MIT Offers Free Poker Course – Poker Theory and Analytics

MIT is offering a free open course in poker called Poker Theory and Analytics. The history with gaming is pretty impressive at MIT. Not only was the MIT Blackjack Team created there but also the Masscash Team that scored an impressive amount of cash playing the state’s lottery game.
The course is taught by Kevin Desmond , who became a trader for Morgan Stanley after being a professional poker player. He believes aspects of poker provide insight into better decision making like reading actions of others, comfortable self assessment, and making decision without complete information.
The class is four weeks and around 4 hours each week. It focuses on basic strategy, analysis techniques , pre-flop analysis , tournament play , game theory , economics and decision making.
Mr Desmond feels this is a good way to learn poker without gambling directly. Most of the time, you have to play real cash to learn these concepts. He feels that taking the class will help create a winning strategy that will not only work for poker but other applications as well.
The best part of this course is that it’s free. There are lots of places to pay to learn poker. Here you can learn risk – reward in a no money on the table environment. For more on the class check out MIT Poker Theory and Analytics.

November Nine WSOP 2015 is Set

The November Nine, the nine finalists of the 2015 WSOP is set. Chip leader Joseph Mckeehen is by far and away the chip leader with 63,000,000 chip more than twice as many as the next player. Zvi Stern from Israel is next with 29,800,000 chips. Next is Neil Blumenfield with 22,000,000 chips. Pierre Neuville from Belgium is next with 21,075,000 and is the oldest player at 72. He recently won a lifetime poker award from the European Poker Tour. Max Steinberg is next with 20,200,000 chips. Rounding out the November Nine are Thomas Cannuli, Joshua Beckley, Patrick Chan and Federico Butteroni.
About the November Nine
Joseph Mckeehen is a WSOP vet with over a million dollars of earnings. He placed 2nd in the 2014 Monster stack tourney for an over $800,000 payday.
Zvi Stern has just two live tourney cashes under his belt but is looking for a largest yet. His distinct style is hoodie and sunglasses.
Neil Blumenfield is a vet with previous WSOP cashes under his belt.
Pierre Neuville has over 19 cashes and nearly $600,000 in earnings from the WSOP. The payday for the final table is a million at least so this will be his best year yet. And he’s 72!
Max Steinberg has been a regular casher at the WSOP since 2010. He’s earned over $1,600,000 and this win will put him at the $3,000,000 threshhold and maybe higher. He has a twin brother as well.
Thomas Cannuli has three previous WSOP cashes and this is his biggest payday by far.
Patrick Chan is another WSOP vet. He’s had multiple cashes though his earnings are slightly over $130,000. His part of the November Nine is his biggest cash to date.
Joshua Beckley has been a professional poker player for only a year. He’s won close to $200,000 in that time and at least $1,000,000 from the 2015 WSOP. What a good year.
There you have at get set for part two in November.

WSOP 2015 Updates 69 Players Left for Day 6

There are 69 players left for the Tuesday making of the November Nine. Pierre Neuville is chip leader with 7,105,000 chips. Neuville is one of the oldest players out there at 72. He’s a regular in the European poker scene. The following are the top tens going into Day 6.
1 Pierre Neuville 7,105,000
2 David Stefanski 6,480,000
3 Thomas Paul 6,140,000
4 David Peters 6,130,000
5 Mozheng Guan 6,030,000
6 Andrew Moreno 5,320,000
7 Matt Jarvis 5,250,000
8 Thomas Cannuli 5,070,000
9 George McDonald 4,949,000
10 Brian Hastings 4,740,000
It’s going to be an exciting Day 6. Stay tuned!!

Day 5 of the WSOP Continues With New Chip Leaders

It’s Day 5 of the WSOP and new leaders emerged as the chip count gets bigger and bigger. Max Steinberg , a WSOP vet, is the frontrunner with 5,150,000 chips. He has been a regular at the WSOP and has over $1.5 million in cashes and one bracelet. Next is Pierre Neuville with 4,815,000. He has been a regular casher with nearly $600,000 in WSOP earnings. He’s been a fixture at the WSOP since 2008. Newcomer Bruce Perry is third 4,500,000 chips. Jake Toole is fourth with 4,335,000 he is a WSOP vet with multiple cashes . Poker Pro Joseph Mckeehen is next with 4,320,000 . He’s over the million dollar in earnings bracket. Interesting to note is he stated learning poker from watching it on tv. Scottish player George McDonald is next with 4,135,000 chips. Swedish player Ghattas Kortas is 8th with 4,060,000 chips. David Peters is 9th with 3,960,000 chips. He’s won one circuit ring and cashes of nearly $400,000. And rounding out the top ten is Danny Fuhs with 3,880,000 chips. He’s had previous cashes at the WSOP of nearly $900,000 and is poker pro.
Some well known players are still alive in the tourney including Daniel Negreanu and Matt Jarvis. Stay tuned for more highlights.

