Why is my bet suspended William Hill?

There are a number of reasons why your William Hill account may have been suspended, ranging from age verification problems to banking or depositing issues. To get a clear answer on what is going on you will need to contact William Hill customer support and get their help removing the suspensions on your account.

What does it mean if your bet is suspended?

A suspended bet is a term used to describe when a betting market is suspended for some reason. The word suspended is most often used when a sporting event is in-play and something has happened during the event that is likely to dramatically change the current in-play odds.

What happens to my bet if a game is suspended William Hill?

If a match does not commence within 12 hours from the scheduled start, all bets that have been placed on the match will be cancelled. This includes matches that have been postponed due to bad weather conditions and crowd trouble, among other possibilities. If a match is cancelled, your placed stake will be refunded.

What happens when a game is suspended?

Definition. A suspended game is a game that is stopped early and must be completed at a later date from the point of termination, though not all terminated games become suspended games. … Other rarer causes for suspended games include a technical malfunction in the stadium that prevents the game from continuing.

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What does match suspended mean in soccer?

A Match Suspension is a ban on taking part in a match and on attending it in the area immediately surrounding the field-of-play. A Match Suspension may be imposed on a player or an official.

What happens if a game is postponed in a parlay William Hill?

If a game is postponed, normal postponed rules apply. If a game is abandoned, normal abandoned rules apply. If the selected player has hit a home run in the time played before abandonment, bets placed on that player in this market will have already won and will be settled as winners.

Do bets count after 90 mins?

90-minute (normal-time) Rule: All bets in football are accepted on the basis that they are for 90 minute betting and extra time does not count for settlement purposes unless it has been clearly stated within the market. Example: Team A beats Team B 2-1 after extra time in a cup game.

What happens if a player doesn’t play William Hill?

If the selected player takes no part in the match, bets placed on that player in this market will be void. … If a winning selection has been established in the time played before abandonment, bets placed on that player in this market will have already won and will be settled as winners.

What does suspended mean on Xbox?

Stop playing a game temporarily to allow for faster downloads on Xbox consoles. So by suspending your game, that need is removed and downloads can use the full speed available on your internet connection. …

Do stats count in a suspended game?

If the suspended game is resumed within seven (7) days of being suspended, all stats from the suspended game will count for the scoring period when the game began.

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What happens on Fanduel If a game is suspended?

If a game is postponed to a later date or canceled for any reason, any players you have selected for that game will receive zero points. … A game will be considered to be ‘played’ on a given day if it begins on that day and is completed no later than 6am ET on the following day.