America’s Cardroom is Really Becoming The Next Big Thing

It’s been around for over decade. It started as Doyle’s Room, in reference to the great poker player Doyle Brunson. And for a long time was a more or less struggling poker site. But things have changed.
If you go to any poker forum, you’ll see much written over the years about America’s Cardroom and ddos attacks leaving players stranded in the middle of a tournament. That’s right all your chips whether up or down stopped. Yes you get a refund but your game was what really mattered. Even as recently as December when they had a million dollar tourney, that whole week of the Online Super Series was an incredibly unbearable period for players with disconnections and such totally ruining players motivations. But for one reason players kept coming back. For one it’s one of the few cardrooms that takes American players. I read of players who live in the states and play at Pokerstars or Carbon but not sure how they get around it maybe grandfathered in who knows . But for new players American cardroom is the answer and it’s one of the largest poker sites with a variety of games from freerolls to $100 , $15,000 tournaments everyday.
The variety of games is cool. It’s mostly no limit but has some Pot Luck Omaha as well. There are rebuy/addon tournaments and satellites to almost all of their tourneys. There’s in fact a satellite to the WSOP, how cool is that! And Sunday they’ve added these great tournaments $25,000 for a $15 entry fee and a $3000 for only a dollar it doesn’t get any better. But be warned these two tourneys attract many players and they go for a much longer period of time as a results. Make sure you have 12 hours for these tourneys! And you can enter any tourney for a penny.
Get To the WSOP or Any Poker Tourney for a Penny
Everytime you go to register, a popup appears that has a slots games where you can bet to win a free entry and use from 1cent and up to a dollar for a spin. So theoretically, you can enter even the monthly $100,000 for only a penny. It will probably take more than one cent but then it might be your lucky day.
And they’ve seemed to beef up their servers so there’s less disconnections if at all . The site is running much more smoothly than ever before. So maybe just maybe America’s Cardroom is really The Next Big Thing.