Win Seats to the WSOP 2019 in a Satellite Tournament at Americas Cardroom

That’s right. For as low as $2.20 and a little luck, you could be in Vegas playing in the Main Event for millions of dollars this year. At Americas Cardroom, you can win a seat to the 2019 WSOP for a fraction of the $10,000 buy-in.
Between June 3rd to the 9th, there will be daily WSOP satellite tournaments and at least 15 packages will be awarded to winning players. Total value is $12,500. This is sponsored during WSOP Takedown Week.

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Steps Tournaments
For as low as 28 cents, players can win their way up. There are seven steps with the first at .28. If you get lucky, you get the option to keep the cash or take your chances in Vegas. Personally, I don’t have a huge entourage that could take time off from work to cheer me on in Vegas, so I can’t say I’d jump at the chance. You often see winners with all their pals. But I do see the occasional person who goes singularly to the events, they win and go home. The buy-ins for the seven step tournaments are below. You can enter any one of the tournaments with the Step 7 tournament paying out with 15 Main Event seats.
Step 0 $0.25 + $0.03
Step 1 $1.50 + $0.15
Step 2 $6 + $0.60
Step 3 $15 + $1.50
Step 4 $50 + $5
Step 5 $140 + $10
Step 6 $500 +400
Step 7 $1,800 + $120

The WSOP is the apex of playing poker for NLH players and all poker players really. The WSOP is one of the most prestigious of tournaments to win. You could be next to a Phil Ivey or Fedor Holz. It’s really an amazing opportunity if you love the sport of poker.
The winning package includes the $10,000 buy-in and $2500 for travel expenses. A shout out for Americas Cardroom for the chance at greatness.
Americas Cardroom just completed an April High Five Series concluding with a $420,000 Main Event. It went over its guarantee and reached $664,000! The top winner, Package5, took home $124,835.76 pretty good for a days work! Congratulations.
420 high five series at americas cardroom
Americas Cardroom is doing something right. Other top events are in the pics just click for the larger image.

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Highstakes Results of Americas Cardroom High Five Series

420 high five series at americas cardroom
100k High Five Tournament
420 high five series at americas cardroom
30k GTD
420 high five series at americas cardroom
80k Poker Tournament

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Cub3d Boss Poker Tournament Highlights from Americas Cardroom

Cub3d Boss Poker Tournament Highlights from Americas Cardroom

highstakes poker tournaments at Americas Cardroom

For the first time in a long time, Americas Cardroom is becoming the choice more and more poker professionals are turning to. There was pre Black Friday when Americas Cardroom aka Doyle’s Room was booming but things went south. They appear to be recovering. For the larger stakes tournaments, where those who make their living from playing poker play, there seems to be a boom. Most of them are over their guarantees for the first time in a very long time. Check out the pics below.
There was a time last year when they were going in that direction. But the site kept getting blasted with server disruptions to the point they scaled back. Now those ddos attacks seem like a thing in the past and it’s been smooth sailing. Let’s hope everything goes well. There’s a lot of money on the tables.
Here are some of the results from the high stakes tournaments there and the pics when clicked will show a small sample of what’s available. There are also finished results of the larger tournaments too. In July, Americas Cardroom will host the $5 Million Dollar Venom where the winner will walk away with a million dollars. Check out Americas Cardroom click here
Million Dollar Poker Tourney Results click for larger pic
highstakes poker tournaments at Americas Cardroom
In February, ACR, started the OSS, BOSS culminatively known as the Cub3d. There were lots of great poker tournaments including 2 million dollar tournaments. The million dollar tournament result is below. The winner walked away with almost $200,000. All from playing at home!!!
60k Holdem Poker Tourney Results click for larger pic
highstakes poker tournaments at Americas Cardroom
100k Poker Tourney
highstakes poker tournaments at Americas Cardroom
125k Poker Tournament results
highstakes poker tournaments at Americas Cardroom
150k Holdem Poker Tournament Results click for larger pic
highstakes poker tournaments at Americas Cardroom
3/10/19 Million Dollar Tournament click for larger pic
highstakes poker tournaments at Americas Cardroom

Check out Americas Cardroom for the burgeoning or established poker professional. There also lots of of micro and small stakes tournaments, and cash games in a variety of buy-ins click here

How To Get a Freeroll Password to Americas Cardroom

It’s very easy to get a freeroll seat to a tournament at Americas Cardroom. First, you need an account to play and you have to download the software and install it to your computer. Once you’ve done this you can play on your computer or mobile phone. For the mobile phone login all you need is your username and password.
Depending on the day, you can find a selection of passwords here. That’s all it takes and you’re free to play on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Million Dollar Freerolls and Satellites
Americas Cardroom has freeroll 24/7. Check through the freeroll list and you will also find freerolls to big money tournaments as well. Their Million Dollar Sunday tournament has freerolls as well as their other high stakes tournaments. You never know and if you’re on your ps and qs you might come out a major winner with major money. The average take home for the million dollar tournaments top winner is $180,000 but it depends on the amount of players. That’s a great pay day. In addition to freerolls, Americas Cardroom has high payout one dollar entry fee tournaments as well.
One Dollar Entry Free Tournaments
Americas Cardroom has started offering $1000 and $2000 prize pool tournaments where the entry fee is simply one dollar. That’s a great return on your investment! And if you’re able to go all the way it’s some very nice money compared to the entry fee. If you haven’t checked out Americas Cardroom, it’s time to take a look.

