Adam Noone – Poker Tips and Strategy and Insights

This Q and A with Adam Noone was from the Old Fulltilt. Much of the rules of game and tips apply to everything in Texas Holdem now. The interview begins:

Adam Noone prefers No Limit Hold ‘em or HORSE, He built his bankroll by playing small stakes Sit & Gos Tournaments and worked up in stakes. His first pro tourney he made Day 4 of the 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event, finishing in 209th place for over $50000 in prize money.

Adam’s greatest winnings to date is winning the Full Tilt Poker Million Pound Challenge, held in London during September 2008. He qualified for the live event online via Full Tilt Poker, then went on to defeat 79 other players and gain the coveted title of tournament champion.

After winning the live tournament, Adam had the chance to play three heads-up matches against Full Tilt Poker pros and earn a cool £1 million if he could win all three. Adam was able to defeat Phil Ivey and Chris Ferguson, but came up short against Roland de Wolfe. Although just one win away from the potential £1 million prize, he still walked away with £200,000 for winning the tournament and two of the three heads up matches.
At full tilt poker he gave a poker tips chat and these are the transcripts:

QUESTION FROM CSU-Rams21: how does your game change after you’ve made the money??

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: As long as you’re not desperately short stacked it shouldn’t change too dramatically as there are then subsequent mini bubbles as you move through the paid places. Be aware that some players will play looser though so you may be able to call them lighter

QUESTION FROM FARTY: r u related to peter noone???????????????? huh?????

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: No

QUESTION FROM CSU-Rams21: i’ve always been a big fan of your play adam

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: THank you

QUESTION FROM dory1313: what do i look for in live games for betting petterns

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Try and be observant about as much of what your opponents do as you can so you can pick out when they do something different e.g. betting 1/2 pot when they miss the flop but full pot when they hit

QUESTION FROM CSU-Rams21: what are some of the best tips you have for bluffing in tourney’s

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Don’t bluff much in the early stages but as the tournament progresses try and identify who might be clinging on to making the money and doesn’t want to take risks near the bubble. They will be good candidates for bluffing.

QUESTION FROM mani_allin1: hi

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: hi

QUESTION FROM mani_allin1: You are playing No limit hold’em in an MTT on first level you have JJ on BB, two limpers middle and late position. How do you play?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: There’ll often be a scare card on the flop for JJ so you don’t want to be playing too many opponents, especially out of position. You also probably have the best hand so raise but don’t feel like to need to handcuff yourself to the hand in the 1st level.

QUESTION FROM ShoMeUrNoobies: On a scale of 1 to 10, how good are you at Badugi?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: I have played it for a total of about 30 mins so close to a 1 I guess

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: Hi Andy, had a situation last week during a tourney where I held JJ in cutoff. Everyone folded so I raised 3x. SB re-raised all in. I called since he was short stack and had been playing very loose. Call put me in for 2/3 my chips.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Might need a little more detail but seems reasonable so far.

QUESTION FROM kmax11: hey

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: hi

QUESTION FROM dory1313: whats the best teaching aid you have used

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: I probably learned the most from the second poker book I ever read which was Sklansky’s Tournament Poker For Advanced Players. Would probably have a different answer if I just had read books in a different order though

QUESTION FROM switzl: how can i become a great poker player?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: There are plenty of ways to improve your game. Try taking a look at the Full Tilt Poker Academy

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: SB turned over KK. Just wanted to know if it was a mistake to call, since it severely wounded my stack.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: If he’s a loose player you will have the best hand there often enough to make it a good call. Just unlucky to run into KK

QUESTION FROM ShoMeUrNoobies: So does full tilt just randomly assign pros to events or do you get to choose?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: It’s not always random e.g. if someone has done well in an event at the WSOP they might be asked to host a corresponding event in a FTOPS

QUESTION FROM kmax11: was the most u made off of poker

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: I made £200,00 in a weekend in a tournament

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: That should be £200,000

QUESTION FROM p500pp: it’s my first time on fulltilt i have 100 $ but i can’t play. Can u tell me why ? thx

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: I don’t have access to your account information. You would need to discuss with support

QUESTION FROM dory1313: i play tight aggesive and its my strenth ,should i try to play lose sometimes to learn more or stick to my ways

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: here are times to play loose but if playing tight aggressive is a winning style for you be careful about messing with your game too much.

QUESTION FROM mani_allin1: on the same JJ on BB hand, I raised the full pot pre-flop, both limpers called. flop comes 89T. Action goes JJ check, KTs bet, T7 call and I shoved with JJ and both called. KTs ended up winning with runner runner flush. Did I make a mistake?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: o 89T is usually a good flop for JJ. Don’t worry about individual results

QUESTION FROM dory1313: best advice you have ever had in poker

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Have a reason for what you want to achieve every time you put chips into the pot

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: ne more quetion. I am pretty consistent at making it ITM by just barely hanging on with my short stack Obviously happy to have made it to the money, but hate being in that position.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: I would be happy if I min cashed in every MTT I entered. And if you are doing that you are still in with a chance of winning with a nice double up

QUESTION FROM mongolia_laws: hi

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: hi

QUESTION FROM p500pp: i wrote them 1 hour ago, but they didn’t answear

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: I hadn’t started chat an hour ago as my miniFTOPS has only just started. If you post again I will answer any questions

QUESTION FROM dory1313: like everyone i want to get good very good , but how do you know your getting there and not learning to slow,is there a way to work this out

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Keep records of your wins/losses but it’s not always easy to tell how much you are improving as variance can ruin your bottom line even when you are playing well. It’s not easy to know exactly how good you are

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: What would you consider to be an above average ROI? I am currently at 17% for online SNG tourneys, and just under 50% for live MTT tourneys.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: These days 17% for STTs is very good as online games are much tougher than they used to be. Your live ROI sounds good as well.

