Best answer: Why doesn’t Marty buy the casino?

The key point is that he wants to avoid buying the new casino at all costs, but cannot do so overtly without having the cartel take action against him. He had to stop this at all costs, do it fast and without it pointing back at him (which means without using the cartel resources).

Does Marty open the casino?

“Marty was all over TV and just opened up a huge casino. … Especially considering there were only a handful of casinos in the local area and surely a big new opening would have caught their eye. Not only that, but the Byrdes had a major law regarding casinos changed – would Carl and Anita not have picked up on this?

Why did the cartel take Marty?

Omar Navarro, the leader of the Navarro drug cartel, kidnaps Marty and takes him to his estate in Mexico to see if they can launder the money without him.

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Do they get the casino in Ozark?

The Snells, meanwhile, also end the season completely divided, with Darlene murdering her husband after he tries to make a deal with Marty. They also lost the land the casino was meant to be built on. Ozark Season 3 is streaming from March 27 on Netflix.

Why did the Snells agree to casino?

Del tortures Marty to find out where Garcia is. Marty explains a plan for the cartel to distribute Snell heroin while the Snells allow a casino on their property to launder cartel money.

Why is Wyatt with Darlene?

Darlene invited Wyatt to live with her after realising he had nowhere else left after shunning Ruth. Wyatt and Darlene seemed to get along well and developed a friendship, which became something more midway through the season.

Why does Wendy turn the picture upside down?

She doesn’t belong there. Her life has moved on and her priorities have changed. But this time when she pours food colouring into the milk and flips the photograph, there’s no bitterness or deep-seated sadness, only acceptance.

Does Marty take the FBI deal?

As the season goes on, Marty offers Miller information twice to bait her to turn to his side. However, she never takes it. In the last episode, the FBI agent finds out that Marty agreed to a different deal. When she calls Marty to question him, he tells her that he is on his way to Mexico.

Why did Marty pay the Snells?

He has a crisis of conscience in which he burns down the framework for the new church and stops delivering his sermons on the water. This brings the Snells’ drug operations to a complete halt. In order to keep the Snells from killing him, Marty gives them $700,000 of the cartel’s money.

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Did Marty know about the money laundering?

In “Ozark,” he plays Marty Byrde, a financial adviser in Chicago who’s also an expert money launderer for the second largest Mexican drug cartel. What he didn’t know was that his business partner was skimming millions from the operation.

Why are all the casinos in Ozark on boats?

When riverboat casinos were first approved in the late 20th century by the states, which generally prohibited gaming on land, these casinos were required to be located on ships that could sail away from the dock. In some areas, gambling was allowed only when the ship was sailing, as in the traditional excursions.

Is the Missouri Belle real?

Furthermore, the Missouri Belle can be spotted by passersby, but it’s not an actual riverboat casino. The actual boat and entrance for the Missouri Belle are located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, as Atlas of Wonders and The TV Traveler point out.

How did Marty meet Ruth?

They fell in love as undergraduates at Cornell University. Marty’s roommate set him up on a blind date with Ruth. He found her “awfully cute,” their son James Ginsburg told People.

Does Ruth steal the money from the funeral home?

Local troublemaker Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) stole the cash, and Marty had to track her down with the rest of the criminal Langmore family and blab about the cartel to get (most of) the money back.

Did Marty know Bruce was stealing?

In return, Del shoots Bruce’s fiancee. Del’s men dissolve her body in a barrel of acid, while Del ties everyone else up. He kills the warehouse owner and his father, and gets Bruce to confess that he had stolen eight million from Del, but that Marty was oblivious to this.

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Why did Jacob Snell flood his land?

Marty’s mission seems almost insurmountable — in order to launder the cartel’s millions of dollars, he has convinced the Snells to flood more of their precious land, and to allow the building of a casino, in exchange for the Cartel expanding the Snell’s heroin distribution, to the benefit of both parties.