Online Million Dollar Poker Tournaments at Americas Cardroom

Due to the success of their recent multiple Million Dollar Sunday Events, Americas Cardroom will be offering Million Dollar No Limit Holdem tournaments every Sunday starting in January 2018. If you’re not a member, now is great time to sign up and get the feel that will make you a winner. For new members, you get a wealth of bonuses including up to $1000 cash back, a couple of freerolls and free jackpot poker entries. Jackpot poker is played like a slots machine where you can win a random jackpot as you play poker. The poker game is run concurrently and is the standard no limit holdem poker.
As noted above, the Sunday Million Dollar Events will be every Sunday from January to March right now. If it works out, then you can expect it to continue. Many players at judi online capsa poker rooms have been disappointed with recent changes and have lead an exodus to other cardrooms. Americas Cardroom has picked up many new players and is now according to Forbes, one of the top ten cardrooms in the world. Great customer service, new offerings, nice bonuses all come together for a great way to spend the day. And Americas Cardroom is always on the forefront of whatever is new like mobile poker.
Mobile Poker
Play mobile poker games at Americas Cardroom. To get started you need an account already. From there go to and enter your username and password and you’re good to go. To get an account simply download the software to your computer, install and create a username and password. Just that simple. With mobile poker, you can play anywhere, anytime. And while Americas Cardroom has a wealth of big buck tournaments, you can play in free cash games, freerolls 24/7 or low to mid stakes poker tournaments and cash games. It’s got something for everyone from new poker players to the very experienced.
Upcoming Events
In November, there will be a High Five Series. The High Five Series is poker festival at ACR, they sponsor several times a year. The theme is “420”. The series culminates in a $420,000 Main Event and the winner not only gets the top cash prize but a bracelet as well.
Punta Cana Poker Results
For several years, ACR, has sponsored the Punta Cana Poker event in Santo Domingo. This year, 2017, Roberto Carvallo from Chile and Jamin Stokes split the first place prize and each got $97,590 after a long heads up match. Carvallo was declared the winner for the trophy and title with a pair of 3s. For members of ACR, there have been satellite tourneys for the event. The hotel in Santo Domingo rocks and looks like the kind that has been featured in many music videos of the “good life”.
Million dollar Sundays, mobile poker, and recurrent poker series as well as the land based Punta Cana Poker Classic are reasons to check ACR out. For new members, get a wealth of great incentives and for current members check out the great comp for players.

Online Super Series, OSS, Returns to Americas Cardroom with Million Dollar Main Event

The incredibly popular OSS, Online Super Series returns to Americas Cardroom. It will run from December 7th to December 18th and will features over $3,000,000 in prize pools spread out over the twelve day period. There’s a total of 78 tournaments to play including a Million Dollar Main Event. There are several other highstakes poker tournaments as well including a$500,000 , $250,000, and several $100,000+ tournaments as well. Every day there will be something for all players bankrolls from small microstakes and up to large high stakes games. And even better, there are freerolls and satellite tournaments for all of the highstakes tournaments. Win your next tournament with a fraction of the entry fee if you have to pay at all. There are two freerolls for the Main Event everyday. And there are satellite tournaments for all the bigger, highstakes games.
Satellite tournaments are a great way to get into larger more profitable tournaments. Everyday at America’s Cardroom there are satellite tournaments for all the highstakes tournaments. Buy-ins are a fraction of the regular tournament cost. And you can take it as far as you can. Max Steinberg won a seat to the WSOP playing a satellite tournament. One great tip for satellites is to choose satellites with multiple winners instead of one and increase the chances of getting in .

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Check out the satellite schedule below:

Americas Cardroom Satellites

Every day there are satellites to larger big money tournaments
Click to enlarge

Freeroll for the Million Dollar Main Event

Twice a day there are freeroll satellites for the Million Dollar Main event. Will you be the one? It’s a great time to join Americas cardroom. Get in on the big bucks!!!
Click to enlarge
Americas Cardroom is one of the top ten US facing online poker rooms. Their customer service is excellent and they have phone service 24 hours a day. Don’t believe me call 1 877 314 4195 you will find someone there for all your needs. Also they have live chat and email. Their custome service is probably the reason they have become more popular. If you track America’s Cardroom OSS history, you will see each one has increased prize pools. This is the largest one to date and expect the Million Dollar tournament to go over $1,000,000. If you’re looking for a new cardroom check out Americas Cardroom.
For new depositors, you get a freeroll, 20 days of jackpot poker, and up to $1000 bonus. Breaking this down. The freeroll is a $250 New Depositor Freeroll. At whatever level you play, freerolls are often a great place hone your craft. Jackpot poker is like slots. You play poker at a 3 seat table and at any given time a jackpot can be won. The higher stakes the table, the higher the jackpot prize. The deposit bonus works like this. Once you make your deposit, it’s released back into your cash account as you continue to play. You will find the longer you stay in a game and bet, the more bonus money gets released. It’s a great bonus for poker players. A little incentive really but it will save you some money maybe even for another tournament! It’s a great time to play at Americas Cardroom.
The full OSS schedule is below:

