Who is the protagonist in the story the lottery ticket?

Typically the antagonist is the adversary of the protagonist, this is most often another character in the story, however, in this story, the protagonist is Tessie and her adversary is the Lottery itself.

Who is the protagonist of The Lottery?

In “The Lottery,” the protagonist is Tessie Hutchinson. She has a main goal of trying to stop the town from killing her. After her name is drawn, she makes excuses for why the draw was unfair. She works to put a stop to her death.

Who is the protagonist in the lottery ticket by Anton Chekhov?

This short story is in Third Person Omniscient because the reader has access to the thoughts of both character which is Ivan Dmitritch and Masha. It’s good because we have the ability to understand the true colours of these characters and understand how they truly feel towards eachother and the situation.

Who is the protagonist and antagonist in the short story The Lottery?

Tessie Hutchinson is the protagonist in “The Lottery”. The lottery itself is the antagonist.


Does The Lottery have a protagonist?

The protagonist is the most prominent, or central, character in a story. The protagonist of the short story “The Lottery” is Tessie, but she is a representative of the whole village. All the villagers, just like Tessie, are equally bound to, and affected by, the lottery.

Who is a protagonist in a story?

The protagonist or hero of a play, novel, or film is involved in a struggle of some kind, either against someone or something else or even against his or her own emotions. So the hero is the “first struggler”, which is the literal meaning of the Greek word prōtagōnistēs.

How is the lottery the antagonist?

In The Lottery, the antagonist is clearly the lottery. Everyone in the village is fighting against it and hoping they aren’t the ones that “win”. Making the lottery itself, the antagonist.

Who won lottery ticket in short story lottery?

Prakash shares with his family that before Jhakkar Baba grants wishes, he tests them by throwing rocks at them. While most visitors run away, those that withstand the attack will have their wishes granted. When Prakash survived the stoning, he was assured that he would be the sole winner of the lottery.

What is the major conflict in the story The Lottery Ticket?

The conflict in “The Lottery Ticket” is first whether or not Ivan and his wife will win. But more importantly, the conflict becomes Ivan’s thoughts on what to do with the winnings versus his wife’s hopes. Although the conflicts are different, Ruben, and Ivan and his wife, end up with mostly internal conflicts.

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Who was Ivan Dmitritch?

➢Ivan Dmitritch is a middle class man who lives with his family. He is well contented as he sits on the sofa reading the paper. His wife is clearing the dishes. She asks her husband to check the lottery numbers.

Who is the protagonist in Hills Like White Elephants?

Conflict. Although Hemingway usually portrays male protagonists, Hills Like White Elephants shows a female protagonist. The girl, Jig, is the one that the story is mainly about. She is the one who is pregnant.

Who is the protagonist in the lottery and why?

Tessie Hutchinson is considered the protagonist in “The Lottery”, due to the fact that she is the “winner” of the lottery.

Who is the round character in the lottery?

In “A Pair of Two Tickets,” Jing-Mei is a round, dynamic character. In her search to discover more about her mother, she finds herself. Flat characters have only a single or very few traits. Most of the characters in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” are flat, static characters who are paralyzed by a cruel tradition.