What is another word for lottery ticket?

What is the meaning of Lotto tickets?

a lottery (= game in which tickets with numbers are sold to people who have a chance of winning a prize if their number is chosen) in some countries or states. Miscellaneous games & activities.

What words use the lottery?


  • gambling.
  • raffle.
  • sweepstake.
  • chance.
  • lotto.
  • door prize.
  • game of chance.
  • luck of the draw.

What is the synonym of raffle?

In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for raffle, like: sweeps, flier, lottery, game-of-chance, stake, chance, pool, lots, wager, wagering and bet.

Is Lotto a valid Scrabble word?

Lotto is valid Scrabble Word.

What is lottery system?

: a way of raising money for a government, charity, etc., in which many tickets are sold and a few of the tickets are chosen by chance to win prizes. : a system used to decide who will get or be given something by choosing names or numbers by chance.

What is a antonym for lottery?

Opposite of a risky action undertaken with the hope of success. guarantee. certainty. assurance. surety.

How do you use lottery in a sentence?

Lottery sentence example

  1. I used to play the lottery too. …
  2. He was full of literary projects, and immediately after his return he is said to have increased his fortune immensely by a lucky lottery speculation.
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What does sweepstake mean?

Definition of sweepstakes

1a : a race or contest in which the entire prize may be awarded to the winner specifically : stakes race. b : contest, competition. 2 : any of various lotteries.

What is the antonym of raffle?

Opposite of refuse, waste or garbage that has been, or will be, discarded. possessions. property. truth.

How do you describe a raffle?

a form of lottery in which a number of persons buy one or more chances to win a prize.

Is a drawing the same as a raffle?

ConcernedTreasurer writes: People usually buy raffle tickets. Drawings, on the other hand, are entry-based: you could have a limit of one entry per person or have rewards of entries based on a variety of things (how many times you attend a meeting, how much money you raised in a fundraiser, etc.).