OSS VIII Schedule

Date Time Event # GTD Buy in Details
Wednesday 7th December 2016 3:30 PM #1 $100,000 $100+$9 5 HR LR
Wednesday 7th December 2016 5:00 PM #2 $8,000 $24+$2 PLO8 KO 6 Max
Wednesday 7th December 2016 7:00 PM #3 $40,000 $100+$9 Regular
Wednesday 7th December 2016 8:00 PM #4 $20,000 $25+$2.5 Regular
Wednesday 7th December 2016 9:00 PM #5 $3,000 $5+$0.5 Regular
Thursday 8th December 2016 3:30 PM #6 $10,000 $8+$0.8 5 Hour LR
Thursday 8th December 2016 5:00 PM #7 $1,000 $4+$0.40 SKO
Thursday 8th December 2016 7:45 PM #8 $30,000 $80+$8 6 Max
Thursday 8th December 2016 8:30 PM #9 $50,000 $300+$20 Regular
Thursday 8th December 2016 9:30 PM #10 $5,000 $15+$1.50 Turbo
Thursday 8th December 2016 10:30 PM #11 $800 $2+$0.20 Super Mega Hyper
Friday 9th December 2016 3:30 PM #12 $30,000 $40+$4 5 HR LR
Friday 9th December 2016 4:30 PM #13 $4,000 $10+$1 PLO 6 Max
Friday 9th December 2016 6:30 PM #14 $8,000 $50+$5 SKO Super Stack Turbo
Friday 9th December 2016 8:00 PM #15 $35,000 $80+$8 8 Max
Friday 9th December 2016 9:00 PM #16 $3,000 $3+$0.30 4 Max
Friday 9th December 2016 10:30 PM #17 $1,000 $7+$0.35 PLO8 Hyper
Saturday 10th December 2016 3:30 PM #18 $7,500 $10+$1 PLO 5 HR LR
Saturday 10th December 2016 4:00 PM #19 $3,000 $5+$0.4 KO
Saturday 10th December 2016 5:30 PM #20 $25,000 $200+$15 SKO
Saturday 10th December 2016 7:00 PM #21 $25,000 $50+$5 6 Max
Saturday 10th December 2016 8:00 PM #22 $15,000 $20+$2 regular
Saturday 10th December 2016 9:00 PM #23 $2,000 $10+$1 PLO Turbo Superstack
Saturday 10th December 2016 9:30 PM #24 $500 $1+$0.10 Regular
Sunday 11th December 2016 2:00 PM #25 $60,000 $20+$2 5 HR LR
Sunday 11th December 2016 2:00 PM #26 $100,000 $50+$5 5 HR LR
Sunday 11th December 2016 3:00 PM #27 $500,000 $300+$20 Sunday Special
Sunday 11th December 2016 5:00 PM #28 $20,000 $60+$6 8 Max NLO8
Sunday 11th December 2016 7:30 PM #29 $12,500 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday 11th December 2016 8:00 PM #30 Cage Event $1000+$50 $1K CAGE
Sunday 11th December 2016 9:00 PM #31 $1,000 $2+$0.20 TURBO Megastack
Sunday 11th December 2016 9:00 PM #32 $10,000 $25+$2.50 TURBO Megastack
Sunday 11th December 2016 9:00 PM #33 $30,000 $100+$9 TURBO Megastack
Monday 12th December 2016 3:30 PM #34 $8,000 $10+$1 PLO8 5 HR LR 6 Max
Monday 12th December 2016 4:15 PM #35 $5,000 $40+$4 FT Experience
Monday 12th December 2016 7:30 PM #36 $20,000 $50+$5 6 Max
Monday 12th December 2016 8:00 PM #37 $40,000 $200+$15 8 Max
Monday 12th December 2016 8:30 PM #38 $4,000 $5+0.50 regular
Monday 12th December 2016 10:15 PM #39 $5,000 $25+$1.25 Hyper Megastack KO
Tuesday 13th December 2016 3:30 PM #40 $7,500 $5+$0.50 6 Max 5 HR LR
Tuesday 13th December 2016 4:30 PM #41 $6,000 $20+$2 PLO
Tuesday 13th December 2016 6:45 PM #42 $7,500 $10+$1 Regular
Tuesday 13th December 2016 8:00 PM #43 $15,000 $30+$3 R/A
Tuesday 13th December 2016 8:30 PM #44 $2,000 $3+$0.30 4 Max
Tuesday 13th December 2016 10:15 PM #45 $15,000 $50+$5 Super Stack Turbo
Wednesday 14th December 2016 3:30 PM #46 $35,000 $30+$3 5 HR LR
Wednesday 14th December 2016 4:30 PM #47 $2,000 $2+$0.20 R/A
Wednesday 14th December 2016 6:45 PM #48 $30,000 $50+$5 Regular
Wednesday 14th December 2016 7:00 PM #49 Cage Event $5000+$100 $5K CAGE
Wednesday 14th December 2016 7:30 PM #50 $25,000 $200+$15 NLO8
Wednesday 14th December 2016 8:00 PM #51 $5,000 $5+$0.50 Regular
Wednesday 14th December 2016 10:15 PM #52 $4,000 $20+$2 PLO Superstack Turbo
Thursday 15th December 2016 3:30 PM #53 $5,000 $10+$1 5 HR LR SKO
Thursday 15th December 2016 4:30 PM #54 $10,000 $40+$4 Megastack Turbo
Thursday 15th December 2016 6:45 PM #55 $5,000 $20+$2 PLO 6 Max
Thursday 15th December 2016 7:30 PM #56 $30,000 $80+$8 Regular
Thursday 15th December 2016 8:30 PM #57 $1,500 $2+$0.20 Regular
Thursday 15th December 2016 10:15 PM #58 $300 $1+$0.10 Super Stack Turbo
Friday 16th December 2016 3:30 PM #59 $40,000 $50+$5 5 HR LR
Friday 16th December 2016 4:30 PM #60 $1,000 $5+$0.50 NLO8 SKO
Friday 16th December 2016 6:45 PM #61 $10,000 $20+$2 R/A
Friday 16th December 2016 7:30 PM #62 $5,000 $5+$0.50 Regular
Friday 16th December 2016 8:00 PM #63 $30,000 $50+$5 Regular
Friday 16th December 2016 10:15 PM #64 $6,000 $10+$0.50 Hyper Super Stack
Saturday 17th December 2016 3:30 PM #65 $50,000 $75+$7.50 5 HR LR
Saturday 17th December 2016 5:00 PM #66 $8,000 $20+$2 Regular
Saturday 17th December 2016 6:45 PM #67 $30,000 $150+$10 6 Max KO
Saturday 17th December 2016 7:30 PM #68 $3,500 $7+$0.70 Megastack Turbo
Saturday 17th December 2016 8:00 PM #69 $50,000 $500+$30 PLO SKO
Saturday 17th December 2016 10:00 PM #70 $4,000 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday 18th December 2016 1:00 PM #71 $250,000 $100+$9 5 HR LR Warm up 8 Max
Sunday 18th December 2016 2:00 PM #72 $60,000 $20+$2 5 HR LR
Sunday 18th December 2016 4:00 PM #73 $1,000,000 $500+$40 MAIN
Sunday 18th December 2016 6:00 PM #74 $10,000 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday 18th December 2016 8:00 PM #75 $40,000 $100+$9 BIG10
Sunday 18th December 2016 8:00 PM #76 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Sunday 18th December 2016 8:30 PM #77 $40,000 $80+$8 Megastack Turbo
Sunday 18th December 2016 10:00 PM #78 $5,000 $40+$2 Hyper SK $40 buy in $40 bounty

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Americas Cardroom High Five Poker Series Returns June 8th to June 12th 2016

