Question: How do you use boosters in DoubleDown casino?

Click or tap the Diamond Club icon on the main menu and toggle the Preview Booster switch to see your specific Booster benefits.

How do you get free chips on DoubleDown casino?

How can I earn more free chips?

  1. Visit the casino every day to take your free Daily Wheel spin. …
  2. Take extra spins of the wheel by sharing gifts with friends. …
  3. Like DoubleDown Casino on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for extra giveaways. …
  4. Subscribe to our promotional newsletter.

How do you buy chips on DoubleDown casino?

Click Buy Chips. Choose the chips package you want to buy, and click Buy Chips. A pop-up window will open. Choose your preferred payment method.

How to buy chips in DoubleDown Casino

  1. Tap the Get Chips icon.
  2. Tap the chips package you want to buy.
  3. Log in to your account if prompted, and confirm your purchase.

How do I contact Double Down Casino?

Access to and Ability to Correct Personal Information

If you have questions or requests about this Privacy Policy, you may contact us by e-mail at SUPPORT@DOUBLEDOWNCASINO.COM.

Why can’t I connect to Double Down Casino?

Clear the app data and cache.

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Just as clearing your cache for a website is useful for resolving loading issues, we recommend clearing your app cache. Open the Settings menu on your device, and select Application Manager. Tap DoubleDown in the list of applications. Tap the Clear data and Clear cache buttons.

What are free chips?

But when you get a free chip or a no deposit bonus, you have the opportunity to gamble for real money and can potentially win real cash without any kind of initial investment or risk at all. Here’s an example of a free chip or no deposit bonus: Example Casino 2 is running a promotion for new players.

Is doubledown casino legit?

If you love gambling online, then you’ve got to check out Double Down Casino. It is the largest social gaming site, which is completely free and does not offer real money play or real money prizes.

What is a journey stage in doubledown casino?

Journeys are exciting, limited-time events, providing a new way to play your favorite slots! Each stage features missions on a particular slot, in which you must complete challenges within a set number of spins. … Some missions will have more than one challenge to complete.

Why is my double down game so slow?

A slow or inconsistent Internet connection. General computer issues, such as an overtaxed hard drive, insufficient memory, or damage caused by malware or viruses.

Can I play Double Down Casino without Facebook? is a separate website featuring only our casino, where you can log in with your Facebook account to play. The following features are only available while playing directly on Facebook: Earn the Friend Bonus on your Daily Wheel.

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