The Cage Poker Tournament Live at the Taormina Hotel Costa Rica

Americas Cardroom will be sponsoring the Cage Live Event at the Taormina Hotel in Costa Rica. There will be several weekends throughout the year to join the fun. The dates of the Live Cage are:
March 29th – April 1st, 2019
May 31st – June 3rd, 2019
August 9th – 12th, 2019
October 4th – 7th, 2019
December 6th to 9th, 2019 (POT LIMIT OMAHA)
If you’re on vacation and might be interested in playing, the buy-in is $5,250. You can also win by playing at Americas Cardroom in the $55 Beast and Sit and Crush tourney each Sunday at 6 pm. You also get a hot package including hotel, airfare and spending cash. A total package of $8340 is on the table every Sunday.
Winners get:
$5,000 + $250 Buy-in to Cage Live Event
$800 airfare
$1,000 spending Cash
$340 for Cash Games
Up to 3 nights’ accommodation at the Taormina Casino and Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica
Airport Transportation

The Cage is a time based poker tournament where players play for an allotted amount of time and at the finishing players leave with what they have at the time instead of a tournament where players cash at a certain point. The Structure for The Live Cage is:
2-Day Event
Players start with 5,000 in tournament chips.
3 hours Blind Levels.
30 minute break every level.
No late registration.
No Re-entry allowed.

Play Schedule

Day 1 -> 2 Levels
Day 2 -> 2 Levels


Level 1 with $10 / $20 blinds and $5 ante
Level 2 with $25 / $50 blinds and $5 ante
Level 3 with $40 / $80 blinds and $10 ante
Level 4 with $50 / $100 blinds and $10 ante
Players’ antes are paid by the button player. This format speeds up the overall play.
There will also be a double buy option where prize pools increase substantially. Before the tournament starts, a player can buy an extra entry for $5250 and have more chips to redeem if necessary. If it’s not used throughout the tournament, it gets refunded.

troy quenneville poker player

A previous winner of the Live Cage is Troy Quenneville who won $51,315 in January 2019. You could be next or have lots of fun in Costa Rica!!
January 2019 The Cage Live Results:
1 Troy Quenneville $51,315
2 Jonathan Sherfy $19,900
3 Jeff Gross $18,955
4 John Schiff $15,485
5 Joe Williams $13,745


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$5 million USD Dollar Venom Poker Tournament at Americas Cardroom

Yes you read it right! Later this year, Americas Cardroom will be hosting the $5 Million Dollar Venom poker tournament. The winner walks away with at least a million dollars!
Imagine having that kind of money in one fell swoop. All it takes is focus and luck.
Americas Cardroom has been increasingly hosting higher stakes tournaments and they’ve been going over the guarantees left and right. This should be another winner. If you’re not a member of Americas Cardroom, now is the time to join. Get the feel of the games. Many people choose one place to play and make that home but with stakes like these it’s time to take a look at Americas Cardroom.
The $5 Million USD Dollar Venom at Americas Cardroom

This will be the largest tournament ever offered at Americas Cardroom. It takes place July 31, 2019. The buy-in is $2650 but there satellite and Steps Tournament that could get you in for a fraction of that if not free! And if you get lucky and get multiple entries, you can even sell them. If you live in a foreign country, imagine the real dollars you’ll win, it could be several times the $5 million depending on the exchange rate.
In the mean time while you get used to Americas Cardroom, you can choose from some the other high stakes poker games.
Between February 10th to March 10th, Americas Cardroom will be hosting three super series with over $8 million guaranteed. There will be 169 events and two million dollar gtd tournaments. There are satellites to all the big tournaments and leaderboard prizes for consecutive winners including 10 seats the $5 million dollar Venom in July.

There are buy-ins for all event from as low as .50 cent to over $2000 for one of the million dollar tournaments. There’s something for everyone’s bankroll. If you’re new to Americas Cardroom it’s a great time to join and get the feel of the site. Experience is your best asset.
Americas Cardroom has bonuses for first time depositors and members. For first time depositors, get 20 days of free cash and up to $1000 in matching money and get a seat to a freeroll as well. For long standing members, you get cash back for each tournament and the longer you stay in a tournament, the faster you accumulate bonus money.
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Short Stack Strategy – Poker Strategy Series

This video shows a short stack strategy as a case study. You will see it defies what some say about strategy and makes you realize you need to trust your own instincts as well. This is a youtube video no copyrite infringement intended. I just want to make sure the video was available.