America’s Cardroom will hold its top tournament series, the High Five Tournament between June 8th and June 12th. That is five days of nonstop poker tournament action. The High Five Series is a recurring poker tournament with the first one of the year in January 2016. The series culminates with $420,000 no limit holdem tournament with a buy-in of $420. It also signifies a new high for Americas Cardroom, that has become one of the top ten US poker rooms online.
The variety of games, popular tournaments, and great customer service have place Americas Cardroom as one the top ten US online cardrooms. Their most recent Million Dollar Tournament Event was the first time it went over the guarantee! The return of the High Five Series continues the momentum.
The High Five Series features a mix of games. Primarily it has No Limit Holdem Poker but also Pot Limit Omaha 8, and Pot Limit Omaha as well. There will be 5 High Five Tournaments every day in addtion to the regular tournaments. And the tournaments include regular, rebuy addon, turbos, megastack turbo and the Main Event $420,000. Buy-ins range from $2 and go up to $420. It’s an exciting time to play . The High Five Poker Tournament tends to attract the best of the best in the poker world and players often find themselves seated next to one of them as they play!
The prize pool is $942,000. The tournaments range from $2000 and go up to $420,000 . The Main Event is June 12th at 4 pm EST and at 4:20 PM EST, there is a courtesy break. The Main Event will also be streamed via

The full High Five Series is below:

Date Time (ET) Event # Guarantee Buy in Type
Wednesday, June 8th 3:00pm #1 $6,000 $3+$0.30 5 HR LR
Wednesday, June 8th 5:30pm #2 $8,000 $15+$1.50 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 7:00pm #3 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 8:15pm #4 $40,000 $500+$30 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 9:15pm #5 $2,000 $5+$0.25 Hyper Mega Stack
Thursday, June 9th 3:00pm #6 $3,000 $2+$0.20 Rebuys/Addon
Thursday, June 9th 5:00pm #7 $15,000 $80+$8 PLO
Thursday, June 9th 7:00pm #8 $75,000 $300+$20 Regular
Thursday, June 9th 8:00pm #9 $15,000 $10+$1 Rebuys/Addon 6 Max
Thursday, June 9th 9:30pm #10 $15,000 $60+$3 Mega Stack Hyper
Friday, June 10th 3:30pm #11 $30,000 $50+$5 6-Max 5 HR LR
Friday, June 10th 5:00pm #12 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Friday, June 10th 7:00pm #13 $30,000 $100+$9 Regular
Friday, June 10th 8:30pm #14 $10,000 $15+$1 Mega Stack Turbo
Friday, June 10th 9:00pm #15 $3,000 $7+$0.70 4 Max
Saturday, June 11th 3:00pm #16 $5,000 $10+$0.50 Hyper Mega Stack
Saturday, June 11th 5:00pm #17 $15,000 $60+$6 6 Max NLO8 KO $50 Buyin, 10 bounty
Saturday, June 11th 7:00pm #18 $30,000 $150+$10 6-Max KO $110 Buyin, 40 Bounty
Saturday, June 11th 8:00pm #19 $20,000 $30+$3 Regular
Saturday, June 11th 9:00pm #20 $5,000 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday, June 12th 1:00pm #21 $10,000 $5+$0.50 5 HR LR
Sunday, June 12th 2:00pm #22 $100,000 $100+$9 5 HR LR
Sunday, June 12th 4:00pm #23 $420,000 $420+$35 Main
Sunday, June 12th 5:00pm #24 $25,000 $60+$6 NLH
Sunday, June 12th 9:00pm #25 $20,000 $100+$9 Megastack Turbo


Check Out Americas Cardroom Here

The Sixth Online Super Series is in Full Swing at Americas Cardroom

Americas Card room is offering its sixth OSS, Online Super Series. It’s a great series of poker tournaments with 2.5 million in guaranteed prizes culminating in a massive million dollar tournament Sunday April 24th. Though the buy-in is $540, there are lots of satellites including freerolls and a mega satellite too. There is also a $300,000 event as well. But there are tournaments as low as .06 cents. It’s a wide range of buy-ins as well as types of tournaments. The poker series is in full swing between April 14 and April 24.
The OSS VI has 76 individual events and will guarantee $2,500,000 in prize pools over the 10 days. Buy-ins start at just six cents and there is a tremendous variety with game types including Texas holdem, pot-limit Omaha and pot-limit Omaha eight-or-better. Tournament structures include regular, turbo and hyper turbo.
You’re going to Love the OSS VI with: $2.5 million in prize pools spread across 76 events The $1,000,000 GTD Million Dollar Sunday Event Buy-ins ranging from $0.06 up to $540 Diverse schedule with a wide variety of game type.
Americas Card room has cracked the top ten cardroom in the world. It’s no wonder why. In 2016 special tournaments like the $840,000 High Five Tournament and the $150,000 Freebuy tournament has helped solidy their success in the poker world. And on top of all of this new players can get up to $50 in free tournament bucks just by signing up. The tournament bucks can only be used for tournaments but it’s less money out of pocket.
The two biggest events of the OSS VI are the $300,000 GTD on Sunday, Apr. 17 at 5pm ET and the $1,000,000 GTD Million Dollar Sunday on Apr. 24 at 4pm ET. The buy-in for the Million Dollar Sunday is $540, but you can get your ticket for a fraction of the cost with their satellites and mega satellites. The Mega Satellites will award 300 seats by themselves between Apr. 22-24.
In November 2011, Americas Card room had its first OSS with a prize pool of $150,000 . Today it’s $2,500,000 in guaranteed prize pools. Check out Americas Card room and see why they are steadily improving the poker experience.

Online Super Series Poker Tournament Schedule

Here’s the OSS VI full tournament schedule detailing dates and times of each of the 76 events. The majority of tourneys have a number of satellites from which you can secure your entry for just pennies on the dollar. Simply double click on the desired tournament in the tournament lobby of the poker client to see a listing of available satellites for each tournament.

