Why have some villages given up the tradition of the lottery Why hasn’t this one?

Why have some of the villages given up this practice? Why hasn’t this one? The loss of the original paraphernalia is significant, as it suggests that the original meaning and reasons for the lottery have been lost to time. It is a ritual with no true purpose, other than that of blind allegiance to tradition.

Why does the village continue the tradition of the lottery?

Why did the village have a lottery every year? This was a long standing tradition in the town. It started because the townspeople thought that if they sacrificed a person from town, then their crops would grow. … We learn that they will be used to stone the person that selects the marked paper.

Was the lottery a tradition in the village?

The lottery is part of the village’s traditional life and as such, still holds meaning for the villagers.

Why do the villagers never replace the lottery box?

The box is worn and old, but the villagers do not want to “upset tradition” by replacing it, even though it is not even the original box used for the ritual. The black box is an artifact, and, like all artifacts, is culturally and historically important to its people.

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What does tradition mean in the lottery?

For all the villagers, the lottery is a normal ritual of society, and they have to participate every year. Their tradition says that someone has to die in order for the crops to grow. No one confronts the tradition.

What happens to the winner of the lottery in the lottery?

Jackson defers the revelation of the lottery’s true purpose until the very end of the story, when “the winner,” Tess Hutchison, is stoned to death by friends and family. This shocking event marks a dramatic turning point in how we understand the story.

What does the story imply about traditions and ceremonies support your opinion from the story?

What does the story imply about traditions and ceremonies support your opinion from the story? The story implies that traditions and ceremonies are extremely important to the survival of the town as a whole. Even though no one remembers the origins of the lottery, they cannot imagine not holding it on a yearly basis.

What is the purpose of the old black wooden box in the lottery?

The Black Box

The shabby black box represents both the tradition of the lottery and the illogic of the villagers’ loyalty to it. The black box is nearly falling apart, hardly even black anymore after years of use and storage, but the villagers are unwilling to replace it.

How does the black box symbolize death in the lottery?

(Jackson 1). Jackson also says “They always had spoke of making a new box but no one ever wanted to.”(Jackson 1). This symbolizes death because it shows that the black box that they pull names out of is old and that they never wanted to change it.…

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What does the black spot symbolize in the lottery?

Spots and blemishes are frequently associated with disease, and so the appearance of the dot symbolizes the marking of a person for destruction, as if he or she were diseased and unsafe to others. The marked slip of paper also shows the pointlessness of the lottery itself.

Why should we question tradition?

But while traditions are common and helpful, they must also be questioned. … Traditions provide structure and rhythms to our life. They give us something to look forward to and to rest in. They also help us to look back and remember our story as we pass on important truths to the next generation.

Who dies in the lottery?

Tessie Hutchinson

The unlucky loser of the lottery. Tessie draws the paper with the black mark on it and is stoned to death.