Joe McKeehen Wins WSOP Final Table – Takes Home $7.7 Million

The poker juggernaut continued for Joe McKeehen with this final table win over Joshua Beckley. Many people felt McKeehen wouldn’t last. It’s only the second time in WSOP history that the chip leader going into the final table has come out a winner. Jonathan Duhamel did it in 2008 but that’s all. Based on history, it was an unexpected win. But not for McKeehen. He compared the final table to a freeroll because of his chip stack but he cruised to the top with a nonchalant attitude.

McKeehen sent home six of the final table members in showdowns including Neil Blumenfield , 61, who took home $3.4 million for his efforts. He’s former software executive who sold his company to Intuit in 2013. He says the similiarities in poker and business are that the top 10% make any real money. In many ways this is true. These players have probably made more than 90% off all players during the entire poker playing career.

After knocking Blumenfield out his next victim was Joshua Beckley. Beckley held a pocket pair of 4s and as the flop came, a ten was all it took for McKeehen to claim with WSOP title. Beckley takes home $4.5 million for his work which is excellent.

The Final Results of the WSOP are:

1. Joseph McKeehen

2. Joshua Beckley

3. Neil Blumenfield

4. Max Steinberg

5. Ofer Zvi Stern

6. Thomas Cannuli

7. Pierre Neuville

8. Federico Butteroni

9. Patrick Chan


Zvi Stern and Max Steinberg Out at WSOP Final Table

His aggressive betting style didn’t aid him in getting more chips and now he goes back to Israel nearly $2,000,000 richer. Stern was up against Neil Blumenfield who had Ace King while Stern held Ace Jack. As the flop unfolded 7h, 5s, 3d, Blumenfield kept his lead. Then King of diamonds came on the turn giving Blumenfield the pair. The Queen completed the set. Stern bowed out at 5th place.

Max Steinberg is also out. He failed to get any great chip counts and a bluff left him in the dust against Neil Blumenfield. Steinberg had unsuited 2 and 3 against Blumenfield’s pair of Queens. He folded in a raise and left him with 18,250,000 chips. Finally Joe McKeehen stepped in with a raise holding Ace Queen, Steinberg who held Ace Jack went all in for 16,500,000 chips and was effectively out with Mckeehen’s Queen kicker. He’ll collect $2,600,000 for his work.

The remain three, Beckly, McKeehen, and Blumenfield meet Tuesday in the finale!!

Thomas Cannuli Finished WSOP Final Table in 6th Place

Thomas Cannuli of New Jersey was the 6rh man out at the WSOP. He came in as the short stack.He lost to Max Steinberg. He went in with a pair of Aces and Steinberg held a pair of tens. The flop revealed Jack, Ten and a Six giving Steinberg, a three of a kind win.

Cannuli won $1,400,000 for all his work. This was just the 2nd hand of the night. Cannuli thanked everyone like a good sportsman and afterall he’s in his mid twenties and $1,400,000 is a great deal of money to have at that age. Steinberg’s stack was raised to over 31,000,000 chips and second on the leaderboard

WSOP Update Day One Eliminations – Joe McKeehen Prevails

People were looking for a David vs Goliath setting for the WSOP, they didn’t get that last night. Joe McKeehen continues his poker juggernaut increasing his lead over the table.
Patrick Chan was first out after two hands. McKeehen’s Ace and Four held up over Chan’s King and Queen for the win. Chan makes $1,001,000 for his efforts. Not to bad. Next to go was Federico Butteroni.
Federico didn’t reraise often. He waited patiently for nice hands but didn’t find any. He had some chip gains with an all-in with a Queen and nine. It bumped up his stack but not enough when coming up against McKeehen. McKeehen scored with an Ace King high hand over Ace high held by Butteroni. The Italian took home $1,097,000. and finally Pierre Neuville.
His chances were dashed with a straight against a flush from Tom Cannuli. Neuville with in with two Queens and raised. While Cannuli called with King and nine of hearts. The flop was Ace hearts , Jack diamonds and Ten of hearts. The turn was a 4 of hearts and Cannuli had it shut down. But later on against Mckeehen, Neuville lost with McKeehen getting a flush against an Ace high card . He goes back to Belgium with $1,203,000.
For the losers , they are really winners. They beat field of over 6000 players to go home with at least a million dollars. For day two, McKeehen has almost half of tables’ chips . This puts him in a formidable position. The action starts at 8pm est on ESPN.

WSOP Final Table Update – Coverage on ESPN November 8, 2015

The WSOP Final Table begins November 8, 2015 at 8:30 pm est. It’s the culumination of the Main Event Poker Tourney that started over the summer. And it could be interesting full of surprises. If history holds up, the chip leader Joseph McKeehan won’t win. Rarely do chip leaders continue the climb to the final table at the WSOP . One exception was Jonathan Duhamel who went in chip leader and won the Main Event in 2010. McKeehan hasn’t been resting on his laurels. He won the Wynn Fall Classic in October taking over $90,000 in the $300,000 Guarantee Championship.So look for fireworks, possible upsets or the poker juggernaut continues with McKeehen . As chip leader, all eyes are on him.

As a shout out to you’re not getting older but better, two players Pierre Neuville and Neil Blumenfield are also at the table. Neuville is 72 and Blumenfield 61.

Zvi Stern, who almost didn’t play the Main Event is also 2nd in chip count. He only decided to play the Main Event after United Airlines posted a cheap flight. He booked it Friday morning and was en route to Vegas Friday night. Luck was in the cards , since even if he doesn’t win the Main Event , he will still go home with $1,000,000. He’s had subsequent cashes including the 2015 WSOP Europe festival and Europe Poker Tour.

The remaining players are your everday WSOP players. All under 30. Max Steinberg is the most successful of the group with earnings around $2,000,000. He also cashed at the Big Poker Oktober – CPPT 2015. Joshua Beckley, another November Niner, has cashed since making the Final Table including a WSOP Circuit cash for $2200 in September 2015. He’s also a spokesman for America’s Cardroom featured prominently in ads for their Million Dollar Sunday Tourneys. Patrick Chan from Brooklyn, NY is still cashing including the WPT – Borgata Open at Atlantic City. Rounding out the November Nine are Federico Butteroni and Thomas Cannuli.

It will be an exciting tourney to say the least with possible upsets or predictable outcomes. The coverage is as follows:

Sunday November 8, 2015 Final 9 8:30 pm est

Monday November 9. 2015 Final 6 8 pm est

Tuesday November 10, 2015 Heads Up. 9:30 pm est.