Date Time (ET) Event # GTD Buy in Details
Friday, April 15th 2:00pm #1 $15,000 $12+$1 5 Hour LR KO
Friday, April 15th 3:00pm #2 $2,000 $3+$0.30 Regular
Friday, April 15th 5:00pm #3 $5,000 $16+$1.6 PLO8
Friday, April 15th 6:00pm #4 $5,000 $10+$1 4 Max
Friday, April 15th 7:30pm #5 $35,000 $100+$9 Regular
Friday, April 15th 8:00pm #6 $15,000 $25+$2.5 Regular
Friday, April 15th 9:45pm #7 $50 $0.05+$0.01 Hyper Mega Stack
Saturday, April 16th 3:00pm #8 $5,000 $10+$1 PLO 5 HR LR
Saturday, April 16th 3:00pm #9 $3,000 $5+$0.40 KO
Saturday, April 16th 4:00pm #10 $5,000 $10+$1 Regular
Saturday, April 16th 5:00pm #11 $1,000 $4+$0.40 Pot Limit Holdem
Saturday, April 16th 6:00pm #12 $20,000 $50+$5 6 Max
Saturday, April 16th 7:00pm #13 $50,000 $200+$15 Regular
Saturday, April 16th 8:30pm #14 $4,000 $15+$1.50 PLO8 Turbo
Saturday, April 16th 9:00pm #15 $6,000 $30+$1.50 Hyper Mega Stack
Sunday, April 17th 2:00pm #16 $75,000 $50+$5 5 Hour LR
Sunday, April 17th 4:00pm #17 $10,000 $20+$2 R/A 6Max
Sunday, April 17th 5:00pm #18 $300,000 $300+$20 5 Hour LR
Sunday, April 17th 6:00pm #19 $10,000 $50+$2.50 Super KO
Sunday, April 17th 7:00pm #20 $10,000 $30+$3 PLO
Sunday, April 17th 8:00pm #21 $15,000 $50+$5 4 Max
Sunday, April 17th 8:00pm #22 $200 $0.25+$0.02 Regular
Sunday, April 17th 10:30pm #23 $3,000 $10+$1 Mega Stack Turbo
Monday, April 18th 2:00pm #24 $500 $0.50+$0.05 5 Hour LR
Monday, April 18th 3:30pm #25 $1,500 $4+$0.40 Mega Stack Turbo
Monday, April 18th 5:00pm #26 $3,000 $5+$0.50 Regular
Monday, April 18th 6:00pm #27 $30,000 $60+$6 Regular
Monday, April 18th 7:00pm #28 $3,500 $10+$1 PLO
Monday, April 18th 8:00pm #29 $4,000 $6+$0.60 R/A
Tuesday, April 19th 2:00pm #30 $10,000 $24+$2 PLO8 KO 5 Hour LR
Tuesday, April 19th 3:00pm #31 $250 $0.50+$0.05 Regular
Tuesday, April 19th 5:30pm #32 $3,000 $15+$1.20 Turbo KO 6 Max
Tuesday, April 19th 6:00pm #33 $60,000 $250+$15 Regular
Tuesday, April 19th 7:00pm #34 $5,000 $20+$2 PLO 6 Max R/A
Tuesday, April 19th 8:00pm #35 $25,000 $75+$7 Regular
Tuesday, April 19th 8:00pm #36 $2,000 $3+$0.30 6 Max
Tuesday, April 19th 10:00pm #37 $4,000 $10+$1 Regular
Wednesday, April 20th 2:00pm #38 $1,000 $1+$0.10 5 Hour LR
Wednesday, April 20th 3:00pm #39 $2,000 $5+$0.50 4 Max
Wednesday, April 20th 5:00pm #40 $4,000 $24+$2 PLO8 KO 6 Max
Wednesday, April 20th 7:00pm #41 $50,000 $200+$15 Regular
Wednesday, April 20th 8:00pm #42 $15,000 $25+$2.5 Regular
Wednesday, April 20th 9:00pm #43 $3,000 $5+$0.50 Regular
Thursday, April 21st 2:00pm #44 $8,000 $8+$0.80 5 Hour LR
Thursday, April 21st 3:00pm #45 $2,000 $4+$0.40 Regular
Thursday, April 21st 5:00pm #46 $5,000 $25+$2.5 Ante Up*
Thursday, April 21st 7:00pm #47 $25,000 $75+$7 Regular
Thursday, April 21st 8:30pm #48 $8,000 $40+$4 Turbo
Thursday, April 21st 10:30pm #49 $3,000 $10+$1 Mega Stack Turbo
Friday, April 22nd 2:00pm #50 $20,000 $30+$3 5 Hour LR
Friday, April 22nd 3:00pm #51 $1,500 $3+$0.30 Regular
Friday, April 22nd 5:00pm #52 $5,000 $10+$1 R/A
Friday, April 22nd 7:00pm #53 $8,000 $16+$1.60 6 Max
Friday, April 22nd 7:30pm #54 50 Seats to MDS $60+$6 50 Seats to MDS
Friday, April 22nd 8:00pm #55 $15,000 $30+$3 Regular
Friday, April 22nd 8:00pm #56 $2,000 $3+$0.30 4 Max
Friday, April 22nd 9:00pm #57 $20,000 $60+$6 Regular
Saturday, April 23rd 2:00pm #58 $20,000 $30+$3 5 Hour LR
Saturday, April 23rd 3:00pm #59 $500 $1+$0.1 R/A PLO
Saturday, April 23rd 4:30pm #60 $3,000 $10+$1 Hyper Mega Stack
Saturday, April 23rd 5:00pm #61 $5,000 $25+$2.5 PLO
Saturday, April 23rd 6:00pm #62 $30,000 $150+$9 6-Max KO, $100 buy in, $50 bounty
Saturday, April 23rd 7:00pm #63 $3,000 $30+$3 Limit Holdem
Saturday, April 23rd 7:30pm #64 100 Seats to MDS $60+$6 100 Seats to MDS
Saturday, April 23rd 8:00pm #65 $20,000 $80+$8 Regular
Saturday, April 23rd 9:00pm #66 $5,000 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday, April 24th 11:30am #67 150 Seats to MDS $80+$8 150 Seats to MDS
Sunday, April 24th 2:00pm #68 $40,000 $20+$2 5 Hour LR
Sunday, April 24th 3:00pm #69 $200,000 $200+$15 Sunday Special special
Sunday, April 24th 4:00pm #70 $1,000,000 $500+$40 Main 5 HR LR
Sunday, April 24th 5:00pm #71 $3,000 $3+$0.30 R/A
Sunday, April 24th 6:00pm #72 $8,000 $25+$2 PLO8 6 Max KO
Sunday, April 24th 7:00pm #73 $50,000 $80+$8 Megastack turbo
Sunday, April 24th 7:00pm #74 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Sunday, April 24th 8:00pm #75 $4,000 $10+$1 PLO
Sunday, April 24th 10:00pm #76 $10,000 $80+$4 Hyper SK $40 buy in $40 bounty

