Texas Holdem Poker Strategies and Overview

Poker, especially texas holdem,  is popular game that gives players an opportunity to make lots of cash. The popularity exploded after cable tv showed the games and winnings. And there is the Chris Moneymaker effect which in effect brought millions of new players, spectators, and  wanna be players to the game.
Chris Moneymaker was an accountant who played online at PokerStars. He won a seat to the 2003 Main Event from an $86 satellite tournament and won the 2013 WSOP for $2.5 million dollars. He was the face of many players. A part time poker player who dreamed of the big payday and he got it! He became the best advertisement for poker players around the world.
Since then poker has taken off. The 2014 WSOP Main Event jackpot was $5 million dollars, then $7 million, peaking at the 2006 WSOP jackpot which was $12 million. While it hasn’t reached that level in a while, the 2018 Main event jackpot was $8.8 million.
The “Moneymaker Effect” is evident not only did it bring more players into the game, but all things related to poker bloomed including strategies.
There are many strategies for poker some better than others. Tournament play strategy varies from cash game strategy. Live strategy varies from online strategy.
Tournament Play Strategies
In any one tournament, you might have to employ various strategies to reach the final table. All the strategies center on getting more chips. That’s the bottom line – more chips and creating a large chip stack. Early tournament strategy varies from mid level and later periods of the tournaments.
Early Stage Poker Tournament Strategy
Early tournament strategy is basically the same strategy you want to use throughout the tournament. The main difference is you can take more risks. This is the time to play hands you have a hunch might win. Your suited 5-6 might make a straight or 5-5 might lead to a four of a kind. In general it’s easier to take a risk and often very profitable especially when you win major chip stacks with those harder to come by hands.
It’s important not to be extremely loose but loose enough for speculative hands to win. And if you enter a tournament early enough you’ll see you often don’t have to. You can build an extremely nice chip stack by staying open to the possibilities and you don’t even have to bet a lot. Just assessing the hand against the flop .
This period you also want to fold in some cases when very aggressive bettors re-raise. Don’t through caution to the wind. Stay loose enough to raise a hand but unless it’s ace-ace or high pair hole cards you will still find great results. Enough to take you beyond the early stage and bring you beyond the bubble.
Bubble Strategy
If you enter the tournament early enough you should have enough chips to take you beyond the bubble. But the bubble is a period when you can make more chips. The blinds are rising and you don’t want to be caught with low stack as they rise. I like to wait beyond the bubble to bet but will bet ace-ace or cards that tend win more than lose. Of course, you don’t always get great cards like that at the bubble. But waiting will give you a chance to cash and then resume the climb. Entering early enough in the tournament will often give you enough winning hands to make through the bubble with a great chip stack too. I say this often enter your tournaments early.
Post Bubble Strategy
You need to assess your chip stack and your betting at this point. If you got a major chip stack boost with earlier wins, it’s good to wait to play around the blinds. If you didn’t and need to increase your stack, play according to the rules above. The same things go a suited 4-5 could be a straight or flush. Don’t over bet but don’t miss out on a chip increasing stack either by folding either. There is an implied odds for each player and holding out for say and ace-ace pair while it could win it could also lose to a three of kind, flush or straight as well. Don’t hold out for those extremely rare high pairs that seem rarer when you need them. Play loose but don’t over bet. You should still see winning hands to make it through the tournament.
Final Table Strategy
Congratulations on the final table, a choice place for all players. Guess what? The same strategies that got you there will be the same will get you through to heads up. There are usually some players with more chips than others. They will often re-raise and many people will fold. This only increases their stack while other players wilt. A good thing to do here is re-raise if you stack is high and force players to fold if they think they don’t have a winning combination or play the blinds for great hands while folding the rest of the time. You still have nine or less players here who can have great hands. Unlike heads up, where there are only two players.
Heads Up Strategy
Heads up is the best place to be. The odds change here dramatically only because finally, you don’t have nine players at the table just two. Odds increase dramatically by having any pair or high card and you always play these because they win more often. Simply put, you worked hard to reach the final table but it’s usually much easier at this point because there are only two players and fewer potential hand combinations.

Top Hands and Strategy Part 1

These are the highest rank of hands, Royal flush followed by a straight flush. If there are two straight flushes the player with the highest card will win.

Four of a kind is next. Like with flushed, if there are two four of kinds, the highest will win. Four of kind kings will beat four of kind queens.

Straights are next in the ranks of hands. If there are two straights, the player with the highest card will win.

