Why does the village have an annual lottery is this annual event good or bad?

The primary reason the nondescript village continues to hold the violent lottery concerns their blind adherence to tradition. … Overall, the town continues to hold the annual lottery because they are resistant to change, fear the outcome of forgoing the annual ritual, and are conditioned to blindly adhere to traditions.

Why does the village have a lottery?

In The Lottery, the village has a lottery because it is part of their traditions. The lottery is held each June 27th to select one person to be stoned to death by the other villagers. … ” Because of this, the people continue to hold the lottery, which originally started as a sacrifice to ensure a good harvest.

Why do the villagers perform lottery annually?

The lottery’s origins are steeped in the superstitious belief that one innocent villager must be sacrificed each year in order to increase the harvest yield. … Simply put, the villagers continue to participate in the lottery because it is a tradition.

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What benefits do the townspeople connect with having the lottery?

When the tradition first begun it was said that the lottery would help the town thrive as well as give them good luck. The tradition is also said to give the villages great crops. According to Old Man Warner “lottery in june, crops be heavy soon”(Jackson 540).

What do the villagers believe about the lottery?

The villagers believe that, “Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.” Saying that if we do this it will please their god thus giving them a good harvest. The third value, that “for the greater good”, applies to the story as well.

What is the conflict of the lottery?

There is conflict between Bill Hutchinson and Tessie about him not being able to choose a random slip of paper at his own pace. You also see conflict when Tessie is arguing with everyone towards the end of the story about “The Lottery” not being fair its cruelty.

What is the main idea of the lottery?

The main theme of ”The Lottery” is the power of tradition and ritual. The tradition of the lottery is continued every year even though the original meaning behind the event has long been lost. The lottery has been held for so long that the only information about its purpose comes from hearsay.

Why do the townspeople stone someone in the lottery?

Scapegoating and mob mentality. One of the major ideas of “The Lottery” is that of a scapegoat. The act of stoning someone to death yearly purges the town of the bad and allows for the good.

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Which statement best describes the history of the lottery in the village group of answer choices?

Which statement best describes the history of the lottery in the village? It is a ritual unchanged since its beginnings. It is a tradition as old as the village itself.

Why do people still participate in the lottery?

People buy lottery tickets with the hope that they’ll win something substantial whether that is a prize or cash. A big win can certainly change your life. Imagine winning a new car or a trip somewhere around the world, or an amount of money that could make life a little easier for you and your family.

How did the people in the village consider the lottery in the lottery?

First, there are those that firmly believe in the lottery. We know this, because they run it, and they do it with zeal. Moreover, they criticize those who want to do away with the lottery. They also believe that the lottery helps with their agriculture.