Join Americas Cardroom

Tips for Beginners and Professional Poker Players

Here are some cool tips for beginners as well as pros. Poker is poker and anyone can win any game. For beginners these tips will last throughout your poker career and professional poker players will find these tips will come in handy in any game.
1. Play premium hands.
Premium hands are high face cards like AA, KK, QQ, JJ, AK, AQ, AJ and some say any pair will do as well. By sticking to these hands you increase your odds of winning. It’s not a perfect hand so it’s best to raise and check out the flop. If your gut instinct says to go all in then do it. These premium hands are those hands that often win.
2. Find Soft Opponents and Tournaments.
Poker professionals often gravitate to big money jackpot games. They have mortgages, rent, bills to pay and need more money than a recreational player. If you’re not a professional you’ll find easier opponents to play against. Ever see a hand played and you wonder ‘how’d he play that’. That is often a sign of a inexperienced players. You’ll find it easier to win these tournaments but the money won’t be as great as playing in big money tournaments with skilled players using HUDS and other potential advantages but winning is winning.
3. Pay Attention To Opponents.
As noted above an inexperienced player might play a hand that has you scratching your head . Doing this over and over might lead you to think you can beat them and you might be right. Conversely, a player who only plays premium hands will lead you to think you should only play when you know you have a great hand to play . This is usually correct also and will save you many chips. Play when you know you have the nut hand.
4. Use Intuition as a Guide
Occassionally you’ll get a hand that creates a gut feeling it’s a winner. It might not be a premium hand as noted . It could be and unsuited 3 and 10 but somehow you know it’s winner. Don’t ignore that vibe play if it’s to big a bet and you will probably come out a winner.
5. Play Big Hands Aggressively
When the flop comes out and your AA reveals a pair of Aces for a four of a kind , go all-in. Being an aggressive player in this case will give you more chips that will lead you to the Final Table and hopefully Heads Up!

By the way, these tips are not just for beginners but all players and all ranges. You’ll see these tips will across the board in all games. Good Luck!

Pokerstars Gets License for New Jersey

In a potential landmark approval, the world’s largest poker site, Pokerstars, received approval to offer online gambling for residents of New Jersey. This is another notch in the return of online poker to New Jersey residents following Black Friday and potentially a breakthrough for other states to follow. Since 2013, New Jersey has allowed online gambling through approved sites. It’s started slow with revenues of 100,000,000 but has been showing an increase over last year.

Having one of the largest , most popular sites with major jackpots everyday will probably be the ticket to bring online gambling back to the US in a major way.
Other states may follow since Pokerstars had to pass a rigorous and unheard of DGE, Division of Gambling Enforcement, review process. Other states namely Pa and Ny may look to share in the fortunes of New Jersey. Look for legislation to start in 1-2 years.

Players must be in New Jersey to play. That could mean a laptop in a train station or physical address. Ha ha.

America’s Cardroom Finishes Sunday Million Dollar Tournament

Sunday August 2nd marked another Million Dollar Tourney at America’s Cardroom. One of the largest for online American poker sites that accept US players. Grand prize was $200,000 followed by $109,000 for 2nd. Buy-in was $500. The tournament itself lasted greater than 16 hours which is a long time and requires ultimate discipline to be on your toes that long sitting at a computer.
It was major success for America’s Cardroom . Previous attempts had been plagued with overloaded servers literally crashing the site and all tournaments. America’s Cardroom has planned for the fall 5 Million dollar tourneys coming your way. Get in on the action at America’s Cardroom.

November Nine WSOP 2015 is Set

The November Nine, the nine finalists of the 2015 WSOP is set. Chip leader Joseph Mckeehen is by far and away the chip leader with 63,000,000 chip more than twice as many as the next player. Zvi Stern from Israel is next with 29,800,000 chips. Next is Neil Blumenfield with 22,000,000 chips. Pierre Neuville from Belgium is next with 21,075,000 and is the oldest player at 72. He recently won a lifetime poker award from the European Poker Tour. Max Steinberg is next with 20,200,000 chips. Rounding out the November Nine are Thomas Cannuli, Joshua Beckley, Patrick Chan and Federico Butteroni.
About the November Nine
Joseph Mckeehen is a WSOP vet with over a million dollars of earnings. He placed 2nd in the 2014 Monster stack tourney for an over $800,000 payday.
Zvi Stern has just two live tourney cashes under his belt but is looking for a largest yet. His distinct style is hoodie and sunglasses.
Neil Blumenfield is a vet with previous WSOP cashes under his belt.
Pierre Neuville has over 19 cashes and nearly $600,000 in earnings from the WSOP. The payday for the final table is a million at least so this will be his best year yet. And he’s 72!
Max Steinberg has been a regular casher at the WSOP since 2010. He’s earned over $1,600,000 and this win will put him at the $3,000,000 threshhold and maybe higher. He has a twin brother as well.
Thomas Cannuli has three previous WSOP cashes and this is his biggest payday by far.
Patrick Chan is another WSOP vet. He’s had multiple cashes though his earnings are slightly over $130,000. His part of the November Nine is his biggest cash to date.
Joshua Beckley has been a professional poker player for only a year. He’s won close to $200,000 in that time and at least $1,000,000 from the 2015 WSOP. What a good year.
There you have at get set for part two in November.

