Bad Beats in Holdem Poker

In Poker a Bad Beat is occurs when judging from your hand you should be a winner but due to bad luck you lose.

In reality , there is only one winner of a poker jackpot unless a tie occurs and a pot is split so the are odds are someone else will win and you have to do your best to win.

A Bad beat is when everything looks like a win but in comes an upset. This can occur in several ways.

One way is you have two kings and community cards have a king among them. Your sure , confident and your betting shows it.

At the finale,  a quiet player who’s been holding a smile turns over his pair of fives (spades and clubs) that complement the two fives (hearts and diamonds)
in the community and bam he’s a winner with four of a kind.

Another scenario is plain luck of the draw. A player has 2 ,3 ,4 in his hand and raises like everyone else and feels pretty good judging from their body language and on top they are the blind. Low and behold an ace and 5 pop up and he has a flush. It’s called dumb luck. If someone plays like that it’s giveaway that they are inexperienced , an experienced player would have folded. Playing with them would ordinarily be a walk in the park. Their style of play while may be a win for them now but can be used against them later.

Strategy to prevent bad beat one case it’s called pure luck and unavoidable the other in the case of the four of a kind. This is when your ability to read a player comes in focus. Assess body language , facial expressions , he sits with a smile and feels blessed and raises accordingly maybe he is and maybe that means you shouldn’t raise even if you have two kings cause he’s just raising back time to fold.

Nonetheless , Bad beats are a way life in fact some of the rake goes into a bad beat jackpot and many casinos have a bad beat progressive jackpot. More poker more fun.
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