Best answer: Does blackjack stop damp?

The idea behind the blackjack was to stop any more damp penetrating internally and seal up any cracks and mortar joins around the window frame where the moisture could potentially be getting in.

Does Black Jack DPM dry?

Yes it will fully dry, needs at least 48 hours to throughly dry & it does smell, used it to water proof a internal wall before rendering.

Can you render over blackjack DPM?

The render will not adhere to the blackjack unless it had kiln dried sand thrown at it whilst still wet to provide a decent key. I would dry line using metal framing which is cheap and easy, then either board and skim, or moisture Resistant boards, then tape and fill.

How do you use black jack DPM?

Apply three coats of Black Jack DPM with a soft bristled brush, each at a rate of 0.5ltr/m2., allowing each coat to dry before applying the next. Allow the final coat to become tacky, then blind with clean, sharp sand.

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Can I dot and dab over bitumen?

You can’t dot and dab onto bitumen it will not hold, unless perhaps if you throw sand onto the bitumen whilst it is wet!

How long does it take for blackjack to dry?

Under ideal conditions, typically we recommend waiting 4-12 hours, and until the first coat is fully dry and cured all the way through the film.

How long does Black Jack bitumen take to dry?

Everbuild Black Bitumen Paint is ready for use and should not be thinned. Apply by brush or spray. A minimum of two coats of Bitumen Paint should be applied, the first been allowed to dry (normally 2-4 hours depending on weather conditions) before the second is applied.

Can you dot and dab on blackjack?

You shouldn’t dot and dab over sythapruf (blackjack). It is designed to be wet plastered over – so that is what you should do. I must admit though that the damp being below the window seems to point towards penetrating damp – that should be solved by stopping up the point of ingress, think sealant!

Can you paint over black jack?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Painters & Decorators

rizla_83 i would recommend a light coloured masonry paint, which is used for concrete and brick. As the blackjack paint is rubber enriched bitumen emulsion it may bleed through other paints so i would also recommend a primer coat of paint before painting with masonry.

Can you render over damp proof paint?

In more modern homes where a damp proof course (a horizontal, waterproof barrier in a wall) exists it should not be rendered over as it can cause rising damp and could invalidate the certificate you had with your damp course.

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What is blackjack paint used for?

Black Jack Bitumen Paint provides is great for use on corrugated iron sheets, fire escapes, stairways, ladders, storage tanks, gutters, down pipes, fences, railings, gates etc.

Can you put bitumen on concrete?

Can Asphalt Be Laid Over Concrete? The short answer to this is yes.

What is black bitumen paint used for?

Black Bitumen Paint is weatherproof protection for all metals, corrugated iron, gutters and railings. Black Bitumen Paint can also be used for instantly waterproofing wood, brick, concrete, masonry, fall pipes and felt.

Can you dot and dab onto tanking?

Can I use a dot and dab application on top of NO MORE DAMP Tanking Slurry? Yes. Make sure you leave the NO MORE DAMP Tanking Slurry to dry for at least 7 days before applying plaster boards.

Can you plaster over bitumen paint?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Plasterers

If you want to render over bituminous paint or similar then dash with sharp sand when wet to give a key to the render. So in your case give another coat of bitumen, dash with sharp sand and when dry apply render coats as normal.

What does foil backed plasterboard do?

Foil Backed Plasterboard utilises a thin foil backing to provide excellent vapour resistance. The foil acts as a powerful barrier that limits moisture diffusion and prevents creeping damp.