Are combo dice good for PvP?

Combo PvP (PvP) Combo Scope is one of the best late game deck in the game. It can scale infinitely by merging comboes together. With Scope Dice as filler, your Combo can kill mobs easily due to the aoe crit Scope provides.

What does the combo dice do?

Combo. Game Description: Attack damage increases for higher Combo. Combo attacks the front enemy in the path. Every time you merge two Combos or with a #Mimic it will gain a counter dealing additional damage per combo point.

What is the best dice in random dice?

What is the best dice in Random Dice? We have to start with the strongest dice in the game, the Blizzard dice.

What is W tapping?

W-tapping, and s-tapping as well as block-hitting, are forms of movement in PVP that allow you to “reset your sprint” and deal more knockback to the player. If you continued sprinting at your opponent and hitting them as often as possible, you would eventually run through your opponent since. Minecraft 1.8.

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