The Venom at Americas Cardroom Returns with GTD $7,000,000 GTD

It’s official, the Venom Poker Tournament is returning July-August at Americas Cardroom with a prize pool of 7 million dollars. For the first place winner that means at least $1,000,000 USD and the runner ups are in good place too. Though the buy-in is $2650, there are ways to get in for free.
Schedule for the Venom
There are multiple days of tourneys. They go as follows:
Venom Tournament Schedule:

Day 1A: Friday, July 24th, 1pm ET
Day 1B: Sunday, July 26th, 1pm ET
Day 1C: Friday, July 31st, 1pm ET
Day 1D: Sunday, August 2nd, 1pm ET
Day 2: Monday, August 3rd, 1pm ET
Day 3: Tuesday, August 4th, 1pm ET
*Final Table: Wednesday, August 5th, 5pm ET

Ways to Enter the $7,000,000 Venom Poker Tournament for Free
Step 1 Venom tournaments are a freebuy and you can join for free. Play your cards right and you could be joining the final table in August! There are multiple satellites, special tourneys, running around the clock. There are also Venom Cyclones.

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Venom Cyclones
Venom cyclones are simply put satellite sites to a larger Venom satellite event. For pennies on the dollar, you can enter and advance to the next level leading up to the $2650 buy-in. Believe it or not it happens. Max Steinberg won his WSOP seat at his online casino site and worked himself up to the final table! And don’t forget Chris Moneymaker.

Cyclone 1 9 0.1 0.01 1112 5000 x2 $0.41+0.04 Tickets
Cyclone 2 6 0.41 0.04 1465 5000 x1 $1.30+0.10 Ticket
Cyclone 3 6 1.3 0.1 1625 5000 x1 $3.80+0.20 Ticket
Cyclone 4 6 3.8 0.2 1584 5000 x1 $11+1 Ticket
Cyclone 5 6 11 1 1719 5000 x2 $30+2 Tickets
Cyclone 6 6 30 2 1579 5000 x1 $90+ 5 Ticket
Cyclone 7 6 90 5 1552 5000 x1 $280+10 Ticket
Cyclone 8 6 280 10 1591 5000 x1 $850+30 Ticket
Cyclone 9 6 850 30 1604 5000 x1 $2,500+150 Ticket

In addition to venom cyclones, there are steps tourneys where players advance from one step to the next and there are on demand satellite tournaments leading to the big poker tourney as well.

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