Cold Calling in Holdem Poker

Much can be said of cold calling it’s really a strategy for experienced poker players.
Let’s take a look at cold calling. When a player cold calls , they are entering the game by calling the blinds and a raise before the flop.
Cold calling is used when the player thinks he or she has a good unbeatable hand.
An example is the cold caller has a pair of Queens , the player could reraise or cold call and the pot was just raised. The likely hood of having the best hand is very strong , only a pair of Kings or Aces can beat the hand.
Another time is through seeing a fellow player and knowing they are inexperienced and have a half decent hand , cold calling here might nail a win.
Cold calling can work against the cold caller as well . The inexperienced player might have a better hand. Or as above the fellow player might have a pair of Kings or Aces or a flush.
In addition , if you cold call and have a weak or so so hand players might look at you as inexperienced and have you for dinner in future rounds.
Cold calling does work and maybe you should find your stride with it. It can be effective at times and makes playing poker more fun.
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