Thomas Cannuli – Poker Bio – Prepares for WSOP 2015

Thomas Cannuli, 23, from New Jersey is getting ready for the WSOP 2015. He’s guaranteed a million but might get much more than that if he wins. He’s one of several November Niners who come from New Jersey along with Joshua Beckley. That would look great for the state of New Jersey. He’s mostly a cash game player with $50,000 in winnings so far . This year will be his best. He’s listed in tourneys from 2013. He’s had several WSOP cashes so far and this is a learning experience as well.
Though is experience is limited, he’s proving himself a great poker player of tomorrow. Will he become the next Phil Negreanu? He has an interview where he talks strategy for November 2015. He plans on taking time off, relaxing then getting back in the groove or grind for the big day. Some of his pals include Antonio Esfandiaras among others who been teaching the tricks for the Big Day. A humble guy, he credits working hard and luck with helping him wn.
Here’s the clip below.

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