What literary devices were used in the lottery?

The literary devices Jackson uses to support the theme of ‘The Lottery’ are irony, foreshadowing, and pacing.

What storytelling devices are used heavily in The Lottery?

Literary Devices in The Lottery

  • Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory. The lottery is like an 800-pound gorilla of symbols in this story. …
  • Setting. …
  • Narrator Point of View. …
  • Genre. …
  • Tone. …
  • Writing Style. …
  • What’s Up With the Title? …
  • What’s Up With the Ending?

What techniques were used in The Lottery?

The three techniques she used that were most prominent are symbolism, irony, and diction. Symbolism is very important to the story, because Jackson uses it to help express the situation in different ways.

What are some examples of personification in The Lottery?

Personification. Definition: when the author specifically reveals traits about the character in a direct, straightforward manner. Evidence: “He was a round-faced, jovial man and he ran the coal business, and people were sorry for him.”

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What imagery is used in The Lottery?

Imagery is used through foreshadowing, description of the black box, and the killing of the lottery’s winner.

What irony is in the lottery?

Irony is when the use of words is used to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” the irony is that everyone is trying to lose the lottery instead of winning because if you win you will be stoned.

How does the lottery use foreshadowing?

In “The Lottery,” Shirley Jackson uses foreshadowing when the children are collecting stones from the river and putting them into piles. It hints that something bad is going to happen because it is unusual for boys to be grabbing stones and randomly put them into a pile.

What literary writing style is used in the story the lottery?

Shirley Jackson has a unique writing style of writing with lots of irony and symbolism. She truly has her own style of writing that cannot be compared to. In “The Lottery”, Shirley Jackson uses suspense and irony to keep the audience on their toes.

How is situational irony used in the lottery?

A situational Irony is when Tessie/ Mrs. Hutchinson Tessie gets picked for the person who gets stoned/killed. … This is a great example of situational irony because it is when we discover about what the lottery really is and to me this is the most visual part of the story as it describe the villagers killing tessie.

What literary techniques does Jackson employ to help convey that warning to readers?

Jackson uses foreshadowing to hint at the shocking ending by revealing the characters’ increasing nervousness as the event draws near. Jackson also uses symbolism to reveal the theme of the text.

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What are some examples of figurative language in The Lottery?

Figurative language

  • Similie (only one): “she tapped Mrs Delacroix on the arm as a farewell and began to make her way through the crowd”
  • Metaphor: black box= death and tradition, stones=accessible weapons, old tradition.
  • Personification: “[the breeze] caught them and lifted [the slips of paper] off”

What is an example of a simile in The Lottery?

Simile. They use some similes throughout the book. Here is an example ” After many weeks the boy that looked back at Georgie from his mirror was as changed as the rest of his life.” (pg 103) A simile is comparing to things using like or as which is in the example above. A simile makes things have some sparkle/pizzazz.

What are some similes in The Lottery?

The phrases “fly like a bird” and “as red as a rose” are both similes. As the other Educators have noted, there is only one simile in “The Lottery,” which comes before the official lottery proceedings begin. Mrs. Hutchinson has been speaking to her friend and leaves her to go stand with her husband.

How does Shirley Jackson use symbolism in The Lottery?

Shirley Jackson has also used objects as symbols in this story. The black box that the lots are drawn from is, of course, a symbol of death. Due to its color, which symbolizes death in Western culture, the black box, as it turns out in the end, actually does represent death.

What is the symbolism of the stones in The Lottery?

The stones that the villagers use to kill the victim selected by the lottery are mentioned periodically throughout the story. This repetition develops the stones as a symbol of the violence that humans are seemingly always prepared to commit.

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