This is the second part of a short stack comeback by bloodyfun. Player bloodyfun has been short stack throughout much of the tournament but fortunes change.
Bloodyfun goes all-in with a pair of fives and wins. This is the start of this players’ rise. Bloodyfun’s chip stack roughly doubles. Next is the high card queen with the 8 as a kicker. One big change happens when Bloodyfun goes all-in with ace-7 and gets an ace pair. Another major move is all-in with ace-6 with a 6 pair win.
Bloodyfun has been steadily increasing their chip stack.
The ace-2 combo is another winner for Bloodyfun. This time the scene has changed with Bloodyfun in the lead. Finally, Bloodyfun has a queen pair and goes all-in and their opponent does the same. Bloodyfun wins the pot and game.
To sum it up, Bloodyfun gains with pairs and ace combos and then caps it off with a queen pair.
Short Stack Strategy
This is a case study of excellent short stack play. Pairs and high cards are your best bets when short stack. You will also note many tips not often used like low pairs were also used with success.
Any player will find themselves with a short stack. It could be starting later in a tournament, you haven’t had any great runs, or you bet and lost chips. Any of these scenarios can lead to a small chip stack. But there is a way to get more. These are some strategies to use to increase your chip stack.
Many people use anywhere between 10 to 40 big blinds as a measure of being short stacked. The higher number is excellent to use a a guide since it will get you thinking before you get to 10.
With short stacks, you don’t want to waste any chips. Do very little bluffing, or “maybe hands”. You want to increase your chances of winning chips. I’ve seen bluffers go all-in with flop of 4 hearts, 4 spades and king hearts, only to have an opponent bet with 4 clubs and diamonds. Bluffing doesn’t always work, so don’t try it when you’re short stacked. Your goal is to win tournaments.
Flop and Pre-flop
For short stacks this is where the action is. If you have an ace pair you will want to raise and put everyone on defense. Most of the high cards work here but ace pair or ace with anything else that could lead a pair should be considered. Often, players don’t want to go to the river with raising potentially losing more chips.
Some people advise to not use suited connector or small pairs. I disagree because I find them to be the most lucrative when you have the winning hand. Suited connectors mostly face cards but even 8 an 9s can lead to flushes or straights. It doesn’t happen often but when they do you chip stack will improve dramatically. The same thing with small pairs. Many people bet big with ace king. They don’t always materialize. Also pairs could lead to three of kinds, fullhouses and four of a kind. They won’t if you fold them.
As you can see from the video above, small five pairs essentially kicked off Bloodyfun’s rise in the tournament. You will also note Bloodyfun used the ace-combos well to win frequently as well.
The top hands to use most of the time are:

Ace Ace
King King
Queen Queen
Ace King suited
Ace Queen suited
Jack Jack
Ace King
Ace Queen
Ace Jack suited

These hands are basically a laundry list of the top, highest ranking hands. But guess what? They don’t always work. But if you’re going to take a chance, you want to take your chances here. And you want to take your chances with most pairs.
With most pairs you want to assess the flop. If your pair is lower than the flop or doesn’t have three of kind it’s best to check fold vs call. Be safe not sorry.
When you think you have a great hand raise it first. This is one of the greatest tips ever. Most players know that ace pair doesn’t always work and don’t always want to negotiate hands defensively and would rather fold giving you the pot. And pots add up over time.
Best practices.
Raise with strong hands.
Use pocket pairs and suited connectors till the flop comes out.
Using higher face cards will lead to victory more often than using lower value cards.

Strategy theory vs the real game
In poker, hands change all the time. You might find a pair of two beating an ace king combo. Suited connectors connect to flushes and straights. You have to develop an ability to trust your own instincts with playing poker and that is one of the best strategies out there. One WSOP Main event was one with a high card and another with a pair of 3s. So develop the ability to trust your instincts and your winning will increase several fold over.

