Can u gamble in Spain?

Gambling matters are regulated in Spain on a national and subnational level, depending on the territorial scope of the gambling activity offered. Spain is a country divided in to 17 autonomous regions, each with their own legal capacity to regulate certain local activities happening within their regional territories.

Is gambling illegal in Spain?

Illegal gambling is gambling which goes against the law. In Spain, a certified authorisation is required to offer state-wide online gambling services. … Under the law, state-wide lotteries are solely administered by Sociedad Estatal de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (State Lottery and Gambling Company) and ONCE.

Does Spain have any casinos?

Spain. Land of sun, sea, sangría… and casinos. Spain is home to more than 50 casinos, so anyone planning a beach holiday on the islands or a weekend break to soak up the culture in cities like Madrid and Barcelona will also have the chance to enjoy some quality casino gaming.

How many people gamble in Spain?

Survey estimates 670,000 problem gamblers in Spain.

Is gambling tax free in Spain?

Gambling activities are exempt from VAT. Players must declare winnings from gambling in their Personal Income Tax return; however, they can also deduct losses (levelling the winnings at the maximum).

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Is bingo illegal in Spain?

What’s the law on Bingo in Spain? Contrary to UK rules and regulations, the act of bingo is widely unlawful in Spain with only a handful of venues and online platforms being able to legally offer any form of bingo.

When did Spain regulate online gambling?

The offering of online gambling activities on a national level was first regulated in Spain in 2011 by means of the Gambling Act, which sets forth a very strict licence regime.

Where can I play poker in Spain?

Where can I play live poker in Spain?

  • Santandar Poker Room (Plaza Italia, 39005 Santander, Cantabria)
  • Bilboa Poker Room (Bilbao, Biscay)
  • Tarragona Poker Room (Rambla Vella, 2, 43003 Tarragona)
  • Playa De Las Americas Adeje Poker Room (Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife)

Can you bet on horses in Spain?

Most forms of online and offline betting activities are covered by the new Spanish act. Sports betting is one of the activities that is allowed, along with pool betting, horse racing, and even fixed odds. … This is because the new regulations require them to have a license for every individual gambling product.

What is the legal gambling age in Spain?


Country/territory Minimum age
Spain 18
Sweden 20 (casinos), 18 (other)
Switzerland 18
Turkey 18

Are online casinos legal in Spain?

The Legality of Online Gambling in Spain

As mentioned, online gambling has been officially legalized and regulated in Spain since the Gambling Act was passed in 2011.

How much tax do you pay on Euromillions?

All prizes, including the jackpot, are tax-free (except in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, since 2013) and are paid as a lump sum.

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