Did the Simpsons ever win the Lotto?

At the comeback of Kent Brockman, he announced the winning lottery numbers: 6 17 42 45 83. He had previously won the lottery in The Simpsons: Dog of Death (1992). The lottery cannot be in the US as the US lottery numbers only go up until 75 so it is likely he either lost or the ticket is a fake.

Did the Simpsons ever win the lottery?

Homer runs to the couch first. … In this episode, Homer wins $1 million in the lottery. Later fearing that Marge will discover that he missed a wedding reception while buying the winning ticket, Homer uses his windfall to buy the family anonymous gifts.

What happened to Santa’s little helpers kids?

Santa’s Little Helper almost passed away from gastric torsion (referred to in the show as a “twisting of the stomach”) because Homer initially couldn’t afford $750 for the required operation. He also broke two legs when Bart’s tree-house was demolished by Mr.

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Why is Bart’s dog named Little Helper?

Once we wrote the dog into the show, we were stuck with him.” The name “Santa’s Little Helper” was chosen because, according to writer Al Jean in the same TV Guide article, “we needed a name that would inspire Homer to bet on him, an omen, a Christmas name since he was betting on Christmas Eve.

What episode does Santa’s Little Helper runs away?

After the Simpsons regret paying for an expensive surgery for Santa’s Little Helper, he runs away from home and is trained by Mr. Burns to become an attack dog.

What were the lottery numbers in All About the Benjamins?

What were the winning lottery numbers? 15, 47, 30, 45, 37, 38.

What Coldplay song was in the Simpsons?

The song they performed, “Viva La Vida”, was taken from Coldplay’s CD, Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. They didn’t specially record a version for the show.

Did the Simpsons get a new dog?

It debuted on Fox on May 17, 2020. In this episode, Santa’s Little Helper bites matriarch Marge, causing the family to reflect on the difficult life that the dog led prior to being adopted by the family and they end up reuniting him with his mother to avoid having to euthanize him.

What’s the funniest Simpsons episode?

The Simpsons: Homer’s 15 Funniest Episodes, Ranked

  • 7 Homer The Great (Season 6, Episode 12) …
  • 6 Homer Goes To College (Season 5, Episode 3) …
  • 5 King-Size Homer (Season 7, Episode 7) …
  • 4 Homer Loves Flanders (Season 5, Episode 16) …
  • 3 Homer At The Bat (Season 3, Episode 17) …
  • 2 Mr. …
  • 1 Last Exit To Springfield (Season 4, Episode 17)
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Why does Homer strangle Bart?

Because Bart is making funny faces, Homer strangles Bart, hoping he will stop. Homer strangles Bart because of the bad apology he gave him, and then Grampa strangles Homer, because nobody should treat a child that way. … After Homer finds the TV taken apart, Homer runs to Bart to strangle him.

Did The Simpsons adopt Santa’s little helpers Mom?

Santa’s Little Helper was her favorite. The Simpsons later visited Les to get more information about their dog’s PTSD. This was caused by Les taking him away from his mother so that Santa’s Little Helper can become a racing dog. The Simpsons eventually adopted her and took her home with them.

When did The Simpsons get the cat?

Snowball is a fictional character in The Simpsons. Snowball is the Simpson family’s pet cat. She first appeared in the episode, I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot. There have been five cats in the Simpson’s family and the current cat is named Snowball V (later renamed Snowball II).

What is The Simpsons cat name?

The family owns a dog, Santa’s Little Helper, and a cat, Snowball II. Both pets have had starring roles in several seasons.

What breed are Mr Burns dogs?

The Doberman pinscher is the sort of sleek and muscular dog breed that lends itself perfectly to being an imposing guard dog. From the villain in Pixar’s Up to Mr. Burns’ hounds, they’re usually depicted as intense and tough.

Does Homer Simpson say Doh?

“D’oh!” (/doʊʔ/) is a catchphrase used by the fictional character Homer Simpson, from the television series The Simpsons, an animated sitcom (1989–present). … Since 2001, the word “doh” has appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary, without the apostrophe.

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What episode does Kent Brockman win the lottery?

Homer flails his arms. “Dog of Death” is the nineteenth episode of the third season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on March 12, 1992.