Poker On The Rise As a Team Sport from the Global Poker League

On the tv show Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman is the only character to be in every episode. It’s a bonanza for Aaron Paul. So many actors are working as waiters. I’m sure he looks as this as a major blessing. He has taken three Emmy awards for his acting skills for supporting actor in a drama.
In the series, he plays a guy from an upper middle class background estranged from his family due to drug abuse. In reality, Aaron Paul is something different. He’s poker player and he’s bringing his skills to the Global Poker League. He’s joined one of the teams, the LA Sunset, and hopes to bring his poker skills to more wins. The combined team winnings as individuals is over 30 million dollars.
The Global Poker League is attempting to bring a team sports format to the world of poker. There is no better way to attract viewers than with celebrities and poker stars.There are dozen teams in the league so far. Chris Moneymaker, the man who inspired the term moneymaker effect, is captain of the Las Vegas Moneymakers.

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