Rounders and the Card Mechanic – What To Look For

Did the makers of the film Rounders know their movie would become the cult classic of the poker world it is today when they made it? Poker players have the screen names in variations of Rounders like rounders4 and more. Scenes from the movie are played out in casinos everywhere. Lets take a look at this fascinating movie and how it wove itself into the poker culture.
Simply put, there are card mechanics. Those who cheat while playing. They have various techniques to win hands. Some like Mike Postle get caught many others are never discovered as they walk away with your hard earned cash.
Card mechanics use several strategies below:
Discard and Pickup Culls: This method card mechanics note discarded cards and where they are placed while being mucked. He selectively places these cards where he knows where they are while shuffling and gathering cards.
The discard cull is suited for home games where there are many distractions. After folding, the player rummages through the deck knowing where the cards are located and either the dealer or partner are in full control for a winning hand.
Pickup Culls happen when clearing the table after a showdown. A card mechanic culls cards while looking like he’s just gathering them. It’s just knowing where some select cards that gives a winning edge.

The Overhand Run Up was one the most frequently used methods. It occurs when shuffling and is placing select cards in position to have them dealt in respect to each player. So, say the ace was the third card, the selected player would be dealt the ace. This can only occur with home games. Since casinos don’t allow this type of shuffling anymore.

The Double Duke is the master trick move. It’s dealing someone a great hand say a king pair and the dealer dealing a better hand like an ace pair. The player dealt the king pair is apt to bet big only to lose. All of the methods culling and overhead run ups can prepare the deck for the Double Duke.
Manipulating a deck of cards can be very easily. Even players can manipulate a deck such as in edge sorting. It’s important to know you’re playing at a licensed casino with cameras everywhere and who you are playing with and the dealers as well.