John Gorusch Leads Main Event at the WSOP After Day 1

The final day of Day 1 at the WSOP, Day 1C, finished with nearly 4000 players buying in for a chance at poker history. Registration officially closed with 6240 entries for a prize pool over $60,000,000.
John Gorusch ended the day as chip leader with nearly 200,000 chips. Zack Megerdichian finished with 180,400. James Juvancic 166,350 and others filled out the top spots. Many well known players like Phil Helmuth, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu made it to Day 2 that’s to start Thursday. In addition some celebrities like Ray Romano, and Wade Townsend also made it to Day 2
Not everyone lasted that long Greg Merson, Jerry Yang are some of the casualities. But then again poker is poker and not everyone is going to make final table . Stay tuned for more!

Anthony Spinella Wins WSOP First Online Tourney

It should come as no suprise that an online tourney has finally made its way to the WSOP and it had a massive payout. Anthony Spinella took the first place gold bracelet and $197,000 cash prize home for a buy-in of $1000 an excellent return on investment! The qualifier started online and finished at the Rio.
Final Table Payouts
1. Anthony Spinella – $197,743
2. Hunter Cichy – $116,066
3. Craig Varnell – $73,079
4. Andrew Rose – $55,884
5. David Tuthill – $47,286
6. Ryan Franklin – $33,530

Day 1B of WSOP 2015 Results

The second day of WSOP has brought a new crop of players to the table in the quest to be part of the November Nine. Hamid Feiz is chip leader with over 180,000 chips. Feiz is repeat WSOP player with a cash in the WSOP 2014 Seniors No Limit Holdem and this year at Monster Stack he won over $11,000. His total WSOP earning are around $20,000. Most of the other top finishers are new to the WSOP including;
2. Adil Khan 156,800 chips
3. Srikanth Koneru 154,725 chips
4. Edward Grau 148,825 chips
5. Marko Neumann 146,675 chips. He’s had multiple WSOP cashes with earnings over $400,000.
6. Young Lu 141,750 chips
7. Alexander Wilkinson 139,025 . One previous WSOP cash.
8. Chad Power 135,575 chips. One previous WSOP cash.
9. Omri Shaked 134,250 chips
10. Jeffrey Tanouye 131,075 chips. He’s had multiple cashes at the WSOP though no bracelets.

Other top finishers include Dominik Nitsche who’s had WSOP earnings over $2,500,000. Also Greg Raymer with earnings near $7,000,000 including winner of the 2004 WSOP Main Event also finished strong.

Minnesota Man Wins WSOP Bracelet and $81,000

A Minnesota man, Christian Pham, won $81,000 at the 2015 WSOP playing No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw. He meant to sign up for the No Limit Texas Hold’em but signed up for the other tourny by accident. Whe he got to the table he realized something was wrong when dealt 5 cards instead of 3. Instead of pannicking, he looked at the other players and listened to advice from a man sitting next to him. He folded the first 7 hands. He was chip leader at the end of Day 1. After 3 days, he won over 215 players. It’s not Pham’s first win. In 2014, he won over $200,000 at the WSOP as well. No limit 2 7 Single Draw is one of the 67 poker events at the 2015 WSOP.

One Drop for Water Poker Tourney Crowns Jonathan Duhamel Winner

Does his name sound familiar? It should since he won the 2010 WSOP. Jonathan Duhamel has won the One Drop for Water grand prize of nearly $4,000,000. It’s great to see players stay in the success loop since many have highs and lows.
Duhamel won at the final table that featured top players like Colman, Ben Sulsky and Phil Hellmuth who entered the final table chip leader and had his eyes set on a 15th bracelet.
Since his 2010 WSOP victory, Jonathan Duhamel has been very well including the 2013 Players Tourney that brought him over $200,000 in prize money. His career earnings exceed $15,000,000 and he placed well the current WSOP 2015 as chip leader going into day 2
The One Drop for Water is the charity event started by Cirqe de Soleil founders and has raised millions of dollars to support water relief for third world countries.

WSOP 2015 Main Event Kicks Off

The WSOP Main even kicked off yesterday. There’s some changes to the structure this year. One of the great benefits is the first 1000 finishers will get a prize . This is great considering most players are taking time from work, paying hotel and air fare as well. Even if they don’t win a major prize they may break even or get some cash back making this more enticing. In fact, more players will probably want to join and that could still bring a bigger cash event .
The Main Event drew 741 players who ponied $10,000 in hopes of going for that grand prize , bragging rights and a big entry in the poker world.
After day one at the 2015 WSOP, Floridian, William Kakon emerged as the chip leader going into Day 2 to take place Wednesday. His lead isn’t the greatest though with a little over 150,000 chips . Fellow competitors Gjergj Sinishtaj has a little more than 149,000 and Alex Tran from California has a little more than 142,000 chips. It’s so far a tight match.
Day 2 is slated for Wednesday , while the finishings of the Day 1 entrants are Monday and Tuesday.