When dealt your hand try to hold, if possible, when you have hands that will lead to these outcomes.

Effective Strategies for Freeroll Poker Tournaments

Freeroll poker tournaments are great for all poker players and online casinos. Many of today’s top poker professionals got their start in an online freeroll tournament. And freerolls bring in many new players who will later play with real money increasing revenue for the casino. You don’t want to be the latter just the winner. Freerolls usually have a mixture of poker players from new players to experienced players. There is an effective strategy to winning most of them and this method will usually place you well in most poker tournaments whether it is a freeroll or not. This write up will cover effective strategies to win freeroll poker tournaments.

In the first period of a freeroll, you tend to see many inexperienced players going all-in with very little in terms of hands. Some players will go all-in with an unsuited two and five. But the fact is cards are cards and they still might win. In my experience, though it may be tempting, don’t go all-in based on seeing a fellow player go all-in and feel you will get their chips. Stick to good strategy – high pairs and high cards win more often. Also to note, some of these players might not be inexperienced but instead have a freeroll is free attitude and not be applying themselves the way they would in a fee to join tournament. Your goal is to win as many chips as possible with the least chips invested.

One strategy that really counts is to get the most from a good hand . For example, you get dealt a pair of aces and the flop reveals one ace and two kings. Next to a four of a kind or royal flush, you have no competition. If you go all-in right away, you will probably cause people to fold missing out on a chip accumulation opportunity. Instead, raise in graduated amounts. With a high card like king or ace fellow players are more likely to bet if they have these cards in their hand increasing the size of the pot. Or if fellow players have pairs, they may increase their bets as well. At each betting round, increase the pot by betting again. At the showdown, you’ll see many more chips than going all-in at the start of the betting rounds. This tight aggressive strategy works across the board with all tournaments.

Another excellent strategy is to sit it out. You may be dealt an unsuited ace and five and a fellow player goes all-in. It may be to your advantage to sit it out. Don’t forget any pair will beat the unsuited ace five combo and you’ll have fewer chips. Don’t take risks with your stack and fold. An alternative strategy is to check out the flop if there is a raise and assess the landscape from that position. If it looks good, raise and if not fold. Don’t get in the practice of chasing an ideal hand.

Chasing an ideal hand is the surest way to lose. If you look at most poker wins, they are usually a pair or three of a kind. At the WSOP 2015, it was won with a pair of 10s. It was also a three of kind of 10s that won the WSOP in 2014. The likelihood of a straight or flush is rare. Of course, they happen but they’re nothing to bet your stack over. You might look at that tempting pot and your hand and think it’s going to win, only to find yourself with less chips because a fellow player has a pair. The best strategy for those hands that may be flushes or straights is to see the flop even if there is a raise and evaluate from the next betting round. You might have a flush or straight and then you can make graduated betting increases from there or fold if it’s an unlikely combination. Now you see how to bet in a freeroll tournament. I’ll go over the stages.

There are basically four stages of a freeroll poker tourney. The initial stage, the middle stage, the final table stage, and the heads up stage. The initial stage covers the entry period where anyone can enter usually it’s one hour though some poker sites vary and have variable time limits up to several hours. It is still a one entry free game and play from there. The second stage is the middle. There are no more new players and it’s often the middle stage. The final table is the third stage . This stage is marked by various all-in scenarios as players hope for a heads up tourney. Heads up is the last stage of a tournament. If you have held on this long , congratulations. You are now at the top of the prize level and will get either the first or second place prize. Back to the phases and observations.

During the initial phase of freeroll poker tournaments, there tends to be many all-in betting scenarios. This is the time to sit it out and wait for great hands only. You might find your chip stack down but you are still in the game. After the initial phase, you will see fewer all-in bets since everyone wants to keep their chips. Your chips should be accumulating by now by playing the winning hands. During the later phases and up to a heads up match, this strategy will work fine. The best place to bet is more often than not at late position.

Betting at the late position is good for three reasons. First, you get to see the raises on the board and can decide if you want to bet. Second, you get to know your fellow players and decide who is a bluffer and who bets only solid hands. Knowing how your fellow players bet will help you in many plays. If a player goes all-in or raises frequently, the chances are slim that each hand is a winning hand. It may be accurate to raise against them as compared to a player who only raises with great hands in the first place. The third reason late position is great is that if a following bettor has a pair of aces or goes all-in, it may be tempting to go all-in and lose chips in the process. For all phases of a poker tournament, these tight, aggressive strategies will work and lead you to the final table if not heads up. One additional strategy is called gut instinct.

