Can I play NC lottery online if I live in SC?

Yes, but you must be physically located in North Carolina at the time that you make a deposit or purchase. (Note: All purchases and deposits must be made within North Carolina’s borders and will be checked with geo location technologies.)

How do you play the lottery in another state?

You can buy a lottery ticket in any State you wish. However if you have a winning ticket you must cash it in the State from which you purchased it. Every lottery has a WIN file for each game it sells. The WIN file belongs to that State.

Can you buy lottery tickets in South Carolina online?

A: No. The term “online game” has nothing to do with the Internet. In fact, you are only allowed to buy lottery tickets from a licensed lottery retailer. The term “online” refers to our Pick 3, Pick 4, Palmetto Cash 5, Lucky For Life®, Mega Millions® and Powerball® games.

Can you play other states lottery online?

Yes. Eight states offer official, legal online lottery platforms. These states include Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Dakota, Kentucky, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.

Can I play lottery online?

Thanks to online lottery, players can buy tickets for all the biggest lottery draws from anywhere the internet reaches. No longer are the mega draws in the US and Europe restricted to those within a country’s borders as online services offer players from outside the jurisdiction the opportunity to play!

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Can I play lottery online Washington State?

Can I buy a Lottery ticket over the Internet? Internet gambling has always been illegal in Washington State and in the United States. The only legal Washington’s Lottery ticket is one purchased at a licensed Lottery retail store location in Washington State. There are many risks when gambling on the Internet.

How do I claim my lottery ticket in SC?


  1. At authorized lottery retailers. Any lottery winnings up to and including $500 can be redeemed at any authorized lottery retailer. Players are encouraged to sign tickets before presenting the ticket for validation. …
  2. By mail. Winnings of $100,000 or less may be redeemed by mail. …
  3. At the Columbia Claims Center.

Can you buy Mega Millions tickets in South Carolina?

Lottery tickets can only be purchased in South Carolina. All lottery retailers are located within the state.