Erik Seidel Professional Poker Player Bio

If you thought poker was only for the young, think again. Erik Seidel is pushing 60 and is still going strong winning tournaments. He’s one of the most successful of all poker players. He joined the Poker Hall of Fame in 2010.
He started out playing backgammon but at Brooklyn College, he shifted to poker and hasn’t looked back. He started as stock broker on the American Stock Exchange and joined the Mayfair Club in New York.
The Mayfair Club was a cardroom in New York that was originally a bridge and backgammon club. It shifted to poker and cranked out some of the top poker players of the day including Jay Heimowitz, Mickey Appleman, Dan Harrington, Howard Lederer, Stu Ungar and more. The club was closed in 2000. But this was the area where Erik Seidel got the skills.
Professional Poker Highlights
European Poker Tour
In May 2015, Seidel won the European Poker Tour Super High Roller for over $2 million dollars. And that’s just part of his winning for that year. In 2015, Seidel took home over $4 million dollars in live tournament events alone. This doesn’t include private tournaments with wealthy high rollers or online games. In 2016, he took over $3 million dollars including a $158,479 win at the European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo. He’s truly in the poker elite.
World Poker Tour
Seidel won the World Poker Tour at the 2008 WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic for $992,890. In 2011 he was runner up for $155,103. Other notable World Poker Tour finishes include the WPT Five Diamond Classic where he took 4th place for $335,160 in 2016.
World Series of Poker
Seidel was runner up in his first major WSOP in 1988. He made the final table again in 1999. He’s had many cashes there and has won eight bracelets, the most recent in 2007. He is a flexible player with bracelets in Holdem, Omaha, and Deuce to Seven Draw. Only five other players have more bracelets than Seidel.
Aria High Roller
Seidel is a frequent casher at the Aria High Roller Bowl, a monthly tournament with today’s top players. His largest cash there was for over $500,000 in 2016.
Seidel in 2017 shows no signs of slowing down. His total earnings for the year that’s not even over yet are over $2 million dollars. His largest cash this year was the Poker Masters Event for almost $600,000. He also placed 3rd in the PokerStars Monte Carlo Eight Max for $461,570.
The amazing thing about Seidel is he’s older than most of players out there. Some say poker is for young guys only but Seidel is proving them wrong.

WSOP 2017 Highlights Part 2

Upeshka De Silva Wins $3000 Shootout Event
Earning his second career bracelet, Upeshka De Silva has won the $3000 Shootout Event at the WSOP 2017 defeating a field of 369 players. This is the Texan’s second career bracelet. In 2015, he took the $1500 No Limit Hold’em event for $424,577. He has nearly $2 million in career earnings. In order to win, a player has to win at three single table tournaments.
The top finishers were:
1 Upeshka De Silva $229,923
2 Louis Helm $142,115
3 Linglin Zeng $103,449
4 Jan Schwippert $76,018
5 Olivier Busquet $56,397
6 Casey Carroll $42,246
7 John Richards $31,955
8 Mark McMillin $24,410
9 Jean Gaspard $18,832
10 Taylor Paur $14,675

Ben Zamini Wins $1500 Omaha Eight or Better Event for $238,620
Winning over a field of 905 players, Ben Zamini took down the $1500 Omaha Eight or Better Event for $238,620. This is his second bracelet. His history is awesome with $4 million in live earnings and millions more made online. In 2015, he won a bracelet and $460,640 and bracelet in the $1500 No Limit Hold’em event.
The results were:
1 Ben Zamani $238,620
2 Jared Hemingway $147,428
3 Alex Ferrari $103,471
4 Ryan Paluf $73,647
5 Gary Vick $53,171
6 Forrest Auel $38,946
7 Scott Buller $28,948
8 Martin Corpuz $21,839
9 Dustin Sitar $16,726

Thomas Pomponio Wins Colussus Event at WSOP 2017
The four day 565 buy-in event the Colussus culminated in a hefty payday for Thomas Pomponio who took home the $1 million dollar prize. His best previous win was $6,824 in 2011.
The top results were:
1 Thomas Pomponio $1,000,000
2 Taylor Black $545,430
3 John Hanna $406,474
4 Mark Babekov $305,294
5 Kent Coppock $230,564
6 Erkut Yilmaz $175,208
7 Ralph Massey $133,975
8 Matt Affleck $103,090
9 Luke Vrabel $79,827

