Late Position at The Poker Table

Being late at the poker table is the most favorable position. The late player gets to see all the cards and can make a better informed decision. They can see all the players expressions, body language and cards.

Late position in online poker is right behind the dealer. The best part of late position is you get a few more seconds to decide if you want to call which can make a big difference. Also, going in early, you might fold a hand you might not think is so great.

In the picture above, late position is behind the D. D is the dealer and it goes around with each new hand. Everyone gets to be the dealer. Pmca13 is the late position. The dealer and the other players behind him are in late position.

The blinds is a cross finger approach unless you have trump cards.The blinds force a bet not knowing what fellow players have in their hands.If possible always try to choose a late position at a poker table.

Online the seating is random. Pray for luck with positioning and you might find yourself winning more hands.

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