QUESTION FROM dory1313: online what notes are you taking of the players on your table to beat them later

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Things like how often someone enters a pot and how often they do so with a raise. Whether they defend their BB or if they try to steal from late position etc

QUESTION FROM dory1313: whats the best plan against someone who just keeps raising in late position or blind steals who puts out a c bet everytime

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Sometimes you have to let people steal from you. Try getting them to slow down by check raising when you hit something on the flop. Re-raising without too much of a hand might also make them think twice but wary of the fact that this is a higher risk play

QUESTION FROM coolhandluke332: Hi Adam, how do i find pros player on ftp?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: these are all the pros. To find any just use requests/find player in the lobby

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: Curious as to how many games you would play per day when starting out. Like you did, I am building my bankroll playing low limit (5%) of my bankroll. I can only avg. about 3 games a day. It’s taken me a year to go from $50 to $550.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: When I was starting out I didn’t play as much as I do now as games were easier and I has a higher ROI. Play as many as you are comfortable with but there is no point firing up a ton of games if you can’t keep track of what you are doing.

QUESTION FROM coolhandluke332: What FTOPSstand for? Sorry if Q’s r a little stupid, but I’VE been playin on pokerstars 4 a long time

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Full Tilt Online Poker Series

QUESTION FROM P-Man70: hello adam

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: hello

QUESTION FROM dory1313: what makes you a good player

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: A number of things – apart from playing your cards well you need to have the right temperament to be well disciplined when things aren’t going well. Also putting some thought into choosing which games you are going to play is important

QUESTION FROM isoman48: what do you use a PC Step 2 & 3 ticket for

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Steps tickets are for satellite games to win entry to other tournaments

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: What percentage of bankroll would you play for cash games. I usually only play tourneys, but would like to try cash games.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: I also play almost exclusively tournaments so am not the best to give advice on that. If I do play cash games I am very conservative with my bankroll as I am not that experiemced in them

QUESTION FROM isoman48: what is a rebuy / addon

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: A tournament in which you can purchase chips subsequent to your original stack, usually for the first hour if you drop below a certain level. Rebuys are during play and add on is at the break after which you can’t buy any more.

QUESTION FROM dory1313: trying to get all the good info i can where do you look

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: There are plenty of good free resources e.g. the forums at twoplustwo or my friends at TheHendonMob

QUESTION FROM BabyJewJesus: no body here?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: yes, ask away

QUESTION FROM matty-tilt-1: hey bro

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: hi

QUESTION FROM dory1313: is the hendon mob a forum

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: It has many things including a forum

QUESTION FROM NoRhino: Why do you specialise in tournaments even though you are dependant on a few “key” hands, thus making the variance bigger. Don’t you feel because of stack sizes giving more room for play you can push an edge better in cash games, so why…

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Variance is greater but I like that. I get bored playing cash games but I like having to adapt to different stages of play in a MTT. And they feeling of winning a tournament is a big rush

QUESTION FROM matty-tilt-1: playing medium pocket pairs say from 7’s – 10’s pre flop?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: They should all be profitable hands for you in the long run but you will find yourself in differing circumstances that will affect how you play them

QUESTION FROM dory1313: thanks for your well informed answers

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Thanks dory. Leads well on to the next question……….

QUESTION FROM TidusApl: just a donk can host a limit badugi event

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Oh

QUESTION FROM Fatstacks53: Hello Mr. Noone. Good Luck in #43. Do you ever play small stakes private games?

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: THanks. I have played in home games before but that tended to be more when I lived in London and I have moved away now

QUESTION FROM RiverPlayed: was here

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: welcome

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: ust played a hand where I held QhQs. Ist in I raised 3x. 2 callers. flop came 7c6h3h. Checked to me I raised 2/3 pot to try and push out flush draw. I call. 5h on turn. Player pushed all in. I folded.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: asty turn card. You haven’t given any info on stack sizes but if you are at all deep a call is probably unwise.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Oh ok. I used to get a lot of invitations for private tournaments. Had to stop though as I was getting tons of requests and I couldn’t play them all. Didn’t like to say yes to some and no to others.

QUESTION FROM Fatstacks53: I’m sorry. I meant here on Full Tilt.

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: Sorry meant to say 1 caller to my 2/3 pot raise. After 5h turn card the other player who was 1st to act ahead of me pushed all in. This was at beginning of tourney, so would have put me all in to call.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Yeah save your chips. If you keep getting it all in with 1 pair on the turn in the early stages of a tournament you will find yourself making a lot of early exits.

QUESTION FROM Fatstacks53: Thanks for your time. I understand and Good Luck.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: Thank you

QUESTION FROM hemline: hi

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: hi

QUESTION FROM Mommyruthless: Also a problem with low limit, too many players chase flush and straight draws. Hard to get them off by raising.

ANSWER FROM Adam Noone: They do chase but that’s better than playing people who know exactly when they should fold and when to call. You want people making mistakes against you.
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