Gut instinct varies from all of these strategies in that it’s simply a matter of self-trust. You feel it and it works. Like in the freeroll example mentioned above where someone goes all-in with an unsuited two and five and they win against a pair of aces. Tuning into your instinct is as important as using rational strategy. There will be a good hand, a pair of aces for example ,where you should fold. And the flop reveals a pair of fives and your opponent just happens to have one five that trumps your ace pair. Only your gut instincts will lead you accurately here but using them and trusting them is another strategy that is most effective.

In conclusion, freeroll poker tournaments are a great way to play poker , learn the game and build a bankroll. Strategies learned in freeroll are easily applicable to tournaments you have pay to play. Following an effective strategy and taking notes will increase your empirical knowledge and lead to better outcomes than playing without any strategy at all. Key points are not to chase ideal hands, pairs and three of kinds win more often than straights or flushes and betting at late position will give you more leverage than betting at early position. Also, developing and using gut instincts will take your poker game to a high level.
America’s Cardroom has freerolls 24/7. As soon as a required amount of players are in, the tournament starts!!

Daniel Negreanu Lists His Goals for 2016

They say you should always list your goals and be working for them. Well, Daniel Negreanu has done just that with his list of goals for 2016. He posted on his blog what he want to do the year ahead. It’s pretty bold, especially in poker. But this is what seperates poker players from poker professionals. The ability to be goal oriented in a game of chance. To know what you want out of this game.

He posted his 2015 goals as well. He wanted to score $2,000,000 in live tourney cashes. He did this. Also, he wanted to make 5 final tables, and win 3 WSOP bracelets. His winnings this year were around $2.5 million. His most recent cash at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic added nearly $650,000 to his bottom line.

His original goal was to enter 55 tourneys. He entered 49 . He made 4 four final tables. He didn’t win any bracelets in 2015 but came pretty close. He came in 11th at the WSOP Main Event.

Though he didn’t get all of his goals. He did pretty good overall. But he does an important, he sets goals. It’s imperative to set goals and keep working on them as the year progresses. His $2 million goal came with a December win at the Five Diamond Poker Classic.

Don’t forget to plan your goals for the new year and make it a great one!!!

Tips for Beginners and Professional Poker Players

Here are some cool tips for beginners as well as pros. Poker is poker and anyone can win any game. For beginners these tips will last throughout your poker career and professional poker players will find these tips will come in handy in any game.
1. Play premium hands.
Premium hands are high face cards like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AQ, AJ and some say any pair will do as well. By sticking to these hands you increase your odds of winning. It’s not a perfect hand so it’s best to raise and check out the flop. If your gut instinct says to go all in then do it. These premium hands are those hands that often win.
2. Find Soft Opponents and Tournaments.
Poker professionals often gravitate to big money jackpot games. They have mortgages, rent, bills to pay and need more money than a recreational player. If you’re not a professional you’ll find easier opponents to play against. Ever see a hand played and you wonder ‘how’d he play that’. That is often a sign of a inexperienced players. You’ll find it easier to win these tournaments but the money won’t be as great as playing in big money tournaments with skilled players using HUDS and other potential advantages but winning is winning.
3. Pay Attention To Opponents.
As noted above an inexperienced player might play a hand that has you scratching your head . Doing this over and over might lead you to think you can beat them and you might be right. Conversely, a player who only plays premium hands will lead you to think you should only play when you know you have a great hand to play . This is usually correct also and will save you many chips. Play when you know you have the nut hand.
4. Use Intuition as a Guide
Occassionally you’ll get a hand that creates a gut feeling it’s a winner. It might not be a premium hand as noted . It could be and unsuited 3 and 10 but somehow you know it’s winner. Don’t ignore that vibe play if it’s to big a bet and you will probably come out a winner.
5. Play Big Hands Aggressively
When the flop comes out and your AA reveals a pair of Aces for a four of a kind , go all-in. Being an aggressive player in this case will give you more chips that will lead you to the Final Table and hopefully Heads Up!

By the way, these tips are not just for beginners but all players and all ranges. You’ll see these tips will across the board in all games. Good Luck!