Doug Polk Wins $111,111 WSOP One Drop High Roller Event
From a field of 130 of the top poker professionals, Doug Polk emerged winner of the $111,111 WSOP One Drop High Roller Event. This is his third bracelet. His take home for the event is $3,686,865. The event is part charity to raise awareness of the need for clean water around the world. $500,000 was raised for the charity.
The tournament was halted when markings were found on the cards but resumed afte being cleared.
The heads up came down to Polk and Bertrand Grospellier. Both had two pairs but Polk’s pair was queen and ten against Grospellier’s jack and ten.
The top results were:
1 Doug Polk $3,686,865
2 Bertrand Grospellier $2,278,657
3 Dario Sammartino $1,608,295
4 Haralabos Voulgaris $1,158,883
5 Chris Moore $852,885
6 Martin Jacobson $641,382
7 Rainer Kempe $493,089
8 Andrew Robl $387,732

Abe Mosseri Wins $10000 Omaha Eight or Better
In a most watched event, Abe Mosseri has won the $10,000 Omaha Eight or Better Event. Daniel Negreanu was his heads up opponent, making this a most watched event. It was long heads up that was rescheduled to the fourth day. The final day took only four hands for Mosseri to be declared winner. He wins his second bracelet and $388,795 in cold hard cash for his win.
Mosseri is more use to playing cash games but has won over $2 million in tournaments.
Other top finishers include John Monette and Mike Matusow.
The results are:
1 Abe Mosseri $391,313
2 Daniel Negreanu $241,851
3 Yarron Bendor $166,895
4 Fabrice Soulier $118,340
5 Ilya Dyment $85,702
6 Ray Dehkharghani $63,419
7 Anthony Zinno $47,975
8 Mike Matusow $37,120
9 John Monnette $29,391

David Pham Wins $1500 No Limit Hold’em Event
Earning his third bracelet as a poker player, David Pham has won the $1500 No Limit Hold’em Event at the WSOP 2017. His last WSOP wins were more than 10 years ago in the 2001 S.H.O.E. and 2006 No Limit Hold’em Shootout events. It was a massive win with him taking home $391,960.
The final results were:
1 David Pham $391,960
2 Jordan Young $242,160
3 Roman Korenev $174,559
4 Melissa Gillet $127,180
5 Kevin Trettin $93,667
6 Nathan Pfluger $69,741
7 Billy Rogers $52,503
8 Huihan Wu $39,969
9 Aditya Agarwal $30,773

Adrian Mateos Diaz Wins Heads Up $10,000 No Limit Hold’em Event
Becoming the youngest player to even win three bracelets, Adrian Mateos Diaz is clearly on a roll in the world of poker at age of 22. In four years, he was won over $9 million in live tournaments. His other notable finishes were the 2013 WSOP Europe for $1.4 million, and the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo 2017. For his win, Diaz takes home $336,656. His opponent in the event was 72 year old John Smith.
John Smith is a business man who owns and asphalt company in SoCal. He finished last year in the same event 2nd place and in 16th place in 2014.
The final hand saw Diaz win with a flush and straight draw.
The final results were:
Champion Adrian Mateos Diaz $336,656
Finalist John Smith $208,154
Semifinalist Charlie Carrel $112,379
Semifinalist Ryan Riess $112,379

Anthony Marquez Wins $1500 Six Max No Limit Holdem Event
Californian Anthony Marquez wins his first bracelet with his win in the $1500 Six Max No Limit Hold’em Event. The field started with 1748 entries as it wound down. His first place prize includes a bracelet and $393,273. In the final day, he knocked out 4 players as he made his way to the heads ups match against Demosthenes Kiriopoulos. Marquez won with a king kicker against Kiriopoulos pair of tens with jack kicker.
The final results were:
1 Anthony Marquez $393,273
2 Demosthenes Kiriopoulos $242,978
3 Daniel Weinman $170,477
4 Steven Buckner $121,114
5 Matt Berkey $87,141
6 Ilkin Amirov $63,506

Gaining Self Confidence at the Poker Table

Learning poker is filled with challenges. In the beginning, even simple things like hand values or raises can be full of anxiety. Nail biting decisions to call on a raise and lose can create a lack of confidence in the players’ ability and turn them off of the game. Confidence at the poker table comes through playing – in poker experience is your greatest teacher. No theory works all the time. Some of the things players do can lead to their dissolution with the game. In the beginning of any venture it’s common to make mistakes. Let’s look at some things that will improve your game and give you greater confidence.

