Computer Bot Wins $1.4 Million at PokerStars

A Russian computer bot won $1.4 million playing poker at PokerStars. The games targetted were the $ 0.50/$1 and $1/$2 Six Max cash tables and the bot came out with total profit of $1.4 million dollars. The software basically exploits the table tracking fellow players styles and making use of different stack sizes. For recreational players this a nuisance.
Do bots win more than players who play without a bot. There are several types of poker software that are around and they don’t cost alot. Most of them are in the same category. They download all the information regarding fellow players and give a heads up on playing styles leading to you being able to make an informed decision before betting. For some the luck and skill goes out the window with poker software. Of course , there are variations and some teckies have made their own software that will provde the optimal bet for them. This must add to profits since PokerStars may change their TOS to not allow third party software. And there’s the new poker bots that supposedly indicates when to bet as well. One program was created by a player , Skier_5. None of these I have seen for sale.

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