Joshua Beckley – WSOP Finalist – Bio and WSOP Final Table Strategy

Joshua Beckley is one of the November Nine WSOP members. With this title comes $1,000,000 allready and fame in the poker world like he’s never had before. He’s a 24 year old who comes from New Jersey and as you can see in his winner’s list most of his wins are from casinos in Jersey. He’s been a poker professional for only a year but being one of the youngest players, I thought it would be great to give this guy coverage.
After winning $98,000 at Parx Casino, Beckley set a trail blazing winning streak that saw not only take home over $200,000 but an additional $1,000,000 from his final table at the WSOP. With an even greater payday on the horizon, I’m sure most poker are watching in AWE at this kid. Including this years WSOP Main Event cash, he’s had a total of 5 WSOP cashes so far. It seems he’s bringing alot of zing to the poker world. What if he wins!!
Presently he’s an ambassador at America’s Cardroom and will be in some of the million dollars tourneys coming up this fall.
Here’s a youtube clip of a recent interview.

Here’s a look at his results:
14-Aug-2014 $ 1,500 + 100 No Limit Hold’em – Big Stax 1500 Parx Casino Big Stax VII, Bensalem 98,348
08-Sep-2014 $ 350 + 50 No Limit Hold’em – Deep Stack Re-Entry WPT Borgata Open, Atlantic City $ 883
09-Oct-2014 $ 500 + 50 No Limit Hold’em – Big Stax 500 Parx Casino Big Stax VIII, Bensalem $ 1,116
17-Oct-2014 $ 500 + 50 No Limit Hold’em – 6 Max Parx Casino Big Stax VIII, Bensalem $ 1,280
11-Dec-2014 $ 365 No Limit Hold’em (Event #1) WSOP Circuit – Atlantic City, Atlantic City $ 1,366
26-Dec-2014 $ 260 + 40 No Limit Hold’em – Deepstack Re-Entry Borgata Poker Deepstack Challenge, Atlantic City $ 538
13-Jan-2015 $ 500 + 60 No Limit Hold’em Borgata Million #1 WPT Borgata Winter Open, Atlantic City $ 1,145
21-Jan-2015 $ 400 + 50 No Limit Hold’em Borgata Million #15 WPT Borgata Winter Open, Atlantic City $ 984
04-Feb-2015 $ 300 + 30 No Limit Hold’em – Big Stax Parx Casino Big Stax X, Bensalem $ 53,564
20-Feb-2015 $ 1,500 + 100 No Limit Hold’em – Big Stax Parx Casino Big Stax X, Bensalem $ 33,932
23-Apr-2015 $ 1,000 + 90 No Limit Hold’em Six Max (Event #10) Borgata Spring Poker Open/WPT World Championship, Atlantic City $ 1,455
07-May-2015 $ 500 + 50 No Limit Hold’em Parx Casino Big Stax XI, Bensalem $ 3,847
31-May-2015 $ 565 No Limit Hold’em – Colossus Jr Phamous Poker Series – Goliath, Las Vegas $ 1,333
03-Jun-2015 $ 1,500 No Limit Hold’em Six Handed (Event #12) 46th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015, Las Vegas $ 3,276
05-Jun-2015 $ 1,500 No Limit Hold’em Millionaire Maker (Event #16) 46th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015, Las Vegas $ 3,928
07-Jun-2015 $ 235 No Limit Hold’em 3PM Rio Daily Deepstacks 2015, Las Vegas $ 332
11-Jun-2015 $ 1,000 Pot Limit Omaha (Event #26) 46th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015, Las Vegas $ 2,397
17-Jun-2015 $ 1,500 Pot Limit Omaha (Event #36) 46th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015, Las Vegas $ 9,802
05-Jul-2015 $ 10,000 No Limit Hold’em Main Event (Event #68) 46th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2015, Las Vegas $ 1,001,020
12-Aug-2015 $ 350 Pot Limit Omaha (Event #17) Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open, Hollywood $ 2,705

MIT Offers Free Poker Course – Poker Theory and Analytics

MIT is offering a free open course in poker called Poker Theory and Analytics. The history with gaming is pretty impressive at MIT. Not only was the MIT Blackjack Team created there but also the Masscash Team that scored an impressive amount of cash playing the state’s lottery game.
The course is taught by Kevin Desmond , who became a trader for Morgan Stanley after being a professional poker player. He believes aspects of poker provide insight into better decision making like reading actions of others, comfortable self assessment, and making decision without complete information.
The class is four weeks and around 4 hours each week. It focuses on basic strategy, analysis techniques , pre-flop analysis , tournament play , game theory , economics and decision making.
Mr Desmond feels this is a good way to learn poker without gambling directly. Most of the time, you have to play real cash to learn these concepts. He feels that taking the class will help create a winning strategy that will not only work for poker but other applications as well.
The best part of this course is that it’s free. There are lots of places to pay to learn poker. Here you can learn risk – reward in a no money on the table environment. For more on the class check out MIT Poker Theory and Analytics.

