What is the meaning of over 1 75 in betting?

Over 1.75 is a HALF-WIN.

What is the meaning of over 0.75 goals?

, for Over 0.75- you win a bet if there is 2 or more goals. 1 goal means you win the half of the stake and get a void of the rest of it. No goals will result in a lost bet.

What does 1.75 mean in soccer betting?

If your team draws 0-0, you win both bets. If you bet a team at -1.75 and it wins 2-0, you win the -1.5 portion of the bet and push the -2. If it wins 3-0, you win both bets. Let’s dive into some more specific examples. Bet $20 on any soccer match, Get $100!

What is over 2.25 in betting?

Bet Over 2.25 goals: To win the bet, there must be 3 or more goals. If there are only 2 goals, the bet will be considered as Half Lost.

What does over 0.5 goals mean?

Over 0.5 goals in a match mean that 1 or more goals are required to win the bet, and 0 goals mean the bet loses. The over 0.5 goals market applies to 90-minute matches (plus additional time) but does not include extra time.

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What does over 1.0 mean in betting?

Occasionally you may see an alternative goal line over 1.0, 1.5 meaning you’ll get some payout if there is just one goal, but a full payout will require a second goal to be scored. You’re unlikely to get long odds on this unless you’re betting in play and the game is relatively close to being over.

What is total goals in betting?

Betting on total goals is as it sounds – the total amount of goals scored within a game, regardless of team. The total amount is taken from the fulltime score, and this method gives a more reliable bet than predicting who will actually score the goals.

What does over 4.5 goals mean?

Over 4.5 goals in a bet means the punter predicts that the total goals scored by both teams are five or more. A player that places an over 4.5 goals bet in our example will win if both teams score a total of five or more goals.

How do you calculate over 2.5 goals?

If you are looking to calculate over 2.5 goals then you need to know the final score of the game. If there are three goals or more in the game then this is calculated as over 2.5 goals, two goals or less is calculated as under 2.5 goals. An over/under 2.5 goals bet is placed on the 2.5 goals market.

What is under 6.5 in betting?

Under 6.5 goals is a bet on a match producing 6 or fewer goals. The majority of football games produce 6 or fewer games, so this bet is likely to win but pay out at very low odds.

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Is over 1.5 goals a good bet?

Over 1.5 goals bets may not be the most profitable, but they can be very safe and extremely fun. With these bets, you will be placing a stake on whether both teams will make a total score of 2 goals or more. You only lose if the games end in a score of 0-0, 1-0, or 0-1.