Why are dice towers a thing?

A dice tower is a tool used by gamers to roll dice fairly. … Dice towers eliminate some methods of cheating which may be performed when rolling dice by hand. There are many forms of towers and they vary in construction and design.

Why do people like dice towers?

A tray vs dice tower is just A matter of space and what you like, they serve similar purposes: keeping your dice in a good area. The tower is also more for people who think that shaking it in your hand is not random enough, because the tower has slopes the dice slide off down.

Is a dice tower necessary?

So, what’s the solution? Well, a dice tower ensures that each roll of the dice is fair and contained. A dice tower makes a great addition to most dice-based board games and is the perfect accessory to enhance your gaming experience.

Do dice towers damage dice?

Metal dice, while sturdy, can still be susceptible to damage. … Veteran Game Masters and players suggest dice towers and dice trays to not only protect dice, keep track of turns, and make rolling the dice practically effortless, but to also discourage cheating. Yes, it is possible to cheat when rolling dice.

How big should a dice tower be?

The standard size for dice towers is often 6.5 x 3 x 4, but you can make your own measurements based on your specific needs.

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