Look at Where You Can Win
Poker is a thought game. If you think you can win, then you probably will win. Most players are looking for the big payday and tournaments larger than their budgets. If they bust out, then they’re out of the game and their confidence takes a hit and they lose money too. With that attitude that you can win, you will find more opportunities for great results. Look at tournaments where you think you can win and you probably will. This might mean lower pots but it is a step in the right direction, rather than shooting for the moon against professional players.
Professional poker players are everywhere but will gravitate to the big money games. Their livelihood depends on winning and they know every trick in the book. Making big raises with a mediocre hand, bluffing, going all-in with nothing, these are the opponents who create common anxiety producing situations for the new player.
Changing this is simple. Check out the results and keep playing. Sticking to one game, you will see the same players over and over. As a result, you can predict how they play. This doesn’t always work but seeing players behaviors over and over, can lead you to making better decisions as whether to bet or not. One players joins the tournament late and is in a rush to get his chipstack up and goes all-in frequently. Can they really have such great hands over and over? Probably not, but you have to have a great hand if you want to challenge them.
Poker is game with two components. One is the betting game and the other the cards themselves. And many raisers challenge everyone to wonder if they hand is good. Try it, simply raise a hand and see how many people fold leaving you with the pot. Few players have bonfide good hands. When doing this, it’s important for you to think you have a great hand since if you get called you have to deliver.
Find Your Game
One of the most important things for a player to do is to find their game. For example, if you can’t be in tournament for many hours, you might find a cash game will do. Or if you can sit for hours and hours and still not get fatigued or have other responsibilities, you might find tournaments will do. On a more focused note, you might like one game that starts at a great time for you. A good idea is to stick to that game for a while. You will be gaining experience often playing with the same people and can master your skills through experience. It will go a long way to do this.
Doing this you need to stick to stakes you can afford. Cover yourself with 3X the entry fee and you should be good to go. Busting out isn’t good but can happen to anyone. But you are here to observe and participate when you can. You will find playing the same game over and over will add experience skill and money to your bankroll.
Get Your Comfort Zone
This is one of the most important things. Once you find your game, you can find your comfort zone. You will know what hands may come up, how opponents might play. You can sidestep or raise more confidently. For example, one player might go all-in only when he has a good hand like a pair. Another player might do the same on basically nothing and hope for a bluff. You see these as you play especially playing the same game over and over. Following these steps will increase your confidence as you play and you can expect improved outcomes.

Americas Cardroom High Five Poker Series Returns June 8th to June 12th 2016

America’s Cardroom will hold its top tournament series, the High Five Tournament between June 8th and June 12th. That is five days of nonstop poker tournament action. The High Five Series is a recurring poker tournament with the first one of the year in January 2016. The series culminates with $420,000 no limit holdem tournament with a buy-in of $420. It also signifies a new high for Americas Cardroom, that has become one of the top ten US poker rooms online.
The variety of games, popular tournaments, and great customer service have place Americas Cardroom as one the top ten US online cardrooms. Their most recent Million Dollar Tournament Event was the first time it went over the guarantee! The return of the High Five Series continues the momentum.
The High Five Series features a mix of games. Primarily it has No Limit Holdem Poker but also Pot Limit Omaha 8, and Pot Limit Omaha as well. There will be 5 High Five Tournaments every day in addtion to the regular tournaments. And the tournaments include regular, rebuy addon, turbos, megastack turbo and the Main Event $420,000. Buy-ins range from $2 and go up to $420. It’s an exciting time to play . The High Five Poker Tournament tends to attract the best of the best in the poker world and players often find themselves seated next to one of them as they play!
The prize pool is $942,000. The tournaments range from $2000 and go up to $420,000 . The Main Event is June 12th at 4 pm EST and at 4:20 PM EST, there is a courtesy break. The Main Event will also be streamed via

The full High Five Series is below:

