Day 5 of the WSOP Continues With New Chip Leaders

It’s Day 5 of the WSOP and new leaders emerged as the chip count gets bigger and bigger. Max Steinberg , a WSOP vet, is the frontrunner with 5,150,000 chips. He has been a regular at the WSOP and has over $1.5 million in cashes and one bracelet. Next is Pierre Neuville with 4,815,000. He has been a regular casher with nearly $600,000 in WSOP earnings. He’s been a fixture at the WSOP since 2008. Newcomer Bruce Perry is third 4,500,000 chips. Jake Toole is fourth with 4,335,000 he is a WSOP vet with multiple cashes . Poker Pro Joseph Mckeehen is next with 4,320,000 . He’s over the million dollar in earnings bracket. Interesting to note is he stated learning poker from watching it on tv. Scottish player George McDonald is next with 4,135,000 chips. Swedish player Ghattas Kortas is 8th with 4,060,000 chips. David Peters is 9th with 3,960,000 chips. He’s won one circuit ring and cashes of nearly $400,000. And rounding out the top ten is Danny Fuhs with 3,880,000 chips. He’s had previous cashes at the WSOP of nearly $900,000 and is poker pro.
Some well known players are still alive in the tourney including Daniel Negreanu and Matt Jarvis. Stay tuned for more highlights.

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