Computer Bot Wins $1.4 Million at PokerStars

A Russian computer bot won $1.4 million playing poker at PokerStars. The games targetted were the $ 0.50/$1 and $1/$2 Six Max cash tables and the bot came out with total profit of $1.4 million dollars. The software basically exploits the table tracking fellow players styles and making use of different stack sizes. For recreational players this a nuisance.
Do bots win more than players who play without a bot. There are several types of poker software that are around and they don’t cost alot. Most of them are in the same category. They download all the information regarding fellow players and give a heads up on playing styles leading to you being able to make an informed decision before betting. For some the luck and skill goes out the window with poker software. Of course , there are variations and some teckies have made their own software that will provde the optimal bet for them. This must add to profits since PokerStars may change their TOS to not allow third party software. And there’s the new poker bots that supposedly indicates when to bet as well. One program was created by a player , Skier_5. None of these I have seen for sale.

How To Play The Bubble in a Poker Game and Come Out Smiling, Cool, Calm, Collected

Ever have those periods in a tournament when the bubble is approaching. You’re almost in some money and you find yourself low in chip stacks and you either bust out before or slightly after the bubble. You have to forget about that first place prize or final table you envisioned. But maybe , there is a chance.
In a nutshell, you’ll have to take some chances. One of the things I’ve learned from playing loose freerolls is that anything goes. Everyone likes their bets hedged and will go in with Ace King but a pair of deuces will triumph. A three of a kind will win over two Aces When you take the initiantive and go all-in you see what people are holding.
Going all-in and/or raising the bet are really the only ways to move up at this point. You could wait for great hands but you’ll probably feel the pressure from your larger stacked opponents who are often reraising and might even raise your entire chip stack testing you!
Take initiative. There’s nothing like seeing a player who comes out betting 3 times the big blind. It brings implied value and if other players have so so hands they will often fold rather than be challenged and it’s tighter than going all-in because you will have some chips left if you’re wrong. If you’ve got a high pair go all-in. You can imagine the all those who will fold instead. These are the two strategies that will increase your chip count. But you have to be bold to do it and remember even if you lose that you took a position on the situation rather than let the blinds eat away at your chips. This strategy works at any stage of the game by the way. But if you’re low stacked , you have to act and be as cool , calm and collected about it. In fact remember CCC, Cool , Calm and Collected, during this period and forget about that sense of urgency that often comes up when you’re low stacked.
For big stacked players, you want to keep your edge a simple strategy is bet three times the big blind. It will give implied value to your hand and players might not want to challenge you unless they have a potentially, hot hand. Remember,you’ll still have to keep your edge or big stack could get smaller. For medium stacked players, sit tight and bet your regular game watchful of the short and big stacked players.

How To Psyche Yourself Up For Your Next Poker Tourney

Failure is not an option. I can do it!. I will win and nothing gets in my way!
These are all great psyche ups for your match and all you really have to do is have a no excuse attitude about your ability to win and the rest will follow and you’ll be to go for your next tournament be it online or at real table.
Psyching yourself up goes along way before and especially during a tournament. Tournaments take several hours and your chips can go high and low and back again in that time. Think it through that you can do it and low and behold, you’ll find yourself at the final table in no time if that was your goal.
I read about poker players who were once more in the action and took time out. Reading what they have to say almost sounds like they’re new at the game entirely and they need coaches! I can see the need to have a coach as a new person but to need a coach after being in the limelight sounds excusey.
But coaches do count. I remember starting in poker basically naked and winning very quickly a lot of dough. Then I gained weight and my game went down.
Now the weight is almost off and my game is back.
But there are some poker coaches that do very well and give lots of info. One I recommend particular is Gripsed. He’s got a ton of videos from strategies at MTTs to real poker matches with winners of serious cash. He’s got a great ranking from Pocketfives and is usually in the money when he gets finished with a tournament. His Youtube channel has gotten over a million views and he gives lots of great info for those looking for poker strategy and tips. Some of videos are real tournaments and they be several hours long but you get a break down of hand to hand play. The one he shows , a member of the Gripsed family is usually winning something big. One of his members has so far won over $250,000 , two hundred and fifty thousand , this year alone.
For Gripsed click here.

