 High Roller Event
The High Roller event, Ept100 High Roller was won by Russian Ihar Soika. His prize was also nearly a million dollars, trophy, and watch. He was heads up with Jason Mercier from Team Pokerstars.

The results are below:
1. Ihar Soika (Belarus) $993776 and a SLYDE watch
2. Jason Mercier (United States) Team PokerStars Pro, $630000
3. Ismail Erkanov (Russia) $455000
4. Ami Barer (Canada) $368,000
5. Benjamin Pollak (France) $290,000
6. Marc-Andre Ladouceur (Canada) PokerStars Team Online, $224,000
7. Stephen Chidwick (United Kingdom) $167,000
8. Carlos Chadha (Canada) $120,000

The EPT100 Super High Roller Event
The Super High Roller EPT100 was won by Olivier Busquet who won over Daniel Colman. Yes, the One Drop winner of $15,000,000 placed second for a nice prize of $1,100,000. But the grand prize of $1,200,000 was all for Olivier Busquat bringing his total earnings as a professional poker player to $4,500,000.

The results are below:
1 – Olivier Busquet, USA, $1,200,000
2 – Daniel Colman, USA,$1,100,000
3 – Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Russia, $630,000
4 – Scott Seiver, USA, $484,000
5 – Sam Trickett, UK,$383,000
6 – Sven Reichardt, Germany,$299,000
7 – Morten Klein, Norway, $236,000
8 – Dan Shak, USA,$184,000
9 – Mustapha Kanit, Italy, $140,000
10 – Jake Schindler, USA,$122,000
11 – Ryan Fee, USA, $122,000

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