Poker and the Importance of Position Especially Late Position

The fact in poker is the dealer position is always moving clockwise. Everyone will have their time to be in the position of the big blind, small blind, dealer and late position. Much is written on the importance of position. And in many cases it is correct. Being in late position can give you a big advantage and help you score more chips. This article covers the importance of poker and position especially late position.
In the game of poker bets, the first round is led by the two blinds, the big blind and the small blind. For example, the game is no limit and the round is 300/600. The first big blind has a forced bet of 300 and the small blind a forced bet of 150. The blinds kick off the betting. As the betting moves clockwise, players will either fold, raise or call. The blinds and the next seated player are said to be early position. Early position means they bet without being able to assess other players at the table.

The major disadvantage at being in early position is the middle and later position can raise and make you question how strong your hand is. The answer may lead you to folding and losing your chips. Your objective is to accumulate as much chips possible and win the tournament. This is why late position is often a benefit for players. Late position players can analyze everyone. They can see who bets with strong hands or weak hands. They know who plays it safe and who would risk it all to play. Though not always right, this information is a heads up for the late position bettor who can make decisions accordingly. The early position player doesn’t have this advantage. There is another late position but here the advantage often changes.

This is the first late positon player. The red triangle indicates the late position.
late position at poker table preflop
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This illustration shows after the flop and those who are in the round and their position. The red triangle again shows the late position player.
late position at poker table after the flop

Post flop is the time everyone can analyze their cards. Here, often is advantageous for the early position especially if they’ve got good cards. A big raise by the early position player could mean a fold by other players who might not want to risk chips finding out. But be aware by doing this, fellow players might do the same by reraising and forcing you to bet in subsequent rounds. Similarly, players might not want to bet with players since they have to put more on the line than a regular bet.
In conclusion, you know what position is about pre-flop and post flop and know how to make good decisions from either place. The illustrations shows the pre-flop and post flop late position players.