Tips for Beginners and Professional Poker Players

Here are some cool tips for beginners as well as pros. Poker is poker and anyone can win any game. For beginners these tips will last throughout your poker career and professional poker players will find these tips will come in handy in any game.
1. Play premium hands.
Premium hands are high face cards like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AQ, AJ and some say any pair will do as well. By sticking to these hands you increase your odds of winning. It’s not a perfect hand so it’s best to raise and check out the flop. If your gut instinct says to go all in then do it. These premium hands are those hands that often win.
2. Find Soft Opponents and Tournaments.
Poker professionals often gravitate to big money jackpot games. They have mortgages, rent, bills to pay and need more money than a recreational player. If you’re not a professional you’ll find easier opponents to play against. Ever see a hand played and you wonder ‘how’d he play that’. That is often a sign of a inexperienced players. You’ll find it easier to win these tournaments but the money won’t be as great as playing in big money tournaments with skilled players using HUDS and other potential advantages but winning is winning.
3. Pay Attention To Opponents.
As noted above an inexperienced player might play a hand that has you scratching your head . Doing this over and over might lead you to think you can beat them and you might be right. Conversely, a player who only plays premium hands will lead you to think you should only play when you know you have a great hand to play . This is usually correct also and will save you many chips. Play when you know you have the nut hand.
4. Use Intuition as a Guide
Occassionally you’ll get a hand that creates a gut feeling it’s a winner. It might not be a premium hand as noted . It could be and unsuited 3 and 10 but somehow you know it’s winner. Don’t ignore that vibe play if it’s to big a bet and you will probably come out a winner.
5. Play Big Hands Aggressively
When the flop comes out and your AA reveals a pair of Aces for a four of a kind , go all-in. Being an aggressive player in this case will give you more chips that will lead you to the Final Table and hopefully Heads Up!

By the way, these tips are not just for beginners but all players and all ranges. You’ll see these tips will across the board in all games. Good Luck!

Pokerstars Gets License for New Jersey

In a potential landmark approval, the world’s largest poker site, Pokerstars, received approval to offer online gambling for residents of New Jersey. This is another notch in the return of online poker to New Jersey residents following Black Friday and potentially a breakthrough for other states to follow. Since 2013, New Jersey has allowed online gambling through approved sites. It’s started slow with revenues of 100,000,000 but has been showing an increase over last year.

Having one of the largest , most popular sites with major jackpots everyday will probably be the ticket to bring online gambling back to the US in a major way.
Other states may follow since Pokerstars had to pass a rigorous and unheard of DGE, Division of Gambling Enforcement, review process. Other states namely Pa and Ny may look to share in the fortunes of New Jersey. Look for legislation to start in 1-2 years.

Players must be in New Jersey to play. That could mean a laptop in a train station or physical address. Ha ha.