Date Time (ET) Event # Guarantee Buy in Type
Wednesday, June 8th 3:00pm #1 $6,000 $3+$0.30 5 HR LR
Wednesday, June 8th 5:30pm #2 $8,000 $15+$1.50 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 7:00pm #3 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 8:15pm #4 $40,000 $500+$30 Regular
Wednesday, June 8th 9:15pm #5 $2,000 $5+$0.25 Hyper Mega Stack
Thursday, June 9th 3:00pm #6 $3,000 $2+$0.20 Rebuys/Addon
Thursday, June 9th 5:00pm #7 $15,000 $80+$8 PLO
Thursday, June 9th 7:00pm #8 $75,000 $300+$20 Regular
Thursday, June 9th 8:00pm #9 $15,000 $10+$1 Rebuys/Addon 6 Max
Thursday, June 9th 9:30pm #10 $15,000 $60+$3 Mega Stack Hyper
Friday, June 10th 3:30pm #11 $30,000 $50+$5 6-Max 5 HR LR
Friday, June 10th 5:00pm #12 $20,000 $40+$4 Regular
Friday, June 10th 7:00pm #13 $30,000 $100+$9 Regular
Friday, June 10th 8:30pm #14 $10,000 $15+$1 Mega Stack Turbo
Friday, June 10th 9:00pm #15 $3,000 $7+$0.70 4 Max
Saturday, June 11th 3:00pm #16 $5,000 $10+$0.50 Hyper Mega Stack
Saturday, June 11th 5:00pm #17 $15,000 $60+$6 6 Max NLO8 KO $50 Buyin, 10 bounty
Saturday, June 11th 7:00pm #18 $30,000 $150+$10 6-Max KO $110 Buyin, 40 Bounty
Saturday, June 11th 8:00pm #19 $20,000 $30+$3 Regular
Saturday, June 11th 9:00pm #20 $5,000 $10+$1 Regular
Sunday, June 12th 1:00pm #21 $10,000 $5+$0.50 5 HR LR
Sunday, June 12th 2:00pm #22 $100,000 $100+$9 5 HR LR
Sunday, June 12th 4:00pm #23 $420,000 $420+$35 Main
Sunday, June 12th 5:00pm #24 $25,000 $60+$6 NLH
Sunday, June 12th 9:00pm #25 $20,000 $100+$9 Megastack Turbo


Check Out Americas Cardroom Here

New Jersey Welcomes PokerStars

PokerStars, the largest online poker room, is coming back to the US. According to Amaya, the new owner of the brand, Pokerstars will start in the middle of March 2016. New Jersey players will be able to play at and there will be live action as well at the Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City.
PokerStars is the top online casino website with excellent technology for all the heavy action its servers take. It looks to be an exciting period in poker. Resort Hotel is poised for growth with PokerStars in its umbrella top attractions.
Black Friday spelled the end of PokerStars in the US. It came around again with Governor Christie green lighting a scrupulous evaluation and a six month license to operate in NJ during the fall of 2015. There were some things to fix. PokerStars had to repay New Jersey players, remove some staff and report to the DGE, Division of Gaming Enforcement regularly. Could this be a reason PokerStars merged Full Tilt into Pokerstars? But Full Tilt was given a green light to operate as well but I’m sure its history dragged on the upbeat momentum PokerStars is going through.
The official start of PokerStars is March 21 with beta testing occurring sometime earlier. Everything should be in place by the official start date.
Game availability will not be the same as at the regular PokerStars site. For example, New jersey players won’t be able to play in the Sunday Million, WCOOP or SCOOP. The software is different. Will the new site offer the excitement of going for the big bucks of the main PokerStars remains to be seen.
PokerStarsNJ will have Spin and Gos, and casino games. There are allready hot tournaments llike a $25,000 Freeroll scheduled for March 27 at 5pm with the winner taking home $5,000. It’s a promising start for the return of poker in America!