The Cage Poker Tournament at America’s Cardroom – A Big Success in the Poker World

The first time based poker tournament at America’s Cardroom was a big success. 66 poker players qualified either through the $5000 buy-in or through satellite wins as low as $1.50. On the table was $330,000. The success of the tournament came as a big surprise. The original jackpot estimate was $250,000 but in the final hours leading up to the tournament more than 27 players joined bringing the pot to $330,000. The winner at the conclusion of the three hour tournament was bik6624235 who won with a full house. His take home for the event was nearly $30,000. Winners get a free bank wire.

America’s Cardroom saw a mixture of successful players and newbies. Some surprises were Kenyantrackstar and Common Joe Jug who were knocked out. They have won consistently in big money tournaments in the past.

The Cage will be back in November. Satellites are underway now at America’s Cardroom.

How To Play The Bubble in a Poker Game and Come Out Smiling, Cool, Calm, Collected

Ever have those periods in a tournament when the bubble is approaching. You’re almost in some money and you find yourself low in chip stacks and you either bust out before or slightly after the bubble. You have to forget about that first place prize or final table you envisioned. But maybe , there is a chance.
In a nutshell, you’ll have to take some chances. One of the things I’ve learned from playing loose freerolls is that anything goes. Everyone likes their bets hedged and will go in with Ace King but a pair of deuces will triumph. A three of a kind will win over two Aces When you take the initiantive and go all-in you see what people are holding.
Going all-in and/or raising the bet are really the only ways to move up at this point. You could wait for great hands but you’ll probably feel the pressure from your larger stacked opponents who are often reraising and might even raise your entire chip stack testing you!
Take initiative. There’s nothing like seeing a player who comes out betting 3 times the big blind. It brings implied value and if other players have so so hands they will often fold rather than be challenged and it’s tighter than going all-in because you will have some chips left if you’re wrong. If you’ve got a high pair go all-in. You can imagine the all those who will fold instead. These are the two strategies that will increase your chip count. But you have to be bold to do it and remember even if you lose that you took a position on the situation rather than let the blinds eat away at your chips. This strategy works at any stage of the game by the way. But if you’re low stacked , you have to act and be as cool , calm and collected about it. In fact remember CCC, Cool , Calm and Collected, during this period and forget about that sense of urgency that often comes up when you’re low stacked.
For big stacked players, you want to keep your edge a simple strategy is bet three times the big blind. It will give implied value to your hand and players might not want to challenge you unless they have a potentially, hot hand. Remember,you’ll still have to keep your edge or big stack could get smaller. For medium stacked players, sit tight and bet your regular game watchful of the short and big stacked players.

EPT100 Update Dominik Panka Angles Another Win

In this update from the EPT100, Dominik Panka gets another with two Aces. He beat Norwegian Karin Bruteig. She’s a newcomer to live tournaments with less than $10,000 in career earnings.
He will face Bram Haenraets , who is the chip leader at the next tourney. Interesting to note , this is Bram Haenraets’ first live tourney. All his previous wins have been through Pokerstars. His original satellite seat cost $80.
Pokerstars doesn’t yet take American Players online but is applying to do so.

Estrellas Barcelona Main Event is the Largest Unique Field in PokerStars History

Exciting news from Spain is the Estrellas Barcelona Main Event and the first EPT100 said to be one of largest in Pokerstars history of live events. The total entries stands at 2342. Dutch player Daniel Reijmer was the leader from day one and goes to day two with 209,300 chips. There are also some veteran players including Vallo Maidla, Jacques Zaicik. Last year’s tourney saw German player Soenke Jahn won the event taking home over $220,000.
Three Day Super High Roller August 18th
Pokerstars will feature a three day super high roller event with some to poker’s biggest players including Daniel Colman, Daniel Negreanu and Vanessa Selbst among other players it’s a $65,000 event.

Online Poker History To Be Made with $1,000,000 Tournament at America’s Cardroom December 14th 2014

This December 14th, 2014, history will made with the $1,000,000 No Limit Holdem poker tourney at America’s Cardroom. The buy-in for this event is $540 total but every day there are freerolls to this event.

Yes, if you’re an expert professional poker player or a novice with a low bankroll, you have as good as chance to win. Everyday there are freerolls to the event at 10 am and 1:30 pm you have a chance to win satellite seats to another satellite for this event. Players are placing now for event and every night at 8:30 pm a winner gets their chance at the event.

The winner is guaranteed at least $200,000 but if history repeats itself it will probably be much more depending on how many people sign up regardless of the satellite seats. In fact, America’s cardroom’s top tourneys often break the original estimated tourney prize pool because more people register .

The satellite schedule is as follows.

Satellite Schedule:

Time (ET) Tournament Buy-in Prize Details
10:00am and 1:30pm Freeroll $0+$0 3 Seats GTD to the Daily Super $6 $0.10 Rebuy and $0.25 Addon
4:15pm Daily Super $6 $6+$1 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
7:15am, 9:15am, 11:15am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 2:45pm and 3:30pm Daily Super Satellite $0.50 + $0.05 1 seat GTD to the $20 turbo Rebuy/Addon
10:00am, 12:30pm and 1:20pm $1 Million GTD Super Sat 1 Seat GTD $5+$0.50 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
3:15pm, 6:15pm and 7:00pm $1 Million GTD Super Sat 1 Seat GTD $1+$0.10 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Rebuy/Addon
5:45pm $20 Turbo $20+$2 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109 Re-entry
Sit & Go 9 max Turbo 2 seats GTD $28 + $1.40 2 seats GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
Sit & Go 6 max Turbo 1 seat GTD $24 + $1.20 1 seat GTD to the Nightly Satellite $109
8:30pm Nightly Satellite $100+$9 1 seat GTD to the Winning Millions on Dec. 14th Re-entry

America’s Cardroom Online Super Series

The Online super Series,OSS, concluded with a batch of new winners. It’s America’s Cardroom’s leading online poker series with 63 events spread over a little more than a week.
Highlights of this year’s OSS included Event 59 High Roller Tourney. Though originally a $50,000 pool tourney, the prize pool jumped ot over $125,000. It was won by player livegrind who took home over $27,000.
Another highlight was the Main Event $200,000. Comon-Joe-Jug was the winner after a headsup with Cartasdevida. The winner took home over $28,000 with the second place finisher getting over $23,000.
There were a total of 63 poker tourneys and this tourney has added to America’s Cardroom rep as a premier online poker destination.

