Amaya to Merge Fulltilt Poker with Pokerstars – Players To Transfer

Pokerstars players have been reporting many changes in the last year since being taken over by Amaya. And more changes include Fulltilt poker to merge with Pokerstars. The software development can be streamlined for one site rather than two leading to cost savings on research and development.Players on existing Fulltilt platform will transfer to the Pokerstars platform.
Not having Fulltilt out in its place might be an asset to Amaya’s desire to expand into new and emerging markets. The whole Black Friday thing has fewer traces.
Additional reasons for the merger are:

  • Fulltilt’s market share is still low. The Black Friday experience with money tied up for years surely didn’t help.
  • Jobs can be eliminated saving payroll expenses.
  • Potentially larger jackpots from more players on a single platform.
  • When Amaya bought Pokerstars it was groundbreaking and there have been many changes at Pokerstars as far tournaments being eliminated and added. It’s really was happens anytime a company is bought. This is just the latest of changes.

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