Simon Watt Poker Tips, Strategy and Insights

Simon Watt went to the 2010 World Series of Poker with nothing but winning a bracelet on his mind. Despite playing poker only part time, he had an impressive run in late 2009 when he won the Asia Pacific Poker Tour event in his hometown of Auckland for $155K.

In Event #11: $1500 No Limit Hold’em at the 2010 WSOP, Watt found himself at the final table with none other than Tom Dwan. If competing with Dwan for a bracelet wasn’t enough, the fact that Tom had millions in prop bets on the line made the festivities that much more tense. As fate would have it, Simon Watt found himself heads up with Dwan – the only obstacle standing between Dwan and a rumored $10 million jackpot. Throughout the match, the crowd was decidedly in favor of seeing Dwan win his side bets save, or course, for those who stood to lose millions in addition he has an impressive poker history.

On the final hand of play, durrrr shoved his remaining stack of 1.6 million with Qd-6c and was immediately called by Watt, who held 9d-9c. When the board ran 8c-Ac-As-Ad-Kh, Dwan had to settle for second place while Watt took $614K and the gold bracelet.

Here is a question and answer from Simon Watt as he chats at Fulltilt poker:

QUESTION FROM switzl: how long have you been playing poker?

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: About 6 years, only seriously the last few.

QUESTION FROM QuikSil: How to be successful playing Texas Holdem playing 0.25 – 0.50 or 0.50/1

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: in those games don’t get too fancy, value bet your good hands, dont bluff too much, and play good starting hands. as you move up limits you will need to get more aggressive though.

QUESTION FROM goldorgoldie: hello there, any tips for rush poker?

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: teal more in late position compared to regular games, as people are likely to have quick folded some hands they might otherwise play. Before a session it can be a good idea to colour code (using notes) all people playing the max 4 entries as they

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: are likely to be regulars.

QUESTION FROM clairey574: I have AA and somebody jams on me – what do I do??

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: Call.


ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: hi there

QUESTION FROM 197th Infantry: what is the best low limit tournament of the day/week/month?

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: I’m not sure, I don’t really play low buy in tournaments sorry. I think the daily dollar is meant to have a big prize pool for a tiny buy in.

QUESTION FROM 197th Infantry: is there a non turbo tournament under $50 weekly that’s similar to DD?

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: I’m not sure. there are a lot of tourns under $50 though so I’m sure there is. If you play around with the tournament filters you should be able to find the sort of tournament you are looking for. click ‘advanced filters’

QUESTION FROM guhner69: Where is the best place to find the percentages (not odds) of poker hands: pre flop, flop, turn, river?

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: Download afree program called Poker Stove. It is very good for equity analysis for one hand range vs another hand range, if that is what you mean.


ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: Not a problem. Good luck!

QUESTION FROM guhner69: What is the best strategy for the turbo freerolls?

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: Probably to play strong starting hands, don’t bluff too much. Value bet strong hands rather than slow play them. Dont put dead money in the pot (eg dont call raises lightly) or raise fold too often once stack sizes get shallow.

QUESTION FROM shizlebid: bhj

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: hello?

QUESTION FROM Peatking: Im new here! and was wondering how fair is this site? I mean it is the internet and there is alot of sites out there! i’ve been too others and was not impressed!

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: t is very fair. It’s one of the biggest sites in the world and the site makes money from rake so it’s not in there interest to rig games, as if found out people would stop playing here…

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: Also there are so many millions of hands played, that people can get the hand histories for, so if something statistically abnormal was happening it would be picked up on very quickly.

QUESTION FROM mikeysax: any tips for backroll management…I so up and down…

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: Keep around 50 buy ins for the stake you are playing. For example dont play .50/.1 without around 5k bankroll.

ANSWER FROM Simon Watt: I’m off. Bye everyone.

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