Daniel Negreanu Lists His Goals for 2016

They say you should always list your goals and be working for them. Well, Daniel Negreanu has done just that with his list of goals for 2016. He posted on his blog what he want to do the year ahead. It’s pretty bold, especially in poker. But this is what seperates poker players from poker professionals. The ability to be goal oriented in a game of chance. To know what you want out of this game.

He posted his 2015 goals as well. He wanted to score $2,000,000 in live tourney cashes. He did this. Also, he wanted to make 5 final tables, and win 3 WSOP bracelets. His winnings this year were around $2.5 million. His most recent cash at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic added nearly $650,000 to his bottom line.

His original goal was to enter 55 tourneys. He entered 49 . He made 4 four final tables. He didn’t win any bracelets in 2015 but came pretty close. He came in 11th at the WSOP Main Event.

Though he didn’t get all of his goals. He did pretty good overall. But he does an important, he sets goals. It’s imperative to set goals and keep working on them as the year progresses. His $2 million goal came with a December win at the Five Diamond Poker Classic.

Don’t forget to plan your goals for the new year and make it a great one!!!

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