How To Psyche Yourself Up For Your Next Poker Tourney

Failure is not an option. I can do it!. I will win and nothing gets in my way!
These are all great psyche ups for your match and all you really have to do is have a no excuse attitude about your ability to win and the rest will follow and you’ll be to go for your next tournament be it online or at real table.
Psyching yourself up goes along way before and especially during a tournament. Tournaments take several hours and your chips can go high and low and back again in that time. Think it through that you can do it and low and behold, you’ll find yourself at the final table in no time if that was your goal.
I read about poker players who were once more in the action and took time out. Reading what they have to say almost sounds like they’re new at the game entirely and they need coaches! I can see the need to have a coach as a new person but to need a coach after being in the limelight sounds excusey.
But coaches do count. I remember starting in poker basically naked and winning very quickly a lot of dough. Then I gained weight and my game went down.
Now the weight is almost off and my game is back.
But there are some poker coaches that do very well and give lots of info. One I recommend particular is Gripsed. He’s got a ton of videos from strategies at MTTs to real poker matches with winners of serious cash. He’s got a great ranking from Pocketfives and is usually in the money when he gets finished with a tournament. His Youtube channel has gotten over a million views and he gives lots of great info for those looking for poker strategy and tips. Some of videos are real tournaments and they be several hours long but you get a break down of hand to hand play. The one he shows , a member of the Gripsed family is usually winning something big. One of his members has so far won over $250,000 , two hundred and fifty thousand , this year alone.
For Gripsed click here.

Runner Runner – Movie Themed on Online Poker

Runner Runner is out and playing in movie theaters. It stars Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. The movie synopsis is:

Richie Furst used to have a lucrative career on Wall Street; this history prevents him from receiving tuition assistance at Princeton, so he funds his master’s degree by referring students to online gambling, for which he receives a cut. After the dean threatens to expel him for these activities, Richie tries to win his tuition using his excellent poker skills in online gambling, but he loses all his money to a cheater, something he is able to prove by statistics.

Richie goes to Costa Rica to confront Ivan Block, who runs the biggest empire of online gambling websites in the world, including the one Richie lost his money on. After Ivan sees the statistics, he finds coders have coded the software to allow them to cheat. After firing those involved, Ivan tells Richie he’ll pay him millions per year for him to assist with the site work. Richie slowly begins a romantic relationship with Rebecca Shafran, Ivan’s ex-love affair, and Ivan displays no objections to this. FBI agent Shavers kidnaps Richie and threatens to ruin his life in various ways if he does not assist in a conviction of Ivan Block. Shavers cannot do anything legally as he has no authority in Costa Rica, but he takes advantage of this to use tactics that would be illegal/unethical for law enforcement inside the United States. Ivan tells Richie that everyone in the organization ends up confronted by Shavers at some point.

Over time, Ivan’s organization is revealed to be less than ethical. He sends Richie to bribe Costa Rica gaming director Herrera with too small of a payment, which leads to Richie being beaten. Ivan tells him it comes with the territory of such a wealthy career. Ivan throws Herrera and his bodyguard into a lake of crocodiles, but pulls them out before they are eaten. Ivan has Richie blackmail a gaming affiliate with videos of his infidelity to force him to sign with Ivan. Richie’s friend Andrew Cronin, who works on the software design for Ivan, finds that Ivan is running a Ponzi scheme; the players’ accounts have no actual money, and Ivan uses the money as his own bank account, keeping just enough to allow players to cash out when they need to. Cronin disappears and is later found nearly beaten to death. Fearing Richie might be having a change of heart, Ivan buys the massive poker debts of Richie’s father and brings him to Costa Rica, using him as a hostage against Richie.

When Richie tries to leave the country, Shavers has drugs planted in his bag and offers to overlook it if Richie agrees to cooperate. A local police officer reveals that the police dislike Ivan but that he would buy his way out of any trouble and destroy whoever tried to take him down. Thanks to Rebecca betraying Ivan, Richie finds out that Ivan has been swindling him all along; Ivan is about to move his operations out of Costa Rica, and from the start he wanted to leave Richie behind as the fall guy. Richie gives out massive bribes to all local officials, including low-level police officers. When the movement day hits, Ivan calls to satirically apologize to Richie, telling him he’ll be arrested, as Ivan flies away on a private jet.

When Ivan lands, he finds he has been betrayed: the bribed pilot has instead flown him to Puerto Rico, American territory. Shavers arrests him as Richie and Rebecca fly away on the private jet. Shavers says they’re free to go because Richie left a flash drive with him containing sufficient evidence to convict Ivan.

Wiki as source.
It’s an interesting film but I’d like more a fun movie about online poker.

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