Fedor Holz Crownupguy Poker Phenom Mini Bio

With earnings over $25,0000,000 and being in his early twenties, Fedor Holz is regarded as one of today’s top poker players. He’s from Germany but lives in Austria. This is little bio on Fedor Holz and his exciting poker history.
His mother was a teen mom and he grew up with a distant father and two younger sisters. He started playing poker at around 16, a common age for many of today’s top players. After graduating from secondary school, he went to college to study computer science. He got sick and had to stop and then continued playing poker. After six months he committed himself to playing poker and hasn’t looked back.
His early years, he was out on his own living modestly. Maybe spending $400 per month. His first live cash that counted was in Rozvadov. In that event, the $500 Euro No Limit Holdem event, he cashed for nearly $20,000, finishing in second place. Shortly afterwards he won his first tournament at the Lebanese Poker Cup. Though the cash was around $5000, I’m sure the self confidence boost was great.
After that he moved to Austria and stayed with a group of poker players. This was according to him a great experience since they supported each other.
When asked if money was a motivation he states yes and no. That money is a driving factor at some point. At the beginning of his career, money was more a motivating factor than at the point he is at right now. It’s  interesting since he makes the most money now with high stakes tournaments than at the beginning of his career. The money seems like how it for many who’ve reached a goal. Once there it’s not as great a thrill as in the beginning. He has many more options now and does things outside of poker as well.
On his success, he says it’s really a mindset. To improve one’s game everyday is what counts and it takes focus to improve the game that makes individuals succeed. He also says there are only a handful of players out there who are focused like this and those who do are today’s top poker players. The other side of the success, having so much money at a young age is something he has to deal with consistently as well. He seems pretty level headed about it though. In addition to poker, he’s also the CEO of Primed Mind, a success program.
Primed Mind is an App. Users listen to a mindset coach named Elliot. The goal is to allow visualization, and relaxation techniques to set goals. The ultimate agenda is create self confidence, better health, personal growth and recovery skills. He along with Nathan Schmitt and Duane Ludwig are the three key people at Primed Mind along with Elliot Roe, the mindset coach.
Not only is he still winning at poker but also balancing himself out through other ventures. He “retired” from poker only to come out of his retirement and continue playing and winning all over again. And he’s unstoppable.
For the year 2017, here’s a look at his top cashes.

Poker Tournament     Buyin       Cash Result

2017 Bellagio High Roller Series      $25,000          $85,000

2017 Triton Super High Roller Series   $128,150       $2,131,740

2017 Grand Prix Austria             $2,609                     $40,460

2017 Poker Masters        $100,000                              $504,000

2017 Poker Masters            $50,000                        $550,000

2017 Triton Super High Roller Series $32,022 $451,386

2017 Aria Summer High Roller Series $50,000 $417,600

2017 Aria Summer High Roller Series $50,000 $330,660

2017 Aria 10K-01 Event          $10,500                   $42,000

2017 PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo   $5,677    $62,283

2017 PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo $54,526  $348,582

2017 PokerStars Championship Macau $51,473     $877,392

2017 Aussie Millions        $8,009                      $254,600

2017 Aussie Millions          $75,000                     $266,293

His total take home from 2017 is over $6 million dollars. And he’s only 24. You could say it was a very good year!

Fedor Holz online poker results are nothing less than phenomenal as well. At PokerStars, his nickname is Crownupguy. He has ranked number one several times when he allowed his results to be tracked.

Fedor Holz is a phenomenal poker player. At 24, he’s done what many only wish they could do. It seems there is no stopping him and look for him to be someday in the Poker Hall of Fame along with Ivey, Negreanu, Doyle and other top poker players who’ve made a great name for themselves in the world of poker.

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