Where did Black Jack Ketchum die?

Where was Black Jack Ketchum executed?

In the 1930’s his body was moved to the new cemetery in Clayton, where it remains today. Black Jack Ketchum was the only person ever hanged in Union County, New Mexico.

How did Black Jack Ketchum die?

Thomas Edward Ketchum (known as Black Jack; October 31, 1863 – April 26, 1901) was an American cowboy who later became an outlaw.

Tom Ketchum.

Black Jack
Died April 26, 1901 (aged 37) Union County, New Mexico
Cause of death Decapitation due to botched execution by hanging
Occupation Cowboy, outlaw

When did Black Jack Ketchum die?

From the Clayton Enterprise Clayton, Union County, N.M. (Thomas Edward Ketchum, the Famous Bandit, Died Game. A History of His Life.) Thomas Ketchum, the famous outlaw, highway robber and bandit, otherwise known as “Black Jack”, was born in San Saba County, Texas, on the 31st day of October in 1863.

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