Poker Strategy – All-in and Raising – Getting To the Top

Ever go into a poker game and find people raising and when the final card is drawn you think ” that person went all in with a hand like that”. But you look at their chip stack and it’s higher than yours. They’ve been doing this a certain move in rounds over and over and have a payoff of a great chip stack as a result. Raising or going all-in gives implied value to hand that might be lackluster. Everyone who plays poker can tell you of the time a pair of aces lost to three of a kind 2’s or three of a kind 2’s lost to three of a kind 3’s. There really is no book on a good hand till the last card comes out. And there this is the loophole that can be exploited by raising or going all-in.
Going all-in might make an opponent think twice before playing but their ante is allready on the table. They fold, you win. I see this over and over again. It doesn’t always work but it’s a great way to build chips.
Once I was playing two tournaments at the same time and clicked the all-in button by accident. Guess what no one challenged my hand and I got the pot. Doing this over and over people will catch on and want to challenge you just for the sake of challenging you and some might just have good hands that might win. But raising and going all-in is another aspect of poker, the betting side of poker, that must be covered as well as having good hands. Yes you can take the pot by simply going all-in or raising. This is a more aggressive strategy for those who realize that there are many hands in poker and it’s just a game.
It’s best not wait till your chip stack is too low and you have room to breathe easy at the table. You’ll see some great results.

Preparing For A Poker Tournament – Poker Tournament Strategy

Remember being in school and being on a team and going for a game or match? Not only were you psyched up but so was everyone around you. Poker is a little different. You stand alone and you win alone with whatever cards you have.
Take Time Out To Yourself as a Winner
Preparing for a poker tournament takes a little work but is well worth it. Psyche yourself up. See yourself with arms up flashing a victory smile or maybe it’s a mound of cash you’re holding on to. Either way make a mental image of yourself as a winner for a start.
Find the Hunger Zone
You can play a poker tournament like it’s another day or play with fire in heart. It’s better to play with fire in your heart and soul. Feel the cards as they turn expecting to make the best out of the cards dealt. A strong desire to win will amazingly open doors for you and you will find your game is played much better.
Stay Abreast of Changes
It’s always good to be a part of several online poker rooms. Each one usually is the same but different. For example, America’s Cardroom has Turbo Tournaments that start every 30 minutes. If you want to learn or practice quickly you can do it here. Other poker rooms might have satellite seats to land tourneys another casino might not have. This one way to stay abreast of opportunities in the poker world. Another is to stay on top of strategy from the pros.
Many poker pros have crafted their own strategy from years of playing. Will their strategy work for you? It’s great to test and maybe make a poker pros strategy your own. It’s also good to apply yourself to your own game and come out with your own strategy that works for you.
Find a strategy that works takes time but will add to your poker expertise. You will take some worry away from your game and will give you a cooler demeanor, facial expression, while you’re playing and that could help you win a match in itself.

Texas Holdem Poker Winner Adrian Mateos Takes Home 1 Million (euros) at WSOP Europe Main Event

Spanish holdem poker player, Adrian Mateos won over a group of 375 fellow holdem poker players to win the WSOP Europe Main Event. He also gets the gold bracelet and 1 million (euros) in cash money . The amazing thing, he’s 18. He’ll have to wait to test out Las Vegas where he has to be 21 to play but till then life’s a bash.

“I feel amazing. It is incredible,” Mateos said following his victory. Unfortunately though, he still has two years to go before he turns 21, but until then, he may play at some bigger  poker events on the European poker circuit.

“You will see me more,” Mateos asserted.

It’s the amazing thing about poker tournaments. Winners can come out of nowhere and take the money and all the glory associated with it. He’s also only the 2nd bracelet winner to come from Spain.

At the final table, Mateos was the chip leader. French player Fabrice Soulier gave him a run for the money but Mateos started to play smaller pots and this strategy worked. This heads up battle lasted 160 hands and several hours.

This was the 7 WSOP Europe Main Event. The following list include other winners.

1st: Adrian Mateos – Spain – €1,000,000

2nd: Fabrice Soulier – France – €610,000

3rd: Dominik Nitsche – Germany – €400,000

4th: Jerome Huge – France – €251,000

5th: Ravi Raghavan – USA – €176,000

6th: Benny Spindler – Germany – €126,000

7th: Andrei Konopelko – Belarus – €101,000

8th: Shannon Shorr – USA – €77,500