Latin American Series of Poker – A New Direction for Poker Tournaments

The Latin Series of Poker has brought a new way to play poker tournaments. It’s revolutionized poker tourneys at land based tournaments but could also bring a new way to play online poker tourneys as well. The basis of the LSOP is that Day 1 tourneys are spread out over several days in several locations across Latin America. This is a great benefit to most of the players.
Most people are working jobs and can’t afford to take time off to plan a vacation and enter a poker tournament on top of that with a buy-in that may or may not be recovered. The LSOP solves that by having a buy-in on Day 1 at scattered locations over several days. And if you’re in the money on Day 1 , you have more motivation to take that vacation as well as time to place a vacation request at a job. These factors help to make the LSOP more accessible for more players giving it broader access .
The LSOP structure will probably equate with more people buying in and larger pots. Last year the pot was GTD $500,000 tournament and this year it’s $1,000,000 GTD tournament. The lesson to learn is that lower buy-ins and more convenient access will ultimately equal larger pools and more coverage and ultimately a more successful poker tournament.
Many of today’s larger tournaments don’t need this kind of exposure because they allready have it. The WSOP is a prime example. But for those who want to create a new tournament, for example Africa doesn’t have a major poker tournament I can think of. And even some of the individual Latin American countries might want their own poker tournament. This method of Day 1 tournaments can also work well online.
Many online poker rooms allready have tournaments with very low buy-ins and huge paydays. All this goes on very quietly without much attention. It only comes to the attention of the public when players talk of their history and reveal they are allready and online poker millionaire. But conceivably, this method could be used to create a super online poker series with a huge multimillion dollar guarantee perhaps even larger than the WSOP.
This larger than ever before GTD tournament can happen. There are so many poker players across the globe. All the online poker rooms need to bring this together and bring all their players and promote the hell out of this tourney and you will GTD tourneys larger than anything you could ever imagine. This is the power of internet.

Fabian Quoss crowned winner of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Super High Roller Tournament – Wins $1,629,940

Fabian Quoss wins $100,000 PCA Tourney. This is the first major title win for Fabian Quoss who placed at final tables at four major tourneys in 2013.
Dan Shak and Quoss went heads up in the final table. Shak has gone to the PCA Super High Roller final table three times previously and he’s someone to look at in the future obviously. His take home for the event was $1,178,980. Quoss wins cash , a trophy and SLYDE watch worth over $20,000. His career earnings stand at almost $5,000,000. He is now a top ranked German player at number four on the all time money list. Third place went to Vanessa Selbst who also won big in the regular High Roller tourney. She wins over $750,000 . Fourth place went to One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari who won over $570,000. The winners list as follows:

1 Fabian Quoss $1,629,940
2 Dan Shak $1,178,980
3 Vanessa Selbst $760,640
4 Antonio Esfandiari $575,920
5 Matt Glantz $445,520
6 Tony Gregg $347,720
7 Ole Schemion $277,080
8 Mike McDonald $217,320

Dominik Panka Wins PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event 2014

Dominik Panka became the first Polish Poker Tour winner after going heads up against Mike McDonald . He won $1,423,096 among other prizes including a trophy and SLYDE watch. His previous lifetime winnings were just over $8000 and he’s just 22. Because of this win , he’s the most successful of all Polish poker players.
Panka states: “I’m an internet player and I haven’t played many live tournaments. I only started playing live last year and I expected my first big cash to be a tenth of this! It’s weird because I didn’t feel too much pressure on the final table. I concentrated on being a rock, a statue, and now I can’t really dance with joy because I’m still in that mindset.”
Panka’s opponent, McDonald, came close to winning a second EPT. His career earnings are over $7,000,000 and has been in the money at numerous events including EPT Dortmund, EPT Madrid, EPT Prague High Roller and other events. He won $1,064,865 for his efforts at the PCA, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Tour.
Both Panka and McDonald were from a field of 427 players who got their PokerStars Caribbean Adventure seats online at online poker site, PokerStars. McDonald was the very first, winning his trip to the Bahamas in a $700 qualifier last year.
American Isaac Baron finished third and managed to secure himself a $1,207,599 payday after cutting a three-way deal with McDonald and Panka. Originally the third place was going to win $774,060 not bad either.
The following is a list of winners of the PCA 2014 event.
1. Dominik Panka 400.00 pts $1,423,096
2. Mike McDonald 280.00 pts $1,064,000
3. Isaac Baron 200.00 pts $1,207,599
4. Madis Muur 176.00 pts $581,040
5. Daniel Gamez 152.00 pts $447,040
6. Srinivasan Shyam 132.00 pts $328,020
7. Pascal LeFrancois 112.00 pts $242,020
8. Fabian Ortiz 96.00 pts $173,220
9. Max Silver 80.00 pts $135,400
10. Thomas Hall 60.00 pts $112,400
11. Grayson Ramage 60.00 pts $112,400
12. Fabio Freitas 60.00 pts $100,700
13. Jorgen Lindebo 60.00 pts $100,700
14. Pal Zsibrita 60.00 pts $90,700
15. Antoine Saout 60.00 pts $90,700
16. Allon brock Allison 60.00 pts $80,700
17. Adrian Bussman 60.00 pts $80,700
18. Kyle Heron Sorel 60.00 pts $70,700
19. Robert Auer 60.00 pts $70,700
20. Roger Teska 60.00 pts $70,700
21. Jude Ainsworth 60.00 pts $60,700
22. Jeremy Wray 60.00 pts $60,700
23. Antonio Pace 60.00 pts $60,700
24. Anton Iaroslavskii 60.00 pts $50,900
25. Erik Olofsson 60.00 pts $50,900