Americas Cardroom High Five Poker Series Returns June 8th to June 12th 2016

America’s Cardroom will hold its top tournament series, the High Five Tournament between June 8th and June 12th. That is five days of nonstop poker tournament action. The High Five Series is a recurring poker tournament with the first one of the year in January 2016. The series culminates with $420,000 no limit holdem tournament with a buy-in of $420. It also signifies a new high for Americas Cardroom, that has become one of the top ten US poker rooms online.
The variety of games, popular tournaments, and great customer service have place Americas Cardroom as one the top ten US online cardrooms. Their most recent Million Dollar Tournament Event was the first time it went over the guarantee! The return of the High Five Series continues the momentum.
The High Five Series features a mix of games. Primarily it has No Limit Holdem Poker but also Pot Limit Omaha 8, and Pot Limit Omaha as well. There will be 5 High Five Tournaments every day in addtion to the regular tournaments. And the tournaments include regular, rebuy addon, turbos, megastack turbo and the Main Event $420,000. Buy-ins range from $2 and go up to $420. It’s an exciting time to play . The High Five Poker Tournament tends to attract the best of the best in the poker world and players often find themselves seated next to one of them as they play!
The prize pool is $942,000. The tournaments range from $2000 and go up to $420,000 . The Main Event is June 12th at 4 pm EST and at 4:20 PM EST, there is a courtesy break. The Main Event will also be streamed via

The full High Five Series is below:

Date Time (ET) Event # Guarantee Buy in Type
Wednesday, June 8th 3:00pm #1 $6,000 $3+$0.30 5 HR LR
Wednesday, June 8th 5:30pm #2 $8,000 $15+$1.50 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 7:00pm #3 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 8:15pm #4 $40,000 $500+$30 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 9:15pm #5 $2,000 $5+$0.25 Hyper Mega Stack
Thursday, June 9th 3:00pm #6 $3,000 $2+$0.20 Rebuys/Addon
Thursday, June 9th 5:00pm #7 $15,000 $80+$8 PLO
Thursday, June 9th 7:00pm #8 $75,000 $300+$20 Regular
Thursday, June 9th 8:00pm #9 $15,000 $10+$1 Rebuys/Addon 6 Max
Thursday, June 9th 9:30pm #10 $15,000 $60+$3 Mega Stack Hyper
Friday, June 10th 3:30pm #11 $30,000 $50+$5 6-Max 5 HR LR
Friday, June 10th 5:00pm #12 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Friday, June 10th 7:00pm #13 $30,000 $100+$9 Regular
Friday, June 10th 8:30pm #14 $10,000 $15+$1 Mega Stack Turbo
Friday, June 10th 9:00pm #15 $3,000 $7+$0.70 4 Max
Saturday, June 11th 3:00pm #16 $5,000 $10+$0.50 Hyper Mega Stack
Saturday, June 11th 5:00pm #17 $15,000 $60+$6 6 Max NLO8 KO $50 Buyin, 10 bounty
Saturday, June 11th 7:00pm #18 $30,000 $150+$10 6-Max KO $110 Buyin, 40 Bounty
Saturday, June 11th 8:00pm #19 $20,000 $30+$3 Regular
Saturday, June 11th 9:00pm #20 $5,000 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday, June 12th 1:00pm #21 $10,000 $5+$0.50 5 HR LR
Sunday, June 12th 2:00pm #22 $100,000 $100+$9 5 HR LR
Sunday, June 12th 4:00pm #23 $420,000 $420+$35 Main
Sunday, June 12th 5:00pm #24 $25,000 $60+$6 NLH
Sunday, June 12th 9:00pm #25 $20,000 $100+$9 Megastack Turbo


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America’s Cardroom Tournament Will Offer Winner Choice of Punta Cana or WSOP

americas cardroom punta cana or wsop tournament
Starting May 15th and through June 24th, Americas Cardroom will offer hardworking players an option if they win – either a package for four to Punta Cana or one trip to the WSOP Main Event.
The Punta Cana package is actually two packages and the winner could sell one if they wish. The Punta Cana Classic is one of the hottest Latin American Poker series tourneys. It’s been going over the $500,000 guaranteed. Last year it was over $800,000. For a hardworking player, they get:
6 nights accommodations, double occupancy at the 5-star Melia Caribe Tropical resort
$1,500+150 buy-in to the Main Event with $500,000 Guaranteed!
Round trip airfare up to $800
All-Inclusive premium food and beverage (24 hrs. room service included)
Welcome gift bag 24-hour premium room service
Free golf
6 $50 Jackpot Sit & Go tickets
24/7 VIP Support Line
$1350 in cash
And remember this prize is doubled 2X!
If a winner selects the WSOP package they get
$10,000 Main Event buy-in
$2,500 Travel expenses
Since the WSOP has a history of cranking out winners from out of no where, this is a great chance to get on the map. The qualifiers are every Sunday EST 6 and 8 pm with a $50 buy-in.

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Prime Time Poker Report to Debut in Mid May on Poker Central

On May 18th, Poker Central, the only TV channel exclusively on poker, will start broadcasting Prime Time Poker Report. This weekly show will bring news, analysis, poker gossip to millions of viewers. Poker Central and Poker News are partners in this project and hope poker enthusiasts and will find this show fun and informative.
The debut will be 9pm EST and it will be an hour long show. Donnie Peters, PokerNews Editor-in-Chief will host the show and stated “I’m very excited about this project. Fans of the PokerNews Podcast should know exactly what to expect, as the idea of the show spawned from the success of the podcast. It’ll be fun and entertaining but also informative.”
Las Vegas will be the background of the series. It will be produced by Farra Productions. Dave Farra and Matt Brown look forward to the series and hope it becomes a Wednesday night ritual for poker afficianados and professionals alike.
The growth of poker as America’s great past time has largely been attributed to the televised poker events on cable TV. If history repeats itself, this show